I have been fixing for years in Pakistan matches: Mazhar Majeed

Salman Butt is one of the accused in the spot-fixing scandal AFP

By CricketCountry Staff

London: Oct 10, 2011

Mazhar Majeed, who has been charged with cheating at gambling and accepting corrupt payments, revealed during the spot-fixing trial that he had been arranging fixed events at Pakistan’s cricket matches for years.

“These guys wouldn’t deal with anyone. The only reason they deal with me is because they know my background. I’ve been dealing with them, the Pakistan team, for about two and a half years and we’ve made massive amounts of money. I deal with an Indian party and they pay me.”

Majeed’s conversations with an undercover journalist are being used in evidence in the trial of Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif.

“There’s more than two or three. It’s already set, it’s already there.”

Majeed claimed that fixing was a “centuries” old practice and raised the names of Waqar Younis and Wasim Akram as two who had previously been involved.

Majeed explained the spot-fixing process during the hearing.

“Asif will indicate by bowling a dead ball in that over and then we know the market opens at 10 overs,” Majeed said.

“Let’s say it’s 33 runs that the market anticipates will be scored during the 10-over ‘bracket’. At the sixth over, when he does a dead ball, they know that the eighth, ninth and 10th overs are going to go for more runs. Because they’ve kept the score down at the start but in the last three overs they let it all go and you make a killing. That’s brackets.”

“For results, Twenty20 is about 400,000. A Test match, depending on the duration, is 1m. We won’t be doing any results for a few games because we want Butt to be captain long term. No” balls are not a problem because you can’t make much money from that.”

Majeed claimed he had previously worked for Arsenal.

“My background is football,” Majeed claimed.

“I have set up academies all around the world. I’ve worked for Arsenal Football Club. I’ve done this sort of thing all the time. I’ve done it for Arsenal.”