ICC should take hands-on approach on doping: Eoin Morgan

Eoin Morgan said the sport should be free of doping © Getty Images

Ranchi: Jan 18, 2013

In the wake of the sensational doping revelation by the disgraced former Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong, England batsman Eoin Morgan said the ICC should get its act together.

Asked about India’s rigid stance to sign on whereabouts rule of WADA, Morgan said, “To be honest, I didn’t know they weren’t. It is up to the ICC to take a hands-on approach and force things so everyone is on a level playing ground.”

The English batsman however conceded that it’s a massive hassle to disclose their diary when they are playing cricket so that they can be tested anywhere in the world.

“In the last year or so, I have been tested five or six times. The process by which we are tested, we need to diary everywhere we are and when we are involved in cricket, so we can be tested anytime of the day anywhere in the world. I think it is well-monitored in cricket. At least, the way I understand it.”

Although Morgan admitted that it’s always not easy to maintain such a diary.

“It is a massive hassle for me if I want to do something out of cricket. I have to change my diary if someone wants to come and test me wherever I am.”

But at the same time, Morgan said the sport should be free of doping.

“The use of performance-enhancing drugs should obviously be condoned and they should be eradicated from every sport.

There is no place for using performance enhancing drugs in cricket.”

“It drags your sport through the mud and nobody enjoys that. The sport you love was being dragged through the mud.”

Asked whether he had temptation to use drugs anytime, he said: “No absolutely not. Maybe the bats are getting injected with something but I don’t think the players are (laughs),” he quipped.

After years of tenacious spin that he was innocent, Armstrong has backpedaled in a confessional interview with Oprah Winfrey.