ICC to look into a new method to calculate targets in rain-affected matches

The D&L method was first introduced by two English statisticians Frank Duckworth and Tony Lewis in 1996-97 and has been used by the ICC since 2001 Getty Images

By CricketCountry Staff

Dubai: Jun 2, 2011

The International Cricket Council (ICC) will consider implementing, a new and fairer method of calculating targets for rain-marred cricket matches.

The “VJD” system as it has been currently named, is the brain-child of a civil engineer from Trishur, Kerala, by the name of V Jayadevan. After several requests, Jayadevan will finally get a chance to present his method to the ICC in Hong Kong on June 27.

The 47-year old is delighted about describing the six stipulations for the team batting second, in this deep and complex method. “Instead of one target score table, I could use six tables for different scoring ranges,” says Jayadevan who is deputy director (publications division) in the Kerala Engineering Research Institute.

After several letters to the then BCCI went unanswered, a “major breakthrough” for Jayadevan came in July 2000 when he, on the invitation of BCCI technical committee chairman Sunil Gavaskar, made a two-hour presentation in Pune and again at the annual umpires’ conference in September. Even criticism from Frank Duckworth himself on the DLM didn’t discourage the Indian.