Have Experienced Racist Comments From Coaches: Michael Carberry
Michael Carberry (© AFP)

Former England international Michael Carberry has made stunning revelations regarding the menace of racism prevalent in the country’s cricket setup, claiming he even ended up losing his place in one of the county clubs he represented during playing career.

“Put it this way, I don’t think my skin colour helped me in any way. I’ve experienced racist comments from coaches, I’ve been ignored in teams even when I was comfortably the best batsman across the country in terms of the national averages,” Carberry was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

“(The racism) was horrific,’ he added. It was and still is prevalent because when you walk in there as a black man and most of the time it was me alone it starts with little racial comments and jokes you have to put up with.”

Carberry played for Surrey, Kent, Hampshire and Leicestershire and went on to recall an incident with a an unnamed county coach

“I’ve had a county coach say to me, ‘Where are the brothers going tonight for a bit of rice, fried chicken and peas?’ I just looked at him and said, ‘Let me have a word with you on the balcony, please’,” said Carberry, who played six Tests for England.

“I said to him, ‘I don’t know how much time you’ve spent in the company of black people by that comment, not very much. But let me tell you something: I’m worldlier than you are. I know what you think you know about black people, that we all eat fried chicken. I eat fish, steak, I even eat ostrich, You name it, I’ve tried it’,” he added.

Former West Indies captain Darren Sammy earlier alleged that he was referred to by his IPL teammates using a derogatory term whose true meaning he has recently learned. He asked those who used that racial slur against him to come out and apologise.

Current West Indies captain Jason Holder said the time has come for everyone to educate themselves and be part of the change.

“Racism is a crime throughout the world and will probably be ongoing beyond our lifetimes. Regardless of race and religion this is a situation for all of us to unite as one,” Holder told reporters.

“What has happened around the world has impacted on all of us and the response to it has been tremendous. We must acknowledge what is going on and those who are protesting and standing up for what they believe in are noble and courageous. This is the perfect time for people to educate themselves on what is going on and make a change,” he added.