ICC is being bullied by BCCI: CSA’s legal advisor David Becker

David Becker’s statement could once again reignite BCCI’s reservations for the tour. However, ICC was quick to react by saying that the views are not in sync with CSA’s stand © Getty Images

Oct 11, 2013

Former sports lawyer David Becker who headed the legal department of International Cricket Council (ICC) till 2012 has launched a scathing attack on ICC. Becker who is the legal advisor of Cricket South Africa (CSA) now has accused ICC of being bullied by BCCI.

“I could no longer reconcile my own values as a person and a professional with what I was witnessing at ICC board level,” Becker was quoted as saying by Sportlive.

 “[The ICC] has become powerless in the face of India’s dominance and is forced to succumb to the manipulative tactics of the BCCI just to keep their jobs,” Becker added.

Becker worked with Haroon Lorgat from 2008 to 2012 when the latter was CEO of ICC. Lorgat’s friction with the Indian board is known to everybody. After being appointed as CEO of CSA, the BCCI had expressed unhappiness and threatened to pull out of the tour. The pull-out could lead to losses up to $500 million for the CSA.

One of the reasons BCCI had given that CSA had approved the schedule of the series without consulting them. The tour to South Africa falls under the Future Tours Programme (FTP). However BCCI is not a signatory to this FTP.

Becker said, “There is a formal, unequivocal and unanimous ICC board resolution approving the current FTP schedule, including three Test matches and seven one-day internationals between India and South Africa. When the ICC allows one of its directors to blatantly disregard an ICC board resolution, it becomes more than questionable governance; it becomes improper.”

“There is one man who makes decisions at board level and [this is] certainly not in the interests of world cricket. Directors’ duties, conflicts of interest and matters of ethical compliance are routinely ignored. It’s not only hugely concerning for the game, it’s contrary to the regulatory framework within which the ICC operates. Directors on the board of the ICC need to take a long, hard look at themselves in the mirror. Either they submit to the degradation of governance or they take a stand in favour of the best interests of the game,” Becker further added, which put the ICC officials in a spot of bother.

The ICC was quick to dismiss Becker’s comments. “These comments are made some 18 months after Becker left the ICC, and at a point in time when he is acting as legal adviser to CSA. However, having spoken with Chris Nenzani, we are assured that these comments do not reflect the view of CSA and are Becker’s personal views,” said the ICC in its official statement.

CSA President Nenzani is in India to meet the BCCI president in a bid to save the tour.