Kieron Pollard © Getty Images
Kieron Pollard © Getty Images

Aug 17, 2014

After the match was heading to a titanic finish, rain has called off play and Barbados Tridents have won the match. Guyana Amazon Warriors were 8 runs short after the Duckworth/Lewis calculations were made. Quite a shame considering how the match was poised at the final rain break.


Reifer starts with a slow delivery and the ball is carted over deep cover expertly by Ramdin for a six. 10 runs of the first four balls and the Reifer is cock-a-hoop after taking a caught and bowled chance. Ramdin stands his ground and the replays suggest that the left arm pacer had grounded the ball.



With wickets tumbling and the run rate mounting, Barnwell decides that he is not going to hang around and whacks a big six off Emrit over deep-mid wicket. Then he rocks back and smashes the ball stright back to the bowler who bravely puts his fingers on the travelling ball, but is badly hurt from it.



Jason Holder bowls it slightly short, the ball climbs on to Hafeez who hooks it. The ball is in the air and Emrit takes a fine running catch at fine leg. Neesham tries a paddle sweep and the umpire raises the finger. Ramdin flings his bat in disgust and the batsman Neesham is also disgusted.
M Hafeez c Emrit b Holder 28(27), J Neesham c Perkins b Holder 17(17)



Boundaries continue to elude Guyana as a result Neesham tries to go over the top and Holder makes a good effort running in from long-off. Its a good effort but the ball falls short of the fielder. Then Hafeez paddles a full toss over the fine leg ropes. Finally a six.



Pollard is into the attack and the boundaries are still hard to come by and the batsmen are laboring along. A couple big overs are a must at this point or this match will slip away from Guyana.



Emrit has comeback for another over and wicketkeeeper Perkins does an excellent job to stop two boundaries off two horrible deliveries from the bowler. One was a leg-bye and the other, a bye. Then a loose full toss is mistimed and it is straight to Reifer at extra cover and wild celebrations are on display from the Barbados players. They know they have got the wicket they so craved.
OUT! L Simmons c Reifer b Emrit 20(26)



Its Jeevan Mendis’ leg spin now and Simmons reads the short-piched delivery early and smashes the ball into the electronic scoreboard behind deep midwicket and now holds the record for maximum sixes in CPL by an individual batsman, going past Gayle.



Holder is back on and the restless Simons is coming down the wicket and trying to get the score moving along. Its a superb over and the required run rate is mounting.



Rayad Emrit is into the attack and he sprays down the leg side and its tucked away by Hafeez for a boundary. Emrit mixes up the other deliveries and that yeilds singles. Guyana are behind the duckworth/lewis calculations at the end of the powerplay overs.



Kevon Cooper is in the attack and the batsmen can’t get away as he mixes up his deliveries well. Hafeez thinks he has had enough and pulls away. The ball lands over the boundary ropes and it beats the fine-leg fielder by a few centemeters as his desperate dive goes in vain. Hafeez keeps strike.



Rampaul errs in length slightly and is dispached to the fence by Simmons. The rest of the over is solid, if not spectacular and Barbados have the upper hand after four overs.



Rampaul bowled a tidy second over and then the third over started with Guptill on the attack with a cracking boundary down the ground. Then Mayers cleans him up with a straighter delivery which the New Zealand opener tired to heave to the mid-wicket fence.
OUT! M Guptill b Mayers 7(6)



Kevon Cooper starts the proceedings after the rain break and CPL’s highest scorer Lendl Simmons works the ball behind square for a single. Guptill’s strong forearms are at work in the fifth delivery with a powerful straight drive but is cut off in the deep. Its a good start by Barbados.



First ball. High full toss. No ball and Mendis smashes it for a six behind the third man boundary. Ronford Beaton is feeling the heat. First a terrible delivery down the leg side for a wide but follows that up with two good deliveries back-to-back. The penultimate ball is short and comes at a nice height to Mendis and he smacks it to the fine leg fence. Its a fine finish to the innings though.



Santokie will bowl his last over. The first two deliveries are worked away for singles and the third ball is a leg-bye. Malik then ends the boundary drought with a humongous six over cow cover. The ball is out of the stadium. Santokie replies with a bounder thats cross batted awkwardly by the Pakistani. Another four and thats Malik’s fifty.



Sunil Narine is back to bowl his last over and the proceedings of the over start of with the batsmen stuggling to work him around. The run flow has drastically come down after the double strike. A measly four runs from Narine. He is just a master in this format this Sunil Narine.



Santokie is on and its a slow delivery and cleans up Reifer’s stumps after the batsmen swung and missed. The rest of the deliveries are mixed up well by the left armer and is deadly. Ramdin spoils the good work by parrying a ball that bounced in front of him to the boundary.
OUT! R Reifer b Santokie 5(10)



The spin wizard Narine is back to bowl his final over. Ramdin is being ultra-attacking and has a slip and a short leg. Commendable. The fourth ball evokes a big shout after the ball hits the pads. The ball pitches outside leg. Six runs come of this over as well.



Permaul is back to bowl his last over. The batsmen are showing the intent to go over the top but are not finding the gaps. six runs come of the over.



Almost a run out of the first ball and Reifer almost scoops the ball to forward short-leg. Yes I typed that right. A close catcher in a T20 game. Hafeez is tidy here. Onus is on Malik now.



Sunil Narine is back and imediately troubles the batsmen and the run flow momentaraly stopped. Smith is devising a way to tackle Narine. Narine gets the big fish as Smith doesn’t connect well as Guptill takes the catch at long on. Look at that! Pollard goes too! A leading edge takes the ball back to Narine and the captain departs. Guyana are back in the hunt through the magician
D Smith c Guptill b Narine 59(52), K Pollard c & b Narine 0(1)



Smith continues from where he left off before the rain break and plays a dab down third man. The next ball from Hafeez looked like trapping Smith in front. The umpire thinks it was going down the leg-side.



Dwayne Smith reaches fifty and the skies open up in St. Kitts yet again.



Smith is on the move and is at ease at the moment. An overpitched dewlivery from Stewart is dispatched to the boundary with minimum fuss by the opener to the cover point boundary. Stewart comes back well to decieve Smith.



Hafeez continues and its a tight over which yields only three runs of it. Excellent stuff from the Pakistan veteran.



Smith is on the attack and the ball lands in no-man’s land of a lofted shot. Navin Stewart is trying to a tight line. What class…After all the big hitting pyrotechincs, Smith caresses the ball on the ground to the cover boundary,



Play resumes and Hafeez into the attack and its a boundary from Smith to take proceedings along.



There is a rain delay. It shouldn’t take long for play to resume though.


The first ball from Sunil Narine is wrapped on Smith’s pads as he attempts a pull shot. Its a good shout but the ball marginally beats the off-stump. Narine bowls two carrom balls that leaves Smith beaten all ends up but the opener has the final say in the over’s battle by bludgeoning the ball over the cow cover boundary for a huge six.



Permaul continues and the ball is lofted to the long on boundary. One bounce and into the ropes and Malk follows that shot with an exquisite plod down the ground and finished the powerplay overs by expertly cutting the ball past the off-side field and its the third boundary of the over.



The young pacer Ronsford Beaton has come on to bowl and Dwayne Smith’s on Viv Richards mode — hoicking a one-legged six over deep backward-square. He follows that by smashing a slightly shortish delivery down the ground for a big six over the sightscreen. That was raw, unadulterated power from the opener. He drifts one down the leg side and the ball beats the short fine leg fielder for another boundary and the last ball is a couple, which is worked down the leg side.



Permaul continues and a short-arm jab from the powerful Smith on the leg side gives us the first six of the match. Thats a big one. The batsmen rotate the strike and are settling in.



Jason Holder was sent in as a pinch hitter and the plan has failed. Why? The answer is Santokie. The left-armer bowls a peach of a slow yorker that beats the statuesque Holder all ends up and cleans up his off-stump. This brings former Pakistan captain Shoaib Malik to the crease and another yorker from Santokie wraps Malik on his pads before it hits the bat. There is a loud appeal but the umpire turns it down.
OUT! J Holder b Santokie 0(1)



The first ball of the final is a loosener by Santokie. The left-armer darts it into the pads and its a boundary. The fifth ball is yeilds the first wicket of the match as Perkins slices the ball past gully. Hafeez takes a safe catch. The second over is a tidy, disciplined one from Veerasamy Permaul.
W Perkins c Hafeez b Santokie



 Toss: Guyana Amazon Warriors win toss and Denesh Ramdin elects to field first


Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the Carribean Premier League (CPL) final between Barbados Tridents and Guyana Amazon Warriors. Barbados Tridents have been the team of the tournament so far and certainly start the final as the favourites. However, it should not be forgotten that Guyana are the defending champions and the fact that they reached the final in some style. Lendl Simmons and Martin Guptill’s astounding onslaught brought the boudndary lavers on their feet and recorded a 10-wicket win. Barbados have a team packed with seasoned Internationals like Shoaib Malik, Jeevan Mendis and one of T20 cricket’s favourite sons, Kieron Pollard. Guyana, on the other hand have the know-how of a CPL final and rely heavily on their young West Indian bridage which comprises of players like Simmons and the wily medium-pacer Krishmar Santokie and the prolific Sunil Narine. Hi I am R Vishal and I will be bringing you live updates of the match. It should be a tense, evenly contested match. Join in for the fun maan!