Former India cricketer Yuvraj Singh, known for his six-hitting abilities, revealed what egged him on to smash six sixes against England pacer Stuart Broad in a Group stage match in the inaugural World T20 in 2007. The 2011 WC-winner during a recent chat on Aaj Tak said it was Andrew Flintoff’s scary words.

Yuvraj said he had hit a couple of boundaries of good deliveries and then on his way to the non-striker’s end, Flintoff walked up to him and said he would cut his throat.

“I had hit Flintoff for two boundaries on good deliveries and he did not like it. And after that over when I was walking to the other end. I can’t repeat exactly what he said. He told me that those were some ridiculous shots. So I asked him what did he say and had a confrontation,” Yuvraj Singh told in a live Instagram session.

After this Flintoff said, “I will cut your throat off.” To this Yuvraj’s response was, “You see this bat in my hand? Do you know where am I gonna hit you with this bat?”

Yuvraj also recalled that the umpire was forced to intervene between the two players once things seemed to be going out of hand.

“So the umpire interrupted us but I was very pumped after that argument and I had decided that I have to send every ball out of the park now. Luckily it was my day,” he added.