Alastair Cook completed his half-century © Getty Images
Alastair Cook completed his half-century © Getty Images


Aug 16, 2014

Catch Live scorecard of the India (Ind) vs England (Eng) 5th Test here

(After another batting collapse, it’s up to the Indian bowlers to restrict England and keep India in the Test. Catch live cricket scores and updates of the match here)


England 385/7 | Overs 105 |  J Root 92 (129), C Jordan 19 (25) 

R Ashwin is reintroduced into the attack with India wasting a lot of time and then the bowler pulling off from his run up. England add three more runs to their total as players walk off the field. Stumps.


England 382/7 | Overs 104 |  J Root 90 (127), C Jordan 18 (21) 

Joe Root is producing a fine knock for England. India look completely drained as Stuart Binny is hit for two fours. Another 11 runs added. India are giving away runs for free.


England 371/7 | Overs 103 |  J Root 81 (122), C Jordan 16 (20) 

Joe Root nearing another century. There is an appeal for caught behind as Root pulls but misses to connect. Only one run off Aaron in that over.


England 370/7 | Overs 102 |  J Root 80 (117), C Jordan 16 (19) 

No thirdman in position and England continue to exploit India’s mistakes. Another boundary for Root.  Unlucky for Binny as an outside edge flies between the slips for a four. Nine more runs added.


England 361/7 | Overs 101 |  J Root 75 (114), C Jordan 12 (16) 

Aaron is smashed for nine runs as England continue to score freely. Root gets his sixth four, past the fielder at point.


England 352/7 | Overs 100 |  J Root 70 (109), C Jordan 9 (15) 

It’s Binny’s turn to bowl again. England taking couple of sharp singles to keep the scoreboard ticking. The lead is past 200 now. Think it’s enough for India giving their current form?


England 347/7 | Overs 99 |  J Root 68 (105), C Jordan 7 (12) 

Aaron comes back into the attack and is hit for a four by Root. He’s batting brilliantly with that tail out there.


England 342/7 | Overs 98 |  J Root 64 (103), C Jordan 7 (8) 

Ishant gets hit for two consecutive fours. First, an edge off Root’s bat doesn’t carry to the first slip and the ball races to four as Vijay is nowhere close to it. The second one comes with a backfoot punch through covers. Direct hit by Gambhir of no use as England get an extra run. Ishant Sharma is trying his best, not getting the results though. Ishant has Root all squared up with one that came in sharply.


England 332/7 | Overs 97 |  J Root 54 (97), C Jordan 7 (8) 

England looking to get some quick runs now as they are now left with only one specialist batsman at the crease. Jordan pulls to his a four off Bhuvneshwar.


England 327/7 | Overs 96 |  J Root 53 (94), C Jordan 3 (5) 

Root pulls towards midwicket going on the backfoot to collect three runs, and bring up his half-century. Another Ishant delivery comes back in and hits Jordan in the groin area. Jordan too collects three runs in the same region as Ashwin continues to stand at short midwicket. England lead by 179 runs now.


England 318/7 | Overs 95 |  J Root 47 (92), C Jordan 0 (1) OUT! C Woakes c Dhoni b Bhuvneshwar 0 (3)

Joe Root pulls one off Bhuvneshwar Kumar that flies away for a six past the fielder at fine-leg. Follows it up with a fine push for three through the covers. However, Bhuvneshwar finally makes a mark as Chris Woakes is caught behind. India strike once again.


England 309/6 | Overs 94 |  J Root 38 (88), C Woakes 0 (2)

Chris Woakes sees off the first two balls in the middle. England lead by 161 runs.


England 309/6 | Overs 93.4 |  J Root 38 (88), OUT! Buttler c Ashwin b Ishant 45 (73)

Soft dismissal for Jos Buttler. Ishant raps him on pads on the first ball and appeals. Dharamsena doesn’t think that it’s out as height was an issue. However, Ishant gets a fielder close, at short midwicket and bowls the same line. Buttler tries to hit but is caught. Buttler and Root’s 80-run stand is over.


England 309/5 | Overs 93 |  J Root 38 (88), J Buttler 45 (69)

England riding their luck as well. A thick edge flies between the fielder at gully and third slip as Buttler collects another four, and on the next ball as he punches it to point, Root starts off for a run. He comes down a long way, and dives to make it back. Had it been a direct hit, it would have been out.


England 304/5 | Overs 92 |  J Root 38 (87), J Buttler 41 (64)

Ishant continues after the drinks break. Only one run added.


England 303/5 | Overs 91 |  J Root 38 (82), J Buttler 40 (63)

Buttler continues to flourish as a straight drive gets him a four off Bhuvneshwar. The Indian seamer is not looking as good as he did in the early stages of the series. England past 300, and their lead is also in excess of 150. India need a breakthrough here. Seven runs scored in that over.


England 295/5 | Overs 90 |  J Root 38 (82), J Buttler 33 (57)

Ishant continues as England add another four runs. Buttler hits a boundary as lousy work by Binny at mid-on results in a four.


England 291/5 | Overs 89 |  J Root 38 (82), J Buttler 28 (51)

England in no hurry at all. Root pushes the last ball off Bhuvneshwar for comeback for the second run.


England 289/5 | Overs 88 |  J Root 36 (76), J Buttler 28 (51)

A probing over by Ishant as it is a maiden. The partnership between Root and Buttler is of 60 runs now.


England 289/5 | Overs 87 |  J Root 36 (76), J Buttler 28 (45)

Bhuvneshwar doesn’t give much room to Root, as one shot falls short of Ishant Sharma at point. It’s a maiden over.


England 289/5 | Overs 86 |  J Root 36 (70), J Buttler 28 (45)

Buttler seems to be opening up after a slow start. Second boundary in as many overs as England once again getting back on track. England’s lead is of 141 runs now.


England 285/5 | Overs 85 |  J Root 36 (70), J Buttler 24 (39)

Buttler cracks a four past point off Bhuvneshwar to start the over on a positive note. Five more runs added to the English total.


England 280/5 | Overs 84 |  J Root 36 (68), J Buttler 19 (35)

Only one run off Aaron right now. New ball has not provided any boost to India’s chances as England seem to be settling down after the blip in the last session.


England 279/5 | Overs 83 |  J Root 36 (63), J Buttler 18 (34)

Another push towards the midwicket region gets two runs to Root from Bhuvneshwar’s second over with the new ball. England lead by 131 runs now.



England 277/5 | Overs 82 |  J Root 34 (57), J Buttler 18 (34)

Varun Aaron from the other end and he is smashed for a four by Root. An appeal for leg-before by the Indians but there was a thick inside edge. Root and Buttler have now added 48 runs for the sixth wicket. A boundary off the last ball as Buttler gets some runs.


England 268/5 | Overs 81 |  J Root 29 (52), J Buttler 14 (33)

New ball has been taken and Bhuvneshwar Kumar comes back into the attack, replacing R Ashwin. Root pushes through the midwicket to collect three more runs. Buttler is not looking to attack so far in this innings.


England 265/5 | Overs 80 |  J Root 26 (51), J Buttler 14 (28)

Fine shot by Joe Root who gets a four through the covers off Binny. The running between the wickets also has been good between these two Englishmen. England’s lead is of 117 runs now.


England 260/5 | Overs 79 |  J Root 21 (47), J Buttler 14 (26)

Root not very comfortable against Ravi Ashwin. Trying too many things. There was an inside edge that missed the wickets a couple of overs back. One more over before the new ball is taken.


England 257/5 | Overs 78 |  J Root 18 (42), J Buttler 14 (25)

Binny bowls one on the pads which was going down the leg side. The fourth bowler in this Indian attack is trying hard to get a breakthrough. Only one run scored.


England 256/5 | Overs 77 |  J Root 17 (41), J Buttler 14 (20)

It’s Ashwin and Binny attacking from two ends at the moment. Buttler and Root scramble to add another three runs to their total.


England 253/5 | Overs 76 |  J Root 15 (36), J Buttler 13 (19)

Binny continues as he troubles Buttler a little bit with one ball nipping back in and missing the inside edge closely.


England 252/5 | Overs 75 |  J Root 14 (35), J Buttler 13 (14)

The new ball is five overs away as India continue with Ashwin from the other end. Four runs scored off the Indian spinner as England go past 250 in the 75th over.


England 248/5 | Overs 74 |  J Root 13 (33), J Buttler 12 (10)

England’s lead is now of 100 runs now as they add two runs off Stuart Binny, who begins the proceedings of the final session on the second day. Crucial for India to maintain the pressure on the hosts.


Certainly, India’s session after a very, very long time. England’s lead is of 98 runs and they are five wickets down. There is no question of out-batting India from this Test as England will need a lot of runs to do that. Here’s Nishad Pai Vaidya’s report of the second session.


England 246/5 | Overs 73 |  J Root 11 (27), J Buttler 12 (10)

England add five runs off Ashwin’s last over before the tea break. England lead by 98 runs.


England 241/5 | Overs 72 |  J Root 10 (22), J Buttler 8 (9)

Binny replaces Ishant at the other end. Starts with a big no-ball. Two runs added in that over as England look to go into the tea break without any more damage.


England 239/5 | Overs 71 |  J Root 9 (17), J Buttler 8 (7)

Ashwin gifts Buttler a very short ball outside the off stump and the batsman puts it away for four. England’s lead is nearing 100 at the moment. Five runs added in that over.


England 234/5 | Overs 70 |  J Root 8 (14), J Buttler 4 (4)

England falling apart very quickly as now there is a little chance of out-batting India here in this Test match. India are right back on top with as many as four wickets in this session. Loud appeal for leg-before against Buttler off Ishant but the ball was going down the leg. Buttler replies with a four through midwicket. England looking nervous! How quickly things change?


England 229/5 | Overs 69 |  J Root 7 (12), OUT! M Ali b Ashwin 14 (24)

Oh dear! Moeen Ali’s poor form with the bat continues as he drags one onto the wickets. Tries to leave a delivery off Ashwin but doesn’t take the bat far away, an inside edge off the bat and Ashwin takes his second wicket in the innings. India right back in the contest!


England 226/4 | Overs 68 |  J Root 6 (10), M Ali 12 (20)

Ishant continues to search for another wicket as he gives a hard time to Joe Root, who manages a single off the second last ball. It was actually a thick inside edge that got him the single. Ali ducks the last ball which was a bouncer.


England 225/4 | Overs 67 |  J Root 5 (5), M Ali 12 (19)

Joe Root in action now as he collects two runs off the first ball and then hits past point for three off Aaron. Moeen does well in the remaining of the over to keep the bowler at bay. England need a partnership here.


England 220/4 | Overs 66 |  J Root 0 (3), M Ali 12 (15)

Moeen mistimes a stroke that goes to mid-on, and leaves the ones that are bowled outside the off-stump. A maiden. England lead by 72 runs.


England 220/4 | Overs 65 |  J Root 0 (3), M Ali 12 (9)

Moeen Ali cracks two fours off Varun Aaron, who gifts the batsmen two loose balls on the pads. The fourth ball is again on the pads and Moeen whips it to midwicket to collect three more runs. Overall 11 runs from the over.


England 209/4 | Overs 64 |  J Root 0 (1), M Ali 1 (5)

India seem to be winning this session as they have taken as many as three wickets to pull back things. They will have to maintain pressure as England’s lead is already past 60 runs now. Moeen Ali, whose struggle against short ball is evident, is at the crease with Joe Root. Ishant gives away five runs byes with a very wide delivery.
England 204/4 | Overs 63.1 |  J Root 0 (1), OUT! I Bell c Dhoni b Ishant 7 (16)

India deploy Ishant Sharma immediately as new batsmen are there in the middle. Starts with a no-ball. Ishant improvises as the next ball nips back in a little bit, takes an edge and MS Dhoni gets a simple catch. India pulling back things here in style!


Extremely crucial phase for England. Few more wickets and all advantage may be lost…


England 201/3 | Overs 62.5 | I Bell 5 (14), OUT! G Ballance c Pujara b Ashwin 64 (117)

Whatte catch! Ballance prods forward and gives a catch to Cheteshwar Pujara at silly point. Impressive by the fielder as the ball came to him very quickly and he managed to hold it. Ashwin strikes as India make another breakthrough.


England 201/2 | Overs 62 | G Ballance 64 (112), I Bell 5 (14)

Ian Bell collects two runs through the backward point region off Varun Aaron. Two more runs through the covers as England go past 200 now. Lead by 53 runs. Meanwhile Gary Ballance is now the seventh batsman to have completed 500 runs in an India-England series. What a start he has had to his career!


England 197/2 | Overs 61 | G Ballance 64 (112), I Bell 1 (8)

Ballance continues to make merry as he smashes a four off the last delivery by R Ashwin. England add another five runs to their total.


England 192/2 | Overs 60 | G Ballance 60 (109), I Bell 0 (5)

Aaron continues from the other end but he is a little wayward in this over. Gary Ballance lets all deliveries carry to the wicketkeeper, they were bowled outside the off-stump. England lead by 44 runs.


England 192/2 | Overs 59 | G Ballance 60 (103), I Bell 0 (5)

Ravichandran Ashwin comes from over the wicket to try out a different angle. India need to maintain pressure on England and try and take few more wickets.


England 191/2 | Overs 58 | G Ballance 59 (100), I Bell 0 (2)

Varun Aaron’s breakthrough should help India put the disappointment behind. Ian Bell is the new man in, and he too has scored a few runs to suggest he can assist Ballance in taking his side forward.


England 191/2 | Overs 57.4 | G Ballance 59 (100), OUT! A Cook c Vijay b Aaron 79 (183)

Alastair Cook is OUT! Varun Aaron finally is smiling as Murali Vijay doesn’t fumble to take this one. Cook is out as he is drawn forward to drive, gets and edge and Vijay does the rest. Cook will have to wait for his century.



England 187/1 | Overs 57 | A Cook 75 (179), G Ballance 59 (100)

Ballance cracks one through the covers as England add five more runs to their total off Ashwin.


England 182/1 | Overs 56 | A Cook 74 (177), G Ballance 55 (96)

Aaron continues with four slips in place. Important is to held those chances that come your way. India are not doing that at the moment and England will soon be running away with the match. Three runs added off the right-arm pacer.


England 179/1 | Overs 55 | A Cook 71 (171), G Ballance 55 (96)

Yes, India are going through motions. Ajinkya Rahane drops a sitter off Ashwin at the first slip to give a lifeline to Gary Ballance. Batting, bowling and now fielding. India have been simply awful.


England 176/1 | Overs 54 | A Cook 70 (170), G Ballance 53 (91)

A luckless Aaron continues as an inside edge off Cook’s bat misses the wickets closely. One more run added.


England 175/1 | Overs 53 | A Cook 69 (166), G Ballance 53 (93)

Ravichandran Ashwin has not created any opportunity so far in the day. This is eighth over without any success. One run scored.


England 174/1 | Overs 52 | A Cook 68 (164), G Ballance 53 (88)

A visibly dejected Varun Aaron continues. He continues to bowl outside the off-stump but that is not going to help. Cook and Ballance are not obliging to anything that is in that channel. India going through motions?


England 173/1 | Overs 51 | A Cook 67 (160), G Ballance 53 (85)

Pathetic by India for two straight days. Vijay’s catch is likely to cost India as Cook doesn’t give too many chances when he is in the zone. Only one run scored off Ashwin. England ahead by 25 runs.


England 172/1 | Overs 50 | A Cook 66 (156), G Ballance 53 (81)

Varun Aaron comes on now. He bowled Robson with an absolute peach early on. It remains to be seen if he can replicate that. That’s four to Cook. Nicely played, he didn’t have to hit that one too hard. Very good batting. And there’s another drop. This is absolutely disgraceful from India. They do not deserve to win if they can’t take dollies like that. Murali Vijay the guilty party there.


England 166/1 | Overs 49 | A Cook 61 (150), G Ballance 53 (80)

Ashwin continues. He has not looked particularly threatening, but then no one has. Tough to imagine that this is the same pitch on which India made 148.


England 165/1 | Overs 48 | A Cook 60 (147), G Ballance 53 (77)

And Gary Ballance gets another fifty. He continues to haunt India with some brilliant batting. This is all slipping  away from India very quickly.


England 157/1 | Overs 47 | A Cook 60 (147), G Ballance 45 (71)

Indian bowlers have been shabby this day with their line and length. Ashwin gives width to Ballance who puts it away for another four. India leaking boundaries here.


England 152/1 | Overs 46 | A Cook 60 (146), G Ballance 40 (66)

Cook takes England into lead with a boundary off a poor ball from Bhuvneshwar. The ball was on the pads and Cook got the edge. England now lead by four runs.


Another session that belongs to England. They began on a scratchy note losing Sam Robson early, but the unbeaten 82-run stand between Cook and Ballance has ensured that England will now take lead with the next run that they will score in the second session.India need some inspiration, otherwise they will be soon out of contention in this game. Read Nishad Pai Vaidya’s lunch report here.


England 148/1 | Overs 45 | A Cook 56 (140), G Ballance 40 (66)

Four runs off Ashwin as Ballance’s boundary ensures that England draw level with India in the first innings. India in deep, deep trouble.


England 144/1 | Overs 44 | A Cook 56 (140), G Ballance 36 (60)

Cook begins another Ishant over with a four through the midwicket area. Ishant wayward as he continues to bowl way outside the off-stump. Cook knows his game. He is in no hurry at all.


England 140/1 | Overs 43 | A Cook 52 (134), G Ballance 36 (60)

Only one run taken from Ravi Ashwin’s over. The Indian spinner would be eager to make a mark as the others bowlers have looked more or less ordinary.


JUST IN: India Women have beaten England Women by 6 wickets at Wormsley! Follow the proceedings here.


England 139/1 | Overs 42 | A Cook 51 (131), G Ballance 36 (57)

Ishant is trying hard to make a breakthrough but no success so far. England add another two runs to their total. Cook and Ballance have now added 73 runs so far for the second wicket.




England 137/1 | Overs 41 | A Cook 50 (129), G Ballance 35 (53)

Half-century for the England captain as he cuts R Ashwin for a boundary past the point. Like many England batsmen, shows the back of the bat where the sponsor logo resides. This is Cook’s 38th half-century.


England 133/1 | Overs 40 | A Cook 46 (123), G Ballance 35 (53)

Alastair Cook has either left or defended everything outside the off-stump. England are 18 runs away from taking lead in the first innings. Ishant is struggling as he once again over-steps. Three runs scored.


England 130/1 | Overs 39 | A Cook 45 (120), G Ballance 35 (48)

Ravichandran Ashwin comes into the attack after 39 overs of medium pace. England all set to take big lead here. Ballance tries to attack Ashwin but fails to connect on couple of occasions.


England 130/1 | Overs 38 | A Cook 45 (120), G Ballance 35 (42)

Indian pace spearhead India’s most experienced pacer in this side continues. Ishant has not been able to create any magic so far in this innings. Cook happy to defend on front foot and leave the ones that seem to be troubling him. Maiden over.


England 130/1 | Overs 37 | A Cook 45 (114), G Ballance 35 (42)

Another edge, past the slip, no fielder at third-man position and another four for Gary Ballance. Binny creates a chance but not good enough. India need some inspiration. Another gentle push past mid-on gets couple of more runs to the left-hander. Eight runs scored off Binny.


England 122/1 | Overs 36 | A Cook 44 (113), G Ballance 28 (37)

Cook leaves one outside the off-stump and Dhoni fails to collect the ball which moves in the air a bit. Flips the Indian captain’s gloves and races down to the boundary for four byes.


England 118/1 | Overs 35 | A Cook 44 (107), G Ballance 28 (37)

Binny is not up to the mark in the first over and pays the price. Two singles and a four off the last over gets England six more runs. They are batting comfortably in the middle at the moment.


England 111/1 | Overs 34 | A Cook 43 (104), G Ballance 22 (34)

Short ball by Ishant Sharma is put away for a four with complete disdain by the England captain. Another five runs added. England trail by another 37 runs. Stuart Binny to bowl.


England 106/1 | Overs 33 | A Cook 38 (98), G Ballance 22 (34)

Varun Aaron resumes after the drinks break and England continue to thwart India’s challenge with the ball. Three more runs added to their total.


While Indian men continue to struggle on their England sojourn, the Women’s team is inching closer to create history. India Women need another 30 runs to win their one-off Test with six wickets left in hand. Follow the updates here.


England 103/1 | Overs 32 | A Cook 37 (94), G Ballance 21 (31)

Ishant Sharma continues as he sends down a maiden. Cook determined not to give away his wicket easily. India need more wickets in order to push England on backfoot.


England 103/1 | Overs 31 | A Cook 37 (88), G Ballance 21 (31)

Aaron gets an edge off Ballance’s bat but the fielder at the fourth slip, Virat Kohli is not able to reach the ball. It races down for a four and England bring up their 100 in the 31st over.


England 99/1 | Overs 30 | A Cook 37 (88), G Ballance 17 (25)

Bhuvneshwar Kumar has been taken off the attack and it is now Ishant Sharma’s turn. Cook is reading the ball well, leaving alone the ones that are probing.


England 98/1 | Overs 29 | A Cook 37 (81), G Ballance 17 (25)

Only two runs scored off Varun Aaron, but he is a little wayward. England know they have a lot of time in hand, they are not hurrying for anything at the moment.


England 96/1 | Overs 28 | A Cook 36 (78), G Ballance 17 (21)

Ballance continues to score runs freely as he is gifted with a lose ball on the pads, which he puts away for a four off Bhuvneshwar Kumar. India need to maintain pressure on England.


England 92/1 | Overs 27 | A Cook 36 (78), G Ballance 13 (15)

Aaron continues as England add two more runs in that over. Cook pushes gently to come back for the second run through the covers. England trail by another 56 runs.


England 89/1 | Overs 26 | A Cook 34 (71), G Ballance 13 (15)

Indian bowlers are not attacking the stumps a lot and also not bowling fuller deliveries, which are likely to get more success. England happy to see off the balls outside the off-stump.


England 88/1 | Overs 25 | A Cook 33 (69), G Ballance 13 (11)

Aaron has got the pace but he needs to be disciplined with his line here. Ballance gets a four in the third man area after Alastair Cook collected a couple through a gentle push down the ground. Another four off the last ball as England add 11 runs from that over.


England 77/1 | Overs 24 | A Cook 30 (68), G Ballance 5 (7)

India need to attack the stumps more in the early stages of the day’s play. Too much of width giving England chance to keep the strike rotating. Two runs scored off Bhuvneshwar.


England 75/1 | Overs 23 | A Cook 29 (67), G Ballance 4 (1)

Cook pulls a short delivery for four off Aaron on the first ball. The England captain looks determined here. With him at the crease is the top-scorer in the series. India need to maintain pressure here. Four runs scored off Aaron.


England 71/1 | Overs 22 | A Cook 25 (61), G Ballance 4 (1)

Cook remains vigilant as he sees off another over from Bhuvneshwar Kumar. There still are questions surrounding his form, and he would like to play a big knock there. Only one run off the last ball.


England 70/1 | Overs 21 | A Cook 24 (55), G Ballance 4 (1)

Gary Ballance starts off with a boundary as thickish edge goes past the fourth slip. India cannot afford to give away too many easy runs. The early wicket should help them find some much-needed momentum.


England 66/1 | Overs 20.5 | A Cook 24 (55), OUT! S Robson b Aaron 37 (70)

There it is! Varun Aaron knocks down Sam Robson’s off stump as England lose their first wicket. What a delivery! Robson tries to drive but misses to connect completely. This was after the English opener struck a four earlier in the over.


England 62/0 | Overs 20 | A Cook 24 (55), S Robson 33 (65)

Bhuvneshwar Kumar begins the proceedings and Alastair Cook is happy to see off the first over of the second day. It’s a maiden.



Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the second day’s play between India and England in the fifth Test at The Oval. I am Devarchit Varma and I will be bringing the live updates. India’s batting display on Day One has been more less consistent from the Southampton and Lord’s Test. Openers struggling, middle-order sent packing and MS Dhoni fighting hard. India posted 148 in their first innings and England cruised to 62 for no loss at stumps on Day One.

The task is cut out for India. restrict England and pick as many wickets as possible in the first session. There was enough swing for Bhuvneshwar last evening. And he will be hoping to make a difference this morning. The openers Alastair Cook and Sam Robson have looked solid. Robson has been under pressure for his poor scores. It will be a vital day for him. A good innings here might allow him an extension of few more matches ahead. Click Here for highlights of Day One


But the key takeaway for India has been Dhoni’s innings. The Indian skipper scored 82 to give some respectability to the total. Criticised for his batting technique in overseas conditions, Dhoni has once again proved that it’s not much about technique but the ability to apply oneself. In the process, he also registered some interesting records. He has scored the most runs by an Indian wicketkeeper in an overseas series. Here’s a detailed list of records achieved by Dhoni on Day One.

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