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The past few months have been tough for Rayudu, who was ignored for the No. 4 slot for the World Cup even after captain Virat Kohli vehemently stated that he was the answer to the No. 4 question. @ PTI

When Ambati Rayudu made a u-turn after announcing his retirement following his snub from India’s World Cup 2019 squad, many doubted whether he still has enough cricket left in him. The Hyderabad batsman, who took 58 days to backtrack on his decision, felt that he has a lot more to give to the game than he thought.

“Good people have spoken to me and said that maybe it’s not the right time. The CSK (Chennai Super Kings) management, VVS Laxman bhai, Noel David bhai were constantly talking to me and I felt eventually that what they said made sense,” Rayudu told Cricbuzz on Wednesday.

“I felt why should I give up on something that I have worked for 20-odd years to reach where I am. So obviously I thought it over and thought that maybe it’s a bit selfish on my part to just move on without giving anything back to the game while I still can play. I am still fit and can still play, so I think maybe it (the decision) was a little hasty.”

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The past few months have been tough for Rayudu, who wasn’t picked for India’s World Cup squad despite captain Virat Kohli vehemently stated that he was the answer to the No. 4 question. “I was very disappointed,” Rayudu says.

“I mean, anyone would be because I had worked so hard for it. I was very prepared for that specific role at No. 4, but maybe their idea of No. 4 might have changed all of a sudden. Maybe they just wanted something else…I’m not too sure.

“It was very disappointing, but I’m sure they must have had some combinations or plans in mind. I was actually very, very prepared for playing the World Cup to be honest.”

When the announcement was made, in addition to Rayudu’s omission, what grabbed eyeballs was his cheeky tweet about ordering 3D glasses to watch the World Cup. Was that an outflow of him not getting picked eventually? Was it something he regretted? “Not at all,” he said.

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“If it comes down to such things…I don’t know how to put it, but I don’t think that would’ve played any part. And if it did, I can’t imagine what cricketers must be going through honestly.

“I had actually played quite well (leading into the World Cup). You can’t play well in every match. It’s not possible. It’s just that…I was batting well throughout that phase. I don’t know… I just feel unfortunate to have missed out.”

“As for social media, it has never been my go-to; it hasn’t ever interested me. I’ve always felt that I’m very happy being simple and natural. I can’t speak for anyone else but for me, that fame or being in front of the media has never interested me. My love for the sport and what I enjoy doing on the ground is what drives me to play the sport. All the frills and glamour that comes with it don’t interest me.”