Former India legend Sachin Tendulkar – who has been a part of the Mumbai Indians franchise in the past – opened up on the IPL opener between MI and Chennai Super Kings. Tendulkar – who knows most of the cricketers from both camps and has the respect of them – said that there is no doubt the Rohit Sharma-led side will win.

“Of course the Men in Blue, are there any doubts? I’ve always been in blue everywhere. When Mumbai and Indians come together then it becomes Mumbai Indians,” Sachin told former India opener, Aakash Chopra, in a YouTube interview.

Praising both teams for being extremely competitive, Tendulkar admitted that both the franchises enjoy a massive fanbase. Tendulkar also said that the two sides have played close encounters that have become memorable.

“For any tournament to succeed, you need rivalries. Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings we both have very strong fanbase. Both are extremely competitive. There have been occasions where Mumbai Indians were pushed badly in a corner and we have been able to pull through and win that game and the same thing has happened also with Chennai Super Kings,” Tendulkar said in a video tweeted by Mumbai Indians.

Despite the big match featuring the two top teams that have a huge fan following, this match as well as the others will be played in empty stadiums due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Both the MS Dhoni-led Chennai side and Rohit’s MI are surely going to miss the crowd support this time around.

The match starts shortly.