Aleem Dar dedicates ICC Award to Pakistan flood victims

Aleem Dar was named the ICC Umpire of the Year consecutively for the third year Getty Images

Karachi: Sep 14, 2011

Pakistani umpire Aleem Dar has dedicated his third consecutive ICC Umpire of the Year award to the flood and dengue disease victims in Pakistan.

Dar, who walked with the prestigious award for the third successive time on Monday said he saw the award as a tribute and gift for the resilience of the Pakistani nation.

“Pakistan is presently facing so many problems from the floods, dengue disease and even otherwise. Yet we fight on and that is amazing for me. I see this award as a feel good factor for my fellow Pakstanis,” Dar said from London.

He hoped that Pakistan would soon be rid of all its problems.

“In my own capacity, I want to win more awards for my country,” he added.

Dar admitted that the UDRS and the Hot-Spot technology had increased pressure on umpires but said this was part and parcel of the job.

“Yes, there is added pressure now because of these technologies but I try to do my job confidently and rely on my ability. When I give a decision it is with 100 percent confidence. I don’t see how big a player is there or which team he belongs too,” the Pakistani umpire said.

He said the use of technology was beneficial for the game and added a new dimension to the sport but would improve further. Dar who hails from Lahore related his success to his mental strength and self belief.

“One just has to learn to deal with the pressure that comes at this level. There will always be pressure decisions and one must count on one’s ability. That is what I try to do all the time and so far God has been kind to me.”

He also made it clear that he didn’t get intimidated by any team or player or by the pressure situation.

“An umpire needs to keep a cool head all the time despite all the pressure and strain.”

Dar who made his international debut as an umpire in 2000 before joining the Elite Panel in 2004 said that people must realize that umpires were human beings and prone to making errors.

“No one likes to give a wrong decision but at times anyone can get it wrong. The way I look at my career is that as long as I am fit and I am able to cope with the pressure and work with the technology, I will continue at the top level there is no immediate retirement plan for me.”

Dar said his biggest desire was to see foreign teams start touring Pakistan again.

“I think the ICC and other member nations can help us a lot because the Pakistani people are cricket fanatics and very passionate about their team. It is sad that in the last two years no team has toured Pakistan and I hope that changes soon.”

He put down his award and success to the prayers of his countrymen, elders and his family and the support he got from is wife all the time. (PTI)