Ahmedabad: Travel and then a high-pressure knockout game in-between, Royal Challengers Bangalore have been on the move, And now there is another big game staring right at them, which is the all-important Qualifier 2 at Ahmedabad against Rajasthan Royals. Ahead of the ‘Royal’ clash, RCB captain Faf du Plessis admitted that the players are emotionally strained and have not got ample sleep because the game in Kolkata finished late.

Faf said on RCB Match Day: “When you don’t finish in the top two, your run to a final is a tough one. It’s hard on the body and mind because the IPL, especially this year has been stretched out. So, there has been good time for recovery. We have had two months of cricket so, you are a little bit more stretched out towards the end and same thing mentally.”