Harbhan Singh's wife Geeta Basra celebrated 'Karwa chauth' recently    IANS (File Photo)
Harbhan Singh’s wife Geeta Basra celebrated ‘Karwa chauth’ recently IANS (File Photo)

Harbhajan Singh is one of the most active sportsperson on Twitter. Not just that he tweets regularly, but also interacts with the fans by replying to their comments. He again did so recently on the occasion of Karwa chauth. However, he was on the receiving end by few of his fans, who termed him ‘anti-Sikh’ for celebrating a Hindu festival. Nevertheless, Harbhajan was smart enough to give a fitting reply to the trollers as he said that nowhere it is written that a festival is just restricted to a particular religion. He also asked his trollers not to misguide people and instead asked them to become a good person. India vs Australia: Harbhajan Singh requests Michael Clarke to come out of retirement after visitors poor show




It all started when he posted an image of his wife Geeta Basra, who was celebrating the festival with him. One of the trollers called it as an act of hypocrisy, as he wrote, “Feeling sad to see a Punjabi is doing such a hypocrisy Its called hypocrisy according to Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.” Harbhajan also replied to a troller by praising his troll and urged him to go to sleep while his medal would reach him soon for such comments. He also brought up presumably the son of a troller by saying that even he did not look like a proper Sikh, and also asked him to be a good human first before talking about religion.