FICA concerned over exclusion of current players from Indian Cricketers’ Association
Current Indian cricketers have been excluded from the ICA (AFP Photo)

The Federation of International Cricketers’ Association (FICA) has welcomed BCCI‘s decision to recognise association representing Indian cricketers but has expressed concerns over limiting it to former players only.

The BCCI on Tuesday gave recognition to the Indian Cricketers’ Association (ICA) as an official body representing former players. However, FICA Executive Chairman Tony Irish has raised the issue of current cricketers going unrepresented, a decision which it finds ‘at odds with other players’ association’

“The formation and recognition of a collective player representative body in India is a positive development,” Irish said in a statement on Thursday. “FICA is however concerned that membership of the association appears to be open only to former players, and not current players. This is at odds with most other players associations around the world, not only in cricket but across other sports, whose core focus is the collective representation of current players, in addition to offering support and services for former players.”

FICA is a representative body for protecting and promoting the interests of professional cricketers throughout the world.

As per FICA, the BCCI’s decision leaves over 600 active professional cricketers out of ICA and advised their inclusion for the benefit of the game.

“Based on the reports, it appears that more than 600 current professional players in India will effectively remain unrepresented, and without a voice in the game, at both domestic and global levels. We believe that the global game would benefit significantly from the existence of a genuinely independent and representative voice for the current Indian players,” Irish said.

He continued, “FICA will nevertheless offer its assistance in relation to any former player support programs which an Indian players association looks to develop, given that FICA is part of a global network of players associations which run world-leading programs in this space.”