Daryl Harper said this wasn't the first time that he felt that he had been left out on a limb © Getty Images
Daryl Harper said when he did not receive any help, it wasn’t the first time that he felt that he had been left out on a limb © Getty Images

Daryl Harper (former Australian umpire) believes the International Cricket Council (ICC) is very soft on India. According to Harper, if he is required to apply different laws to the each and every cricketing nation, then it is not a good sign for the game. Harper said during his farewell Test, he was questioned and criticised by Indian captain MS Dhoni over his umpiring decisions. India had won that Test which was played at Sabina Park by a narrow 63-run margin. Harper said that he waited that some senior officials would respond or take some action but nothing of that sort happened. MS Dhoni is a serial offender of spirit of cricket: Daryl Harper

In a conversation with The Telegraph, Harper said, “When I need to consider which team is playing and apply the laws differently for different teams, then this game has lost sight of its standards and its values. I waited for a response or some action from management… and I waited. No response came… no support, no action. This wasn’t the first time that I felt that I had been left out on a limb. People don’t always think before they speak. Some spontaneous comments can be harmful to the game and its best interests. I had previously imagined that was the reason for a clause in the ICC Code of Conduct about ‘inappropriate public comment’.” Cricket world held to ransom by BCCI on DRS issue: Daryl Harper

“The Indian captain had the temerity to say, ‘We’ve had issues with you before, Daryl. I didn’t ask him to elaborate but I’m still puzzled as to what those issues may have been. After I had informed them of my decision, there was a brief media release announcing that they had ‘every faith’ in me to finish the job, but I haven’t seen or felt any of this faith, especially in what has turned out to be the final two years of my career.”