Dave Richardson © Getty Images
Dave Richardson © Getty Images

The Decision Review System (DRS) will remain optional for the time being, this is the view of David Richardson, Chief Executive Officer of the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Speaking to Country Cricket at the  ICC Annual Meeting in Barbados Richardson said, “I think that the ICC would have preferred  a consistent DRS in all International matches, however one of our members have objected to it being used, until everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet, our policy is that the host board paid for the technology. That’s is the reason the full technology is used in some series and not for others, hopefully we will get to the stage where all aspects of it would be fully engaged,” he added. READ: ICC congratulates Australia and New Zealand

Richardson said the ICC is working earnestly to ensure that all of its members are convinced that the technology is reliable. He disclosed that the ICC has contracted the renowned  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to construct a testing mechanism to test the DRS. READ: ICC revives task team for Pakistan cricket

He stated that the Chairman the ICC Cricket Committee Anil Kumble, and the General Manager for Cricket Geoffrey Allardice will soon be going to the Boston based educational institution  for a first hand update on mechanism. “We are hopeful that the mechanism will erase any doubts about the reliability of DRS,” says Richardson.

According to Richardson they are no indications that India will be using the DRS anytime soon. He is however hopeful that with the development of new technologies, the Board of Control for India Cricket will acknowledge the reliability of the DRS. READ: ICC step up measures to keep cricket clean