Rahul Dravid says IPL was like a drug to wean off after retiring from Indian team

Rahul Dravid (right) said he was grateful to his teammates for getting him this far and giving a grand finish © IANS

Oct 7, 2013
With his cricketing career coming to an end after the Champions League Twenty20 2013 final, Rahul Dravid said that playing for Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League (IPL) helped him to keep in touch with the game and step away from international cricket easily.
In an interview to CNN-IBN Dravid said, “Even though I quit international cricket I knew IPL was there. In some ways it’s there at the back of your mind. I was not training or practicing as much as I used to when I was an Indian cricketer. But then I had slowly fallen back to a different routine.
“It is really nice in a way. As I quit international cricket it was a huge thing to give up. For want of a better word it was like weaning off. Cricket is like a drug. IPL was a way of weaning off for me. Having a little bit of it but also gives a chance to experience life outside cricket. But I am ready to move on,” he added.
Dravid also jokingly said: “Earlier I used to be referred as former Indian cricketer. Now I am called former cricketer.”
On Sunday night’s reception for his final game Dravid said, “I was touched and extremely grateful. To get that kind of affection and respect that I have received is nice. After I quit international cricket I got a chance through the IPL to visit most of the main cities where I played cricket.  I am grateful to my team for getting me so far.”
The match was also a fitting finale in a sense that Dravid along with Sachin Tendulkar played together in a limited-overs format for one last time. “Both of us knew we had a job to do. Both us were trying to win a game of cricket. But at the background there was an occasion to it. It was nice that I shared with him,” he added.