MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai. Photo: BCCI
MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai. Photo: BCCI

There seems to be no end about the issue of complimentary passes between the BCCI and the various state associations. Now, the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA), organisers of the third Twenty20 International between India and West Indies at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai on November 11 has stated that it will stick to its demands.

According to the BCCI constitution, 90 per cent tickets of the total seating capacity has to be put on sale for the public and only 10 per cent of tickets can be complimentary.

The BCCI s Committee of Administrators (CoA) decided to reduce BCCI s quote of complimentary tickets, but even after the move, the TNCA feels that it will not be able to host the game under the new guidelines.

According to a report in PTI on Tuesday, the TNCA is facing another issue of selling tickets to the affiliated clubs at discounted rates. Sources in the report said there was the need to obtain clearances from several arms of the government and they in return expect complimentary tickets for the game.

Add to the surmounting problems is the reduced capacity at the MA Chidambaram with three stands, ‘I’, ‘J’ and ‘K’ still closed. The number now stands at 24,000. According to sources, it would be difficult to honour CoA s norms in such a scenario.

The CoA had sanctioned another 600 passes from the BCCI quota to all the state associations organising matches, but the TNCA said that the number would not suffice.

“We are sticking to our stand that the match can’t be held as per the new norms,” the official said.

“However, we are hoping to find a solution for the benefit of the fans,” sources said.