Virat Kohli © Getty Images
Virat Kohli © Getty Images

Sep 7, 2014

Catch the live scorecard and ball-by-ball updates of the India (IND) vs England (ENG) T20I here

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What a match it has been! Tremendous innings from Eoin Morgan, and wonderful death bowling from Harry Gurney, Chris Woakes and Steven Finn. For once, MS Dhoni wasn’t able to finish the match. Eoin Morgan is the man of the match for his excellent 71 runs off 31 balls. You can catch the match report here.

India 177/5 | Overs 20

MS Dhoni 27(18), A Rayudu 3(5)

Final over of the innings now. Who will bowl it? Woakes it is to bowl the final over. 17 needed off 6. AND DHONI BLASTS THIS ONE FOR SIX OVER MIDWICKET! 11 needed off 5! He smashes this one again, just two. 9 off 4. The pressure is palpable. Captain cool still on strike. Dot ball. The pressure mounts. 9 off 3. Slower ball, Dhoni flat-bats this and it’s in the air…AND FOUR! 5 off the last two deliveries. Another dot ball! This is golden stuff here for England. They need five runs off the final delivery! Four will take it to a super over. Six to win. What will Dhoni do? What will Woakes bowl? And just a single off the final delivery, it was hit very hard but straight to Moeen Ali at deep square leg. Fantastic final over from Woakes.

India 164/5 | Overs 19

MS Dhoni 14(12), A Rayudu 3(5)

Gurney again. Two for Rayudu off the inside edge. 24 needed off 11. Oh huge wide. One run grace for India. Oh another single. That might have actually hit the stumps without dislodging a bail. Dhoni on strike again. 22 needed off 10. Full toss, and Dhoni gets one for four. That went like a rocket. 18 off 9. And now through covers but just one. 17 off 8. Rayudu on strike. Rayudu slogs and misses. 17 off 7. Another dot! 17 off the last over.

India 155/5 | Overs 18

MS Dhoni 9(10), A Rayudu 1(1)

India need 35 to win off the last three overs. Can MS Dhoni work his magic? Finn into his final over. And Jadeja gets one away for four down third man! Short ball, just one. Short ball again, and just one for Dhoni. Things looking quite iffy for India. OH HE’S GONE! Jadeja wanted two, Dhoni didn’t and Jadeja is out! In comes Ambati Rayudu now. But it’s Dhoni on strike. Short ball and just a single. Rayudu gets off the mark with one.

OUT! R Jadeja 7(4) run out Bopara

India 146/4 | Overs 17

MS Dhoni 8(8), R Jadeja 1(1)

Harry Gurney comes back on. Slower short ball, just one to Raina. Slower ball, just one to the deep. Oh great yorker, just a single. Dhoni again on strike now. Just three off this over. Another great yorker, just another single. Just four off four balls so far. OH SUPERB YORKER! Raina is bowled! In comes Ravindra Jadeja. Final delivery of the over. And a single to end with.

OUT! S Raina 25(20) b Gurney

India 141/3 | Overs 16

S Raina 23(17), MS Dhoni 6(6)

Tredwell continues. Dhoni steps out and slogs it for one. Raina on strike. One more. Tredwell has bowled really well so far. Reverse sweep from Dhoni (WHAT?) for just one. Nearly run out too. And Raina heaves it away for just one. Two balls to go in the over, and they might need to hit a big one now. Oh great bowling, it’s just one. One more to end the over.

India 135/3 | Overs 15

S Raina 20(14), MS Dhoni 3(3)

Finn back into the attack. One to Raina. Short ball, Kohli top edges this and he holes out! Kohli out for a good 66. In walks MS Dhoni. Single to Raina, who had crossed over. Two for Dhoni to get off the mark. Dot ball. Last delivery now. And one more.

OUT! V Kohli 66(40) c Hales b Finn

India 130/2 | Overs 14

V Kohli 66(40), S Raina 18(12)

Moeen comes back on now. And Virat greets him with another four through midwicket! Oh he sweeps this, gets an edge and is dropped. Just one of those days. Oh lovely shot from Raina, four more over covers, it’s his favourite shot. Short ball, and pulled away for a single by Raina. Single down the ground. One off the last ball.

India 118/2 | Overs 13

V Kohli 60(37), S Raina 12(9)

Woakes again. And a single to Kohli. Short ball, pulled away for one for Raina. Kohli on 49. AND HE GETS HIS FIRST FIFTY of the series! It’s his eighth in T20s. Oops, inside edge, that’s four to fine leg, but not at all convincing from Kohli! He deserves some of this luck though. Oh four more! Through point lovely shot! Last ball of the over now. Wide ball down the leg side. One more to end with.

India 104/2 | Overs 12

V Kohli 48(32), S Raina 11(8)

Tredwell comes on now. And a single for Raina off the second ball. Well played, just a run. Oh big hit! Raina steps out and slogs this one for six way over midwicket! Another single there. Single off the last ball for Kohli.

India 94/2 | Overs 11

V Kohli 46(30), S Raina 3(4)

Woakes comes back on again. Dhawan on strike. OH HE’S KNOCKED HIM OVER! Woakes gets his man. So Suresh Raina comes in now at No 4. Just a single to get off the mark. And another single for Kohli. Oh, risky from Raina. Dot ball, but it was nearly to the fielder. Short ball, and a couple to Raina. That was pulled down fine leg. Oh just a single there.

OUT! S Dhawan 33(28) b Woakes



India 89/1 | Overs 10

S Dhawan 33(27), V Kohli 45(29)

Tredwell again. And Kohli goes over covers for four more! And another single. Dot ball to Dhawan. One more run there. Kohli again. Gets it to the deep for one. And a single to end with.

India 81/1 | Overs 9

S Dhawan 31(24), V Kohli 39(26)

Moeen comes on again. Starts with a dot to Dhawan. And now a single. And Kohli smashes this one over long on for six! Kohli looking really good today. Quick single. And one more for Dhawan. And one off the last ball.



India 71/1 | Overs 8

S Dhawan 30(21), V Kohli 31(23)

Here comes Tredwell to Kohli from ’round the wicket. Dot ball. One run to long on. Dot ball to Dhawan. Another single. And one more run. Tredwell is batting well here. And another single. Great over from Tredwell, just four off it.

India 67/1 | Overs 7

S Dhawan 28(18), V Kohli 29(20)

Bopara into the attack now. And four to Kohli down third man. Oh great running, two more! Nicely played, one more. Short ball, and slow, and Dhawan knocks this for another boundary down fine leg! Down the leg side, wide. And now one. Short ball, and another single to end with.


India 53/1 | Overs 6

S Dhawan 22(16), V Kohli 21(16)

Kohli on strike now, single to third man off Finn. Short ball, pulled away down fine leg by Dhawan for another four! Single now. Another one for Kohli. Dot ball to Dhawan. Last ball now. Short ball, and SIX more!


India 40/1 | Overs 5

S Dhawan 12(12), V Kohli 19(14)

Gurney again. One more. Kohli on strike. Dot ball. Kohli goes down the ground, another single. Dot ball to Dhawan, tries to smash it and misses. Oh he’s hammered this one! Six more for Dhawan! Nicely placed, should be two and is.

India 30/1 | Overs 4

S Dhawan 3(8), V Kohli 18(12)

Woakes comes in now. Dot ball to Kohli. Oh what a shot! On his pads, and Kohli whips this away for four! Nearly went all the way too! Kohli looking really good so far. FOUR MORE! Woakes not bowling too well at the moment, and Kohli has taken full toll. And FOUR MORE! Through covers this time. Kohli is roaring back into form here. Slower ball, and beaten. Dot ball. Oh good yorker, that’s a dot.

India 18/1 | Overs 3

S Dhawan 3(8), V Kohli 6(6)

Harry Gurney comes on now. Dhawan whips him away for a single to start with. Dot ball to Kohli. Well fielded by Root. Kohli goes over midwicket for four! Slower ball, Kohli looking to hit that one from Birmingham to Belfast, ends up bottom-edging it. Dot ball. Quick single. Last ball now. Dot.

India 12/1 | Overs 2

S Dhawan 2(6), V Kohli 1(2)

Moeen Ali to open the bowling. Starts with a wide ball. Rahane slog sweeps that one for six! Great shot from Rahane. Oh he’s bowled him! Knocked him over! Virat is off the mark with a single. Moeen continues to haunt India. Short ball, but no run. And one more to Dhawan. Dot ball to end with.

OUT! A Rahane 8(4) b Moeen


India 3/0 | Overs 1

A Rahane 2(2), S Dhawan 1(5)

Steven Finn it is to start proceedings. Rahane on strike. And one to start off with. Dhawan on strike. Oh very risky single. Both men survive but that was close. One more to third man for Rahane. Dot ball to Dhawan. Tried to smash it and just got the toe end of the bat. Another dot ball. Last delivery of the over now. Another dot ball.

What a match this has been so far. England crawled at the start, and at just over 100 runs from 15 overs, it looked like they were really struggling. Their last five overs more than made up for that, though, as Eoin Morgan scored a very special 31-ball 71. Alex Hales’ 40 and Ravi Bopara’s unbeaten 21 helped England surge to a respectable 180/7. In case you missed the action, you can read our innings report here.

England 180/7 | Overs 20

R Bopara 21(9)

Shami to bowl the final over. Good yorker, and straight to Rahane! Morgan out for a spectacular 71! Woakes comes in. And Bopara smacks this for four! Oh dear, ANOTHER four! Bopara now turning it on. Another full toss, another six. Someone call Zaheer Khan, India needs him back! Last ball of the innings. And a slower ball, Woakes run out for a duck.

OUT! E Morgan 71(31) c Rahane b Shami, C Woakes 0(0)

England 165/5 | Overs 19

E Morgan 71(30), R Bopara 6(4)

Mohit comes back on now. Slower ball, and it’s a dot. Slower ball again, but Bopara finds the fence at square leg. Four more runs! Well bowled, just one. Full toss and four more for Morgan! How well has he played today? Quite well! Just 21 balls to get this last 50. Another full toss, and THIS IS SIX! Morgan turning it on at the death! Last ball now. AND SIX! Awesome over for England!

England 144/5 | Overs 18

E Morgan 55(27), R Bopara 1(1)

Shami again. Oh full toss, but he’s caught! Straight to Rayudu! Bopara comes in now. Just a single to get off the mark. Oh lovely shot from Morgan, that’s six! Nothing much wrong with the ball, but a terrific shot! Short ball and Morgan gets it away for two more. That’s his fifty! In his 50th game too. Last ball now. Oh and four more, terrific shot!

OUT! J Buttler 10(15) c Rayudu b Shami

England 130/4 | Overs 17

E Morgan 42(23), J Buttler 10(14)

Here comes Karn again. Buttler slogs and gets one. Oh and six more! Long hop, and Morgan doesn’t miss out again! Another single. Oh well bowled, one more run. Two more for Morgan. Last ball of Karn’s debut spell now. Short again, SIX again!

England 113/4 | Overs 16

E Morgan 27(19), J Buttler 8(12)

Jadeja again. Oh and that’s four off the first ball for Morgan, beats the diving fielder at long on. OH BIG SIX! Huge over long on again! Just a single there. One more. And another single. Good over for England. Last ball now. Short and one to end with.


England 99/4 | Overs 15

E Morgan 15(15), J Buttler 6(10)

Karn Sharma is on from this end. Morgan takes a single off the first ball. Buttler tries to charge to the second ball but is not able to hit it away. Buttler then uses his feet again but hits it straight to cover. He finally gets a single off the third ball he faces. Morgan misses a short delivery and gets a single off the last ball. Only three runs off that over.


England 96/4 | Overs 14

E Morgan 13(12), J Buttler 5(7)

Jadeja comes back on. Good ball, and Morgan gets a couple. Oh good one again. Dot ball. And another dot. Morgan struggling again. Just the one run. Only three off the first four balls. Dot ball again. And another dot!

England 93/4 | Overs 13

E Morgan 10(8), J Buttler 5(5)

Ashwin again. Morgan reverse sweeps for one. Buttler on strike now. One more. Morgan gets one more. And another dot. England struggling against spin. Buttler top edges a reverse sweep, and they get three. Good fielding down at the boundary. And another single, oh they’re running back for two and this could be trouble! Ooh he’s home, but just.

England 86/4 | Overs 12

E Morgan 8(6), J Buttler 0(1)

Karn back on. Leg bye to Morgan. Dot again. And another dot ball. TOP EDGE AND TAKEN! Good catch from Rayudu and it’s the fourth wicket down! In comes Buttler. Morgan goes down the ground, just a single. Oh beaten all ends up to end with! Lovely over.

OUT! J Root 26(29) c Rayudu b Karn

England 84/3 | Overs 11

J Root 26(26), E Morgan 7(4)

Ashwin again. Dot ball to start. Quick single again. Morgan on strike now, he was in poor form in the ODIs. Oh good ball, it’s a dot. And Morgan slogs this one into the stands for six! Great shot from Morgan. Short, pulled and one.

England 76/3 | Overs 10

J Root 25(24), E Morgan 0(0)

Jadeja again. Two off the first ball. And two more there, good running. Root sweeps, and it’ll be just one. AND SIX MORE! Hales opening up here. OH WHAT A CATCH! WHAT AN ABSOLUTE STUNNER FROM RAHANE!! And a single to end with.

OUT! A Hales 40(25) c Rahane b Jadeja


England 64/2 | Overs 9

A Hales 34(23), J Root 19(20)

Ashwin comes back on now after an expensive 17-run first over. Just a single off the first ball. Dot ball. Short ball, Hales smashes this but it’s just one. And another single for Root. One more. Good over.

England 59/2 | Overs 8

A Hales 32(20), J Root 16(16)

And now it’s Ravindra Jadeja comes on. Root gets him away through point for a couple. Cut straight to point, dot ball. Slog sweep for just one. Another single there. And another dot ball. Jadjea bowling well here. Oops, he oversteps. Free hit then! What will Root do? Not much, just a single.

England 53/2 | Overs 7

A Hales 31(19), J Root 12(11)

And here comes Karn Sharma. Flights it and gives away one. Another single. Oh nicely bowled, another single. Oh well bowled, dot ball there. Good over, this, so far. And Hales cuts beautifully, four runs through point. It evaded two fielders to get there. And a dot ball to end.

England 46/2 | Overs 6

A Hales 26(15), J Root 10(9)

Mohit continues. Slower ball, and Hales finds the gap. Four runs off the first ball! Hales goes again! Not middled, but Hales survives, gets two more. Short ball, and Hales misses the pull. Another slower ball, another dot ball. And again, slower one. There might have been a chance of a run out, but the fielder was Ashwin, so there was no real risk. And a single.

England 38/2 | Overs 5

A Hales 19(10), J Root 9(8)

Shami again. Short ball, and it’s another dot. Full ball, Hales gets it away for a single. And Root gets another boundary through square leg. Poor ball from Shami. Root goes for a cut, and it’s a dot ball. AND THIS ONE IS IN THE AIR… Dropped. Poor stuff from Ashwin and Karn Sharma, neither of them called properly. Foolish work. Root survives. Last ball now. And Hales takes a single.

England 31/2 | Overs 4

A Hales 16(6), J Root 4(5)

Mohit again. AND HE’S GOT HIS MAN! Moeen just chips this one to the man at cover, Rahane again. In walks Joe Root. Dot ball to start with. Three dot balls in a row. And Root gets off the mark with a lovely flick shot for four. Ooh he tried to whack that one through point and missed altogether. Last ball now. Slower ball, and it’s another dot.

M Ali 0(2) c Rahane b Mohit

England 27/1 | Overs 3

A Hales 16(6), M Ali 0(1)

Mohammed Shami comes on now. Oh good yorker to start. Dot ball to Roy. Just a single off the next ball. Tried to hit that one too hard. Nicely bowled again, just one. Another dot ball now. AND HE’S GONE! First man out, Roy smacks one straight to Rahane at covers! Moeen comes in now. And gets away with a single, but it’s a leg bye.

OUT! J Roy 8(10) c Rahane b Shami

England 24/0 | Overs 2

J Roy 7(6), A Hales 16(6)

What a start by England! Mohit Sharma comes on now. Oh and an LBW appeal first ball, but nothing there. Oh good ball again, just a single off the leg bye! Mohit bowling well here. The ball seems to be doing a bit. And another dot ball, great start for Mohit, just one run off the three balls so far. And another dot ball. Great stuff. Hales tries to smash this one, but it goes to the fielder. Last ball, and that’s SIX more!

England 17/0 | Overs 1

J Roy 7(4), A Hales 10(2)

So Ravichandran Ashwin opens the bowling. Jason Roy on strike. We have heard a lot about his hitting abilities. Let’s see what he can do. Walks out and defends first ball. And he brings out the reverse sweep! Four off the second ball! And he goes off side again, two more. Good start from Roy! And now a single. And now Hales starts with four! Through point, it was a short ball and Hales cut it hard. AND SIX OFF THE LAST BALL!



England have won the toss and have elected to bat first. Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Mohit Sharma replaced by debutant Karn Sharma and Mohit Sharma. Ambati Rayudu also makes his T20 debut for India. Jason Roy makes his debut for England, as Ravi Bopara and Harry Gurney comes in. Alastair Cook, James Anderson, and Ben Stokes sit out.

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the only T20 International between India and England at Edgbaston, Birmingham. I am Shiamak Unwalla, and I will be bringing you the live updates from this game. India won the One-Day International (ODI) series 3-1 and although they lost the last game, they would want to clinch this game to end the tour on a high. If one counts the Tests, then it is even stevens, with four wins for each team. So, can we call this game a “finale” of sorts? There are a lot of things to watch out for here. England would be playing their specialist T20 side that features the likes of Jason Roy and James Taylor. India perhaps may do well to bring in someone like Sanju Samson or Karn Sharma into the game.

To pick which team will win is a tough ask, especially because it is a one-off T20. Having said that, England have a better head-to-head record against India in the format, having won three out of the five matches they have contested so far. India won the last T20 they played against each other, which was during the ICC World T20 2012 in Sri Lanka. I am Shiamak Unwalla and will take you through this game. Click here to read our preview. You can watch out video preview here:


England: Eoin Morgan (c), Alex Hales, Jason Roy, James Taylor, Joe Root, Moeen Ali, Ravi Bopara, Jos Buttler (wk), James Tredwell, Chris Woakes, Chris Jordan, Steven Finn, Harry Gurney.

India: MS Dhoni (c and wk), Shikhar Dhawan, Ajinkya Rahane, Virat Kohli, Ambati Rayudu, Sanju Samson (wk), Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Karn Sharma, Dhawal Kulkarni, Umesh Yadav, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Mohit Sharma, Stuart Binny.

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