Sania Mirza Shoaib Malik India Pakistan Asia Cup 2018
Sania Mirza Getty Images (file photo)

Cricket fraternity may be gearing up for Wednesday’s IndiaPakistan clash in the 2018 Asia Cup, but the build-up has forced Sania Mirza off social media “for a few days”. Mirza signed off, albeit temporarily, with the words “remember it’s only a cricket match!” Mirza also made a mention of how social media reactions that typically surface during India-Pakistan matches, can make a ” regular person sick, let alone a pregnant one,” referring to her own pregnancy.

To be fair, Mirza s case is different from most others. While she is an Indian tennis superstar one hand, she is married to Pakistan cricketer (and former captain) Shoaib Malik on the other, which often leads her to become a common social media target of people from both countries for no fault of her own.

On a side note, Mirza is also related to former India captain Ghulam Ahmed and former Pakistan captain Asif Iqbal.