Shikhar Dhawan © AFP
Shikhar Dhawan © AFP


Mar 5, 2014


Catch live scorecard of the India (IND) vs Afghanistan (AFG) here


(India take on Afghanistan in the ninth match of the Asia Cup 2014 at Mirpur on March 5. Both India and Afghanistan are out of contention for a place in the final of the Asia Cup. Catch live cricket scores of the match in our live blog below.)


There it is, A massive eight-wicket win for India.A couple to start and then a lovely cover drive for a boundary completing the win.



Karthik is uncomfortable against the bounce generated by Shapoor Zadran. Manages to survive. Just one run from the over.



Batting powerplay taken. Karthik smashes one over the infield for a boundary. Just seven runs needed to win.


That was a bizarre decision from Billy Bowden. The ball from Shapoor Zadran rose from good length and a surprised Karthik got an edge. The Afghanistan didn’t make a huge appeal knowing sure that it was out. But to their shock, Bowden firmly said no.



Mohammad Nabi completes his spell. 10-0-30-1. Good bowling but tough to save the match. Three runs from that over.



The first ball of the over is brilliantly driven on the up past the bowler by Dinesh Karthik for a boundary. Gets a couple on the penultimate ball and then drives sweetly on the last ball for a four.



Mohammad Nabi continues to pose problems, Dinesh Karthik is beaten on the fourth ball. Two runs from the over.



Tidy over from Ashraf. Karthik and Rohit are relaxed as well. Three runs from that over.



Brilliant delivery by Mohammad Nabi. A perfect off-spinner dismissal. It spun across and beats Dhawan on the defense. Dinesh Karthik is the new batsman in.
OUT! Dhawan 60(78)



There it is, a wicket for the Afghans. Rahane tries to play across the line against Ashraf and is out leg-before. Drinks Break taken after the dismissal. Reeplays show, ball would have missed the leg-stump by two inches. Rohit Sharma defends the first two balls and then picks a single.
OUT! Rahane 56(66)



First six of the innings. Dhawan lofts Rahmat straight over long-off. On the second ball of the over Rahane had pulled a short ball past square-leg for a boundary.



Half-centuries for Rahane and Dhawan. This has been a brilliant partnership and they are strolling across towards the target of 160.



Leg-spinner Rahmat Shah comes in to bowl. Dhawan has plenty of time to smash the second and third deliveries straight past the bowler for consecutive boundaries. his is the first century partnership for any team against Afghanistan. Shows the quality bowling they have.



Both the batsmen have shown great temperament. While Dhawan has played the waiting game. Rahane has mixed defense and aggression beautifully. The last ball of that over from Mirwais Ashraf is driven in the gap by Rahane for a couple. He moves on to 49.



Brilliant batting from Rahane. The first by Shenwari is played inside-out over extra-cover for boundary. Typical Rahane shot. The next one is even better. A flick neatly timed beats the mid-on fielder and runs for a boundary. On the fourth ball, Rahane attempts a tight single and completes it successfully. Rahane picks a couple on the last ball by placing it well on the off-side past extra-cover.



Brilliant shot on the first ball of the over by Dawlat Zadran. Dhawan neatly drives it between cover and extra-cover for a boundary. A single ensues on the fifth ball. The last ball of the over is a no-ball and Rahane gets to take the free-hit. (Just the second free-hit of the tournament). Rahane pulls it straight towards deep midwicket.



The first ball is worked away for a single. Dhawan is beaten on the next ball and then drives for no run on the third. The fourth one, he tries to sweep but misses.



Dawlat Zadran continues. The first ball hits the glove of Rahane and they run for a single. Two more single follows.



Leg-spinner Samiullah Shenwari comes into bowl. This has been an excellent opening partnership. There hasn’t been much boundaries but they just don’t the opportunity to go for quick singles.



Dropped: Dhawan tries to drive and the outside edge flies to backward point, Shenwari drops a sitter. Just two runs from it.



Another good over for India. Dhawan works the fourth ball away and they pick three runs. The openers have had no problems in picking the singles too.



Some quick runs scored in the over. Dawlat once again starts off with a wide. Rahane then cuts the second ball for a boundary. They pick four singles in the next five balls.



Skipper Mohammad Nabi continues from the other end. here was a run-out chance at the non-strikers end on the fourth ball. Rahane had come too far ahead but the fielder failed to collect the ball cleanly. Four runs from the over.



Steady start post the break. Dawlat Zadran starts off with a wide and the openers pick three singles in the over.



Dhawan works the fourth ball by Nabi off the backfoot and places it well on the legside and picks three runs. Good start for India. And it’s Innings Break. India need 126 runs to win.



The third ball from Zadran is flicked neatly by Rahane for a boundary to deep squareleg. Dhawan gets a couple on the final ball of the over. Last over before the break coming up.


The first ball by Nabii is played with soft hands by Dhawan towards point and the batsmen rush through for a tight single. The batsmen pick two more singles on the next two deliveries.



Some uneven bounce observed in that over by Zadran. The third ball kept low and Rahane flicked it for a couple. TYhe following delivery bounced a bit more and had Rahane surprised. Dhawan on the final delivery pushes it through midwicket for a single.



Dhawan worked the third ball through mid-wicket for a couple. He defends the remaining deliveries. The openers are in no hurry to go after the bowlers and against Nabi in particular.



Rahane pulls the first ball on the frontfoot and picks three runs. Didn’t get the timing right. But Dhawan does well to push through the covers for a boundary.



Mohammad Nabi gets good turn but both the batsmen have no problem. Dhawan picks a single and Rahane follows with one more.



Shapoor Zadran starts off from the other end. Dhawan cuts the first ball straight to the fielder and then gets a single. Rahane is content defending.



And the Indian innings starts off quickly. Still 30 minutes to go for the innings break. And there’s a little surprise. Ajinkya Rahane walks out to open the innings along with Shikhar Dhawan. Mohammad Nabi opens the bowling. Rahane struggles initially and then directs a leg-side delivery behind the wickets for a couple.




50 ODI wickets for Shami and Shenwari is out leg-before for 50. Afghanistan have been bowled out for 159. Click Here to read the innings report.
OUT! Shenwari 50(73)



Ashwin back into the attack. Gives the ball much more air and bowls at slower speed. Zadran does well to survive. Maiden over. The spinners have bowled 30 overs, conceded just 81 runs and picked eight wickets.



Tidy over from Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Just two runs from it. Samiullah Shenwari completes a half-century. A well fought innings.



Mishra gets a full over to bowl to Zadran. Keeps it to regular legspin and then pushes the wrong one. Zadran was beaten but somehow the ball missed the stumps.



Shenwari has not attempted any big shots in this over. Virat Kohli brings in the fielders for the last ball to avoid conceding a single. But Shenwari does well to loft it over the infield for a boundary.



Shami has been off colour in this match. Shenwari guides one delicately past point for a boundary.



Ashwin was bowling round the wicket on the legs of Shenwari and he was finding difficult to put it away. Shenwari finally manages to sweep one fine enough for a boundary. And he further frustrates India with a single on the last ball. Ashwin is the highest wicket-taker in this tournament now.



Tidy over from Amit Mishra. Dawlat Zadran somehow manages to pick a single. Shenwari manages to get two singles.



Ashwin keeps himself limited to off-spinners until he finishes Zadran’s stay with a carom ball again. Meanwhile Virat Kohli seems like the only one taking this game seriously. Ashwin goes past Zadran’s edge by a distance but Kohli was busy trying to elicit a reaction from Billy Bowden. Ashwin switches to over the wicket and Zadran is out leg-before, Kohli immediately pumps his fists ready for a send-off.
OUT! Zadran 1(12)



Mohammed Shami comes back and the first ball is smashed back past the bowler for a boundary. He does a similar act on the last ball. Shami has gone for far too many runs. 10 runs in that over.



While the bowlers are busy bowling the wrong ones, even the batsmen are trying the wrong stance. Shenwari uses switch-hit to get a boundary. Hits over point fielder and clears him comfortably. Picks a single on the last ball to retain strike.



Jadeja comes back to bowl the final over. Shenwari slog sweeps over deep square-leg for a six. The fielder stationed there just watch the ball sail over, a welcome boundary. 10-1-30-4 — Jadeja’s bowling figures.



What’s happening! leggie takes wicket with the wrong ones and off-spinner Ashwin busy bowling the legbreaks using carom ball! Tidy over from Ashwin, two legbyes from it.


Mishra strikes. Ashraf doesn’t read the wrong one from Mishra. And he tries to drive at it. A faint inside edge hits the pads and flies to Kohli and he takes it comfortably. Even Zadran struggles to read the wrong one.
OUT! Ashraf 9(26)


Ashwin concedes a wide on the sixth ball. 11th wide of the innings. Ever since the spinners have come into ball.


Amit Mishra comes back into the attack. Earlier he had Shenwari in trouble but this time around the batsmen are ready to defend. The spinners have dried up the runs barring the occasional singles and twos.



Ashraf is trying to drive Ashwin but hasn’t managed to get his timing right. Gets a couple on the last ball of the over.



Shenwari is defensive against Jadeja bowling his ninth over on the trot.



Another good one from Ashwin. He is using the carom ball too often.



Jadeja continues. A tidy over. Just one from it. Shenwari comes forward and scoops it behind square.



This was waiting to happen. Shahzad was fidgety on the crease moving according to the spin and was cramped for space by Ashwin. It was a faster delivery and was caught plumb in front. Wicket No 7 and Afghanistan are well on their way to fold up quickly.
OUT! Shahzad 22(28)



We are already half-way through the innings. Shahzad tries once to go behind the wicket and manages to do so on the second ball. Cuts it for a boundary.


Good over by Amit Mishra. The batsmen manage four singles.



Shahzad’s aggressive batting looks sane as the rest collapse. But even he finds it tough to take on Jadeja. Maiden over.



Legspinner bowling to legspinner. Mishra has Shenwari in all kinds of trouble. The penultimate ball turns almost at a right angle with Shenwari hopping on the backfoot.



Gone. Jadeja is running through the Afghanistan batting. Tidy over and Nabi on the last ball pokes his bat to a ball turning away. The batsmen have completely failed to read him. Karthik takes a good catch behind the wickets. Jadeja now has bowled five overs, picked 4-14. Samiullah Shenwari comes into bat. In hindsight Shami and Ashwin shouldn’t have picked a wicket. Sir Jadeja could have fancied a 10-for!
OUT! Nabi 6(20)



After an over from Ashwin, Mishra is back into the attack. Shahzad picks a single playing fine to the left of Jadeja at short thirdman. Nabi takes a single on the last ball.



Kohli would be waiting for Shahzad to go after Jadeja. And Shahzad obliges with a big six over mid-wicket. He isn’t going to hold himself back. Probably an Afridi-like temperament for the burly right-hander.



First ball after drinks, Ashwin starts off the over. It’s tossed up and Najibullah’s eyes lit up and he went for the big shot. He was caught inside the circle by 12th man Stuart Binny. Mohammad Shahzad the new batsman starts off in an entertaining fashion using a reverse sweep to hit a boundary.
OUT! N Zadran 5(14)



Dropped! Zadran goes for a defensive shot and the outside edge could have been easily caught by Kohli in the slips. He fumbles trying to hold it on to his chest and then drops the catch. Jadeja would’ve had four now. It’s drinks time.


The third ball is driven through covers by Najibullah and the batsmen run three. The next ball is a typical leg-spinner and turns viciously beating a defensive Nabi.


Poor batting from Stanikzai. It was short and coming into Stanikzai. He could have smashed it anywhere but pulls it straight to Amit Mishra at mid-on. Soft dismissal. Perhaps he couldn’t control the turn of the ball. Skipper Mohammad Nabi has walked into bat.
OUT! Stanikzai 5(7)


A googly to start the over from Mishra. It was defended well by Stanikzai. Three singles ensues from the next three deliveries. The spinners have suddenly strangled the batsmen.


Afghanistan fall apart against Jadeja. The first ball is an arm ball which moves straight into a defensive Rahmat. The ball hits him on pads and is given out leg-before. Asghar Stanikzai picks a single on the first ball. Jadeja strikes one more as he spins the ball away from Noor Ali. It turned sharply. The batsman tried to soften it but the edge carried to Virat Kohli in the slips.
OUT! Rahmat 9(23), Nor Ali 31(35)



Amit Mishra introduced into the attack. He bowled excellently against Pakistan. The first ball didn’t have much spin and hit Noor Ali on the pads but managed to survive the appeal. The fourth ball of the over is driven by Noor Ali and the outside edge runs past the short third-man fielder Rahane. He sprints across and saves a boundary.



Good over from Bhuvi, but the fourth ball was brilliantly pushes through the covers by Rahmat. Sweet timing there from the batsman. Afghanistan have got off to a steady start and the first powerplay comes to an end.



Noor Ali is in sublime touch. Places one past backward point and wide of thirdman fielder for a boundary. A backfoot punch on the third ball followed by a defensive push on the fourth. He is beaten on the fifth ball. Shami’s seam is pointing much straighter now, he has bowled with a 140+ speed but has been erratic occasionally allowing the batsmen to get away.



Bhuvneshwar continues and maintains a consistent line & length. Rahmat just defends it. First maiden over of the innings.



Finally a tidy over from Shami. Noor Ali drives punches the third ball off the backfoot but it was brilliantly stopped from Ambati Rayudu. Just two from the over.



Just one slip has been kept and Noor Ali slashes at a wide one from Bhuvneshwar which flies over the second slip fielder for a boundary. The first ball was flicked towards the legside for a couple.


And Shami finally gets a wicket. It was short and wide, Mangal tries to cut at it, gets a bottom edge and crashes into the stumps. Rahmat Shah who replaced Hamza Hotak has come into bat. The second ball by Shami to Rahmat is down the leg-side again.
OUT! Mangal 5(16)



Bhuvneshwar still trying to control his swing going away from the batsman. He finally manages to get one to cut back in and Noor Ali was hit on the pads. Just one run from the over.


Poor bowling from Shami, concedes a wide again. eighth overall of the innings. On the third ball, Noor Ali latches on to an inch of width and drives to a boundary. He follows it up with a similar shot put this time opens the face of the bat and guides it past point.



Both the pacers have failed to control the swing. Bhuvneshwar angles the first ball towards the leg and Mangal directs it behind leg for a four. Bhuvneshwar then gets back to moving the ball away from outside the off-stump.


Shami gets some swing too. But the third ball of the over pitches outside leg and moves further away, freebies there for Afghanistan with five wides. He delivers one more on the pads and Noor Ali flicks it comfortably for the first boundary off the bat. Shami follows it up with a short ball and then again delivers a wide. Noor Ali then punches through the off-side and gets a boundary. Erratic and an expensive over from Shami. 14 runs comes from it.



Bhuvneshwar Kumar starts the proceedings. Hint of swing and Noor Ali Zadran does well to defend it. The fourth ball is a wide down the legside.





Toss: India captain Virat Kohli has won the toss and has elected to bowl first.


As always, India back in their comfort zone of chasing a score and Afghanistan too won’t mind batting first since they have done well that way. India are unchanged but Sunil Gavaskar has already started lambasting for not selecting Cheteshwar Pujara. Afghanistan have included another leg-spinner Rahmat Shah.




India: Virat Kohli (c), Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Ambati Rayudu, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Ajinkya Rahane, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Amit Mishra, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami.


Afghanistan: Mohammad Nabi(c), Noor Ali Zadran, Asghar Stanikzai, Nawroz Mangal, Mohammad Shahzad(wk), Samiullah Shenwari, Najibullah Zadran, Rahmat Shah, Mirwais Ashraf, Shapoor Zadran, Dawlat Zadran


Always a proud feeling for the Afghans going and expressing themselves on the cricket ground.





Hello and welcome to the live updates of the ninth match of the Asia Cup 2014 between India and Afghanistan at Mirpur on March 5.  This is Abhijit Banare and I will be bringing you the updates of this game. Read preview of the match here.


India and Afghanistan each have won one and lost two in the Asia Cup 2014 so far.  India are third in the points table while Afghanistan are fourth. Both the teams cannot make it into the final.