The outbreak of the Coronavirus in Wuhan, China has pressed the panic button across the globe. The deadly virus that has claimed the lives of over 300 in China alone till February 1. In India too, there are evacuation attempts underway to take out the citizens with as many as two Air India aircrafts taking off with more than 400 students stuck in the country.

To combat the deadly virus, people are wearing a mask, keeping themselves safe and trying to look out for themselves. Indian off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin was also one such traveller and took to social media to share his experience of the paranoia in current travellers when it comes to seeing anyone sick.

Ashwin, who will play for Delhi Capitals in the upcoming Indian Premier League (IPL 2020), shared a message about his experience of travelling in airplanes amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

“Times have changed so much that when you sneeze or cough, everyone inside the flight gives you a very antisocial sort of look. #coronovirusoutbreak,” he tweeted.

India has also confirmed the country’s second case of the virus, in Kerala where a patient with a history of travel to China was diagnosed with the virus and quarantined.