pat cummins
Pat Cummins (Getty Images)

Speedster Pat Cummins has revealed that Australia have drawn a line as far as their aggressive on-field approach goes but they are more focused on winning matches.

Australia are going through troubled times both on and off the field. While the damning review of their culture has put their behaviour on the cricket field under the lens, they are also witnessing a slump in their ODI form. With Sunday’s crushing defeat to South Africa, they have now lost 17 of their last 19 completed ODIs now.

Cummins says that certain aspects of their aggression like ‘bullying’ and ‘over-the-top verbals’ are being done away with. However, this doesn’t mean that they players have been asked to completely shut off.

“No, no, not at all,” Cummins was quoted as saying by AAP. “I don’t feel like we’ve got to stop doing anything really. I want to be aggressive when I bowl. I want to be using my body language to show I’m confident, and for me I don’t feel like too much of that needs to change.”

He added, “What we spoke about, the bullying or the over-the-top verbals directed at someone, that’s probably going to go. But most of the other stuff will stick around.”

Since their fateful tour of South Africa earlier this year, Australian cricket has been witness to sweeping changes which has seen new captains, coach taking over the reins. Their board, Cricket Australia, has also undergone changes with CEO James Sutherland quitting followed by high performance director Pat Howard and chairman David Peever.

On Monday, former Australia captain Mark Taylor also announced his resignation from the board.

Despite the turmoil, players are concentrating their efforts in helping the team return to winnings ways. “We’re pretty hungry for one as well. If you see the guys train or talk, everyone is just so focused on getting better, doing their best. Everyone is so desperate for a win, everyone is trying to desperately find their place in the team, get better, all those sort of things,” Cummins said.