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  • 3:31 PM IST

    UPDATE 1000 GMT (1100 local) – So, with rain around, the start is surely delayed. The covers are firmly placed. The rain is not too heavy but it is persistent for now. Also, the light isn’t good either. So, as I said earlier, sit tight and wait!

  • 3:00 PM IST

    Hello and welcome to Day 2 of the 2nd Test between England and Pakistan. It was rain which ended as the winner of Day 1 as just 45.4 overs were bowled due to poor weather. The forecast isn’t too great, to be honest, for Day 2 and the remaining days. England made a fine comeback after Pakistan’s good effort in the 1st session. With 5 wickets in hand which includes the presence of Babar Azam, Pakistan will look to put a respectable total while England will be eager to knock the five wickets as quickly as they could. However, for any action to resume, the weather needs to be clear and the current scenario is not too promising as the covers are firmly on the wicket as it is RAINING right now. It can be one of those days where we’ll have to sit tight and WAIT. Stay with us.

  • 2:59 PM IST

    … Day 2, Session 1 …

  • 11:08 PM IST

    That’s all from the action on Day 1. Sadly, the weather forecast for 2nd Day is quite similar to Day 1. But let’s trust the English weather and see if it does any favor for us, fans and we get more action than Day 1. Pakistan will hope for good innings from Babar and Rizwan while England will hope the bowlers knock the remaining 5 wickets quickly. The action on Day 2 starts at 1100 local (1000 GMT). We will love your company for the same. Until then, take care!

  • 11:07 PM IST

    Let’s go at the start. Azhar Ali, after winning the toss, opted to bat under tough and overcast conditions. They lost Masood early to James Anderson. Abid Ali and skipper Azhar Ali then added 50+ in the first session which was cut short early due to the rain. Players returned for the 2nd session with Pakistan losing skipper Azhar to Anderson. Rain arrived again and washed the remaining 2nd session. We got some action in the final session with Pakistan losing 3 wickets to 3 different bowlers. Abid got out after getting to his half ton to Curran while Asad and Fawad fell to Broad and Woakes respectively. The start-stop didn’t help the batters.

  • 11:06 PM IST

    That’s it! Finally, they take the call. STUMPS ON DAY 1. This was always on the cards with the dark clouds and rain around. A typical English weather spoils the party for the fans. England would be the happier side though as they have send half the Pakistani batters into the pavilion.

  • 10:37 PM IST

    UPDATE 1705 GMT (1805 local) – There is nothing new to update. The covers are still on and though we would like to think positively but it looks like we will be heading for Stumps without any further play on Day 1.

  • 10:10 PM IST

    UPDATE 1640 GMT (1740 local) – Well, scratch the previous update as the covers come back on! So, this might well be end of Day 1. Let’s hope against the hope and see if there’s any drastic change in the weather and we get through a few more overs. Looks tough though.

  • 9:48 PM IST

    UPDATE 1617 GMT (1717 local) – So, the news is that the rain has stopped and the covers are being removed for now. However, the light can be an issue as it is quite dark right now. Let’s hope the light improves quickly and we get a few more overs.

  • 9:30 PM IST

    Excellent session for England so far. They got rid of Abid Ali first and then Asad Shafiq and Fawad Alam followed him back to the pavilion. Curran, Broad and Woakes have got a wicket to their name. They are bowling well under the overhead condition and would be eager to get a few more overs at Pakistan. Stay with us for the update.

  • 9:29 PM IST

    Yes, the umpire’s call for the covers and off we go! Not good for any batting side but nothing can be done about this.

  • 9:29 PM IST

    45.4 Chris Woakes to Mohammad Rizwan, no run, BEATEN! Good length delivery outside off, Rizwan looks to defend but misses it. Rain around the corner it seems.

  • 9:28 PM IST

    45.3 Chris Woakes to Babar Azam, 1 run, Full delivery on middle, Azam flicks it through square leg for a run.

  • 9:28 PM IST

    45.2 Chris Woakes to Babar Azam, no run, Good length delivery outside off, Azam shoulders arms to this one.

  • 9:28 PM IST

    45.1 Chris Woakes to Mohammad Rizwan, 1 run, Full delivery on middle, Rizwan drives it towards mid on for a single.

  • 9:26 PM IST

    44.6 Stuart Broad to Babar Azam, no run, Short again, this time it doesn’t rise too big and Babar does well to defend it out.

  • 9:26 PM IST

    44.5 Stuart Broad to Babar Azam, no run, Beauty! Shortish and outside off, Babar is on the back foot to poke at it but is beaten due to the extra bounce.

  • 9:26 PM IST

    44.4 Stuart Broad to Babar Azam, no run, Outside off, left alone.

  • 9:26 PM IST

    44.3 Stuart Broad to Mohammad Rizwan, 3 runs, Fuller and around off, Rizwan strokes it through mid on. Just a little punch. Three taken as the ball doesn’t reach to the fence. He is off the mark in style.

  • 9:26 PM IST

    44.2 Stuart Broad to Mohammad Rizwan, no run, Fuller and around off, Rizwan looks to defend but gets an inside edge on the pads.

  • 9:23 PM IST

    44.1 Stuart Broad to Babar Azam, 1 run, Good length ball around off, Babar looks to defend but the ball takes the inside edge and goes towards fine leg for a single.

  • 9:22 PM IST

    43.6 Chris Woakes to Mohammad Rizwan, no run, Fuller on off, Rizwan blocks it to get through the over.

  • 9:21 PM IST

    Mohammad Rizwan joins Babar Azam.

  • 9:19 PM IST

    43.5 Chris Woakes to Fawad Alam, out, OUT! LBW! Very good review from Root and Fawad Alam’s comeback is a disastrous ne. He walks back for a duck on his return to Test cricket after more than a decade. He will be gutted with it and all his fans back in Pakistan will also be feeling disheartened. Good length ball pitching on leg, Fawad with his unorthodox stand looks to defend it but the ball comes a bit slower and he misses his defense. He misses and gets hit on the back pad. The England players appeal but the umpire turns it down. Root thinks about it and then decides to signal the ‘T’. Replay rolls in and Ultra Edge first confirms no involvement of bat. Time for the Ball Tracker and it shows the pitching is in line of leg stump, the impact is in line and the wicket is hitting the top of middle. No heroic return for Alam and Woakes gets his first of the game. Half the side back in the hut for Pakistan and they are in a spot of bother here.

  • 9:19 PM IST

    LBW appeal taken upstairs. Fawad Alam is the man in question. Looks really close. Is there any bat? No, shows the Ultra Edge. Hitting the stumps? Yes, it is, confirms the Ball Tracker. Fawad has to go. Top review from Root and England.

  • 9:17 PM IST

    43.4 Chris Woakes to Babar Azam, 3 runs, Good running. On the pads, Babar flicks it through mid-wicket and gets three as the fielder from fine leg cleans it up.

  • 9:16 PM IST

    43.3 Chris Woakes to Babar Azam, no run, Length ball around off, Babar defends it to the off side.

  • 9:16 PM IST

    43.2 Chris Woakes to Babar Azam, no run, Outside off, Babar shoulders arms to it.

  • 9:15 PM IST

    43.1 Chris Woakes to Babar Azam, no run, Length ball outside off, Azam leaves it alone.

  • 9:15 PM IST

    Chris Woakes is back for another spell. 6-1-21-0, his figures so fa.

England vs Pakistan 2020, 2nd Test, Southampton, Highlights: Advantage ENG On Rain-Marred Day
James Anderson struck twice before rain arrived. (AFP)

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of Day 1 of the second Test between England and Pakistan at The Rose Bowl, Southampton.


Pakistan will look to take advantage of Ben Stokes’ absence to level the series against England, in the second Test at The Rose Bowl, Southampton.

Pakistan were the better team for the majority of the first Test at Old Trafford, Manchester before England made a dramatic turnaround on Day 5 to go 1-0 up.

One bad day cost the visitors the game and they’ll be wary of the mistakes they made in Manchester.

“There are very small margins between victory and defeat and it’s easy to curse yourself when you’ve lost,” said Pakistan’s head coach Misbah-ul-Haq.

“We should remember that we were right on top until pretty much the last session of the game and we played very good cricket. Sure, we need to improve 10 to 15 per cent and deal with pressure situations a little better but we shouldn’t be mentally down.

“There is disappointment, of course, but we must not keep that feeling in our minds otherwise it will be difficult to come back but the team believes we can fight back,” he added.

England will be without Stokes, who will miss the remaining two Tests due to personal reasons, and will have to rejig their team accordingly. Zak Crawley, who played against West Indies, could come back into the starting XI.

“We now have to complete the job without Ben Stokes. He is someone we would miss even if he was unable to bowl or hit a ball. He has such an impact in the changing room beyond what he does in the middle,” England pacer Jofra Archer wrote in his column for Daily Mail.

“If you are going into battle, Stokes is the person you want right next to you. He would never run away from a challenge, but family is so important and he has to be in New Zealand right now.”

Pakistan, meanwhile, are likely to remain unchanged.

This will be the first time England and Pakistan will be facing each other in Southampton.

(With IANS Inputs)