Hola! Welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of India vs Zimbabwe, 1st Twenty20 International (T20I) at Harare Sports Club. After a clean sweep the in the three-match One-Day International (ODI) series, MS Dhoni-led young and confident side now aim to replicate that performance in the shortest format of the game. The last time India toured Zimbabwe the hosts had registered their first-ever T20I win against India, courtesy of match winning performances from Elton Chigumbura and Graeme Cremer. The latter this time around has an extra responsibility of leading the side along with his contribution as the team’s spinner. Live Cricket Scorecard: Zimbabwe vs India, 1st T20I, at Harare

India 168/6 | 20 Overs | Target 171| Batting: MS Dhoni 19(17), Rishi Dhawan 1(2):  Madziva into the final over of the innings. Dhoni gets the SINGLE straight down the ground. OUT! Patel goes for a well made 9-ball 18. SINGLE as Rishi Dhawan comes into the middle. 6 needed off 3 balls. DOT like gold. WIDE. SINGLE as Dhoni comes on strike. 4 needed 1 ball. Will Dhoni do it for India? SINGLE as ZIMBABWE win a memorable match by 2 runs.

India 163/5 | 19 Overs | Target 171| Batting: MS Dhoni 16(14), Akshar Patel 18(8) : Dhoni pulls the ball for a SINGLE. Brings Patel on strike. DOT ball. FOUR! poor fielding Patel gets his first four. 16 needed off 9 balls. DOT! TWO Runs for Patel. He would want to hit a boundary. SIX! Patel proving his worth.

India 150/5| 18 Overs | Target 171| Batting: MS Dhoni 14(12), Akshar Patel6(3)  : SINGLE to start the over, Pandey will want to get his fifty. OUT! In a bid to get his fifty Pandey gets out on 48. SINGLE in front of the wicket. DOT as Akshar Patel comes into bat. Patel will want to give Dhoni the strike. SIX! Patel goes big. Patel will to look hit a few more biggies. 150 up for India. DOT to finish the over.

Manish Pandey c Tiripano b Muzarabani 48 (35)

India 142/4 | 17 Overs | Target 171| Batting:  Manish Pandey 48(34), MS Dhoni 13(10) : Tiripano comes on to bowl his third over. SINGLE to start the over by Dhoni. Poor fielding and Indian batsmen pick up a second run. TWO Pandey and Dhoni have been spot-on when comes to running. WIDE ball. WIDE again. DOT! SINGLE this time towards fine-leg. WIDE and TWO runs as the keeper misses to hold on to the ball. Poor bowling by Tiripano. FIFTY run partnership for Dhoni.

India 130/4 | 16 Overs | Target 171| Batting:  Manish Pandey 44(30), MS Dhoni 11(9) : Madzive comes back to bowl his second. SINGLE to start the over wider ball by Madziva. Appeal for catch out but umpire calls it a WIDE. WIDE back to back. Poor by Madziva. SINGLE for Dhoni towards the point region. FOUR! Pandey pulls finds the perfect gap for boundary. WIDER pitched ball as Pandey manages to get toe end of the bat for SINGLE. TWO runs as Dhoni picks up quick runs on the mid-wicket region. SINGLE to finish the over.

India 118/4 | 15 Overs | Target 171| Batting:  Manish Pandey 38(27), MS Dhoni 7(6) : Short ball pulled for a SINGLE by Dhoni. Muzarabani into his third over. TWO runs towards cover-point region. QUICK SINGLE as Pandey nudges the ball towards third man region. FOUR! first boundary coming off’s bat. Dhoni carves the ball towards the fence. SINGLE smart cricket by Dhoni. SINGLE to finish the over.

India 108/4 | 14 Overs | Target 171| Batting:  Manish Pandey 34(24), MS Dhoni 1(3) : Graeme Cremer back into the attack. DOT first up. TWO. Pandey mistimes the ball for two quick runs with Dhoni still fresh. SIX! Pandey looking to accelerate. brilliantly executed. SIX! This time over long-on. Poor bowling by Cremer. full toss. DOT! as Pandey defends a googly. TWO runs to finish the over.

India 92/4 | 14 Overs | Target 171| Batting:  Manish Pandey 18(18), MS Dhoni 1(3) : Muzarabani comes into the attack will look to get a break though for ZIM. SINGLE to start the over. OUT! Jadhav tries to pull gets a chop on his stumps departs for 19. First wicket for Muzarabani. Defended by Dhoni. DOT. SINGLE as Dhoni gets his first run on the tour.SINGLE. DOT to finish the over.

India 89/3 | 12 Overs | Target 171| Batting:  Manish Pandey 15(15), Kedar Jadhav 19(12) : Graeme Cremer into his second over.SINGLE to start the over. SINGLE as Jadhav sweeps the balls. SINGLE as towards long-on. FOUR! misfield by the fielder. Jadhav looking good. SINGLE to change strike. WIDE. SINGLE to finish the over, good one for India.

India 79/3 | 11 Overs | Target 171| Batting:  Manish Pandey 13(13), Kedar Jadhav 13(9) : Raza starts his third over. WIDE. DOT good ball by Raza drifting into the batsmen. SINGLE for Pandey. SIX! Kedar Jadhav goes maximum, exactly what India needed. Ball goes out the stadium.SINGLE to Jadhav. DOT ball. SINGLE to finish the over towards long-on.

India 69/3 | 10 Overs | Target 171| Batting:  Manish Pandey 11(9), Kedar Jadhav 7(6) : Graeme Cremer into the attack. SIX to start the over. Pandey will look to make good use of a flat track.DOT. Cremer appeals for a lbw. SINGLE towards the mid wicket. DOT. as Cremer runs towards the ball to stop the batsmen taking a SINGLE. SINGLE. SINGLE to finish the over towards fine-leg

India 60/3 | 9 Overs | Target 171| Batting:  Manish Pandey 3(5), Kedar Jadhav 5(5) : Raza into his second over.DOT to start the over. TWO. Pandey pulls the ball. DOT. As Jadhav gets his second single. DOT. dead-bat defense by Jadhav. SINGLE to finish the over with a run towards third-man.

India 55/3 | 8 Overs | Target 171| Batting: Manish Pandey 2(3), Kedar Jadhav 1(1): FOUR to start the over. 50 comes up for India. Singh flicks the ball towards fine leg boundary. TWO. Great running between the wickets by Singh and Pandey. DOT well bowled by Chibhabha. OUT! Singh times the ball to perfection into the hands of field. Mandeep departs for 31. Chibhabha gets his second wicket. Kedar Jadhav comes out in the middle. SINGLE to start the his innings.  SINGLE to finish the over.

Mandeep Singh c Mutombodzi b Chibhabha 31 (27)

India 47/2 | 7 Overs | Target 171| Batting: Mandeep Singh 25(23) , Manish Pandey 1(2): Sikandar Raza replaces Muzarbani. DOT to start. Raza getting some turn coming round the wicket. SINGLE first run from this over towards long-on. SINGLE first runs for Pandey in this match. SINGLE to finish the over,

India 44/2 | 6 Overs | Target 171| Batting: Mandeep Singh 23(18) , Manish Pandey 0(1): Chamu Chibhabha comes to bowl for Zimbabwe. DOT towards the cover region.FOUR! SINGH crashes the ball through the mid-off fence. SINGLE as a possible run-out is averted.DOT. Rayudu survives by the scruff of his neck.OUT!!! Chibhabha gets his man. Rayudu falls to a poor shot. Manish Pandey is the new man for India. DOT or OUT? NOT-OUT Mandeep survives.

Rayudu b Chibhabha 19 (16)

India 39/1 | 5 Overs | Target 171| Batting: Mandeep Singh 18(15) , Ambati Rayudu 19(14) :  Taurai Muzarabani into his first over. FOUR! off the first ball. Rayudu cuts through point. DOT. FOUR! this time over third man region. SINGLE as Rayudu clips the ball over square leg umpire. DOT. SIngh defends the ball towards the point fielder. SINGLE to finish the over.

India 29/1 | 4 Overs | Target 171| Batting: Mandeep Singh 17(13) , Ambati Rayudu 10(10) :  DOT as Singh tries to heave the ball over leg side boundary. TWO runs as Chibhabha saves the ball on the fence. DOT ball as Singh fends off a good ball. DROPPED. SINGH survives as poor shot and even poor fielding. FOUR! elegant shot by Singh. FOUR! Back to back fours for SINGH. Good over for India.

India 16/1 | 3 Overs | Target 171| Batting: Mandeep Singh 5(8) , Ambati Rayudu 10(9) :  Tiripano to bowl his second over. Rayudu starts the over with a single on the fine leg. SINGLE as Singh manages to misses a flick and manages to pad it for a run. DOT. Accurate bowling by Tiripano. DOT again. SINGLE off the pads as Rayudu survives a poor chance for run-out.DOT to finish the over.

India 13/1 | 2 Overs | Target 171| Batting: Mandeep Singh 4(6) , Ambati Rayudu 8(5) :  Neville Madziva comes into the attack. WIDE to start his spell. DOT as Singh misses time the ball. FOUR! Mandeep Singh opens his innings with a boundary towards covers. DOT. Singh leaves the ball. DOT. DOT again. Singh will look to make the most of this oppurtunity. DOT to finish the over good over for ZIM.

India 8/1 | 1 Overs | Target 171| Batting: Mandeep Singh (0) , Ambati Rayudu 8(5) : OUT! First ball wicket for Donald Tiripano. KL Rahul misses the ball completely. Ambati Rayudu comes in at No.3. DOT to start. Well fielded as Rayudu finds the fielder at point. FOUR! Rayudu collects his first boundary as Indian innings gets off the mark. DOT good comeback by Tiripano. FOUR to finish the over as Rayudu comes down the track and smashes the ball over covers.

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Zimbabwe 170/6 | 20 overs |Batting:  Elton Chigumbura 55(26),Neville Madziva 5(5): Jasprit Bumrah to bowl the final over. SINGLE to start the over.SIX! Chigumbura nears his 50. SINGLE ZIM must bring him back on strike. SINGLE as Madziva dabs the ball towards the third man area. SIX! FIFTY for Chigumbura! Chigumbura gets his fifty in 25 balls. DOT to finish the over.

Zimbabwe 155/6 | 19 overs |Batting:  Elton Chigumbura 42(22),Neville Madziva 3(3): Jaydev Unadkat comes into bowl the 19th over. TWO RUNS as Chigumbura comes comes on strike. FOUR! Just waht ZIM need boundary by hook or by crook.SIX! Another maximum by Chigumbura. he moves on to 34.  Poor death bowling by Unadkat. TWO RUNS as Chigumbura slaps the ball in the cover region. WIDE poor by Unadkat. WIDE. SIX! Chigumbura on FIRE! his fifth in his match. Length ball by Unadkat.DOT to finish the over.

Zimbabwe 134/6 | 18 overs |Batting:  Elton Chigumbura 24(17), Neville Madziva 2(2): Jasprit Bumrah into his third over. OUT! Cremer departs for 4 just when Chigumbura was looking to accelerate. DOT as Neville Madziva comes out in the middle. SINGLE for Chigumbura not what ZIM need from him. SINGLE to start the innings for Madziva. SINGLE to Chigumbura towards the cover region. SINGLE to finish the over.

Zimbabwe 130/5 | 17 overs |Batting:  Elton Chigumbura 22(14), Graeme Cremer 4(4):  SINGLE to start the final Chahal over. SIX! Chigumbura goes big. More of this needed by ZIM. SINGLE as Chigumbura gets a run. SINGLE Cremer nudges the ball on the off-side. SIX! THIS TIME EVEN BIGGER BY CHIGUMBURA. Just the over ZIM needed. DOT to finish the over.

Zimbabwe 115/5 | 16 overs |Batting:  Elton Chigumbura, Graeme Cremer :  OUT! as Mutombodzi tries to go over the top. First wicket for Akshar as Mutombodzi goes for 3. Skipper Graeme Cremer into the middle. SINGLE to start the innings for Cremer. SINGLE.DOT to finish a successful over for India.

Zimbabwe 111/4 | 15 overs |Batting: Tinotenda Mutombodzi 3(7) , Elton Chigumbura 7(7):  Chahal into his third over. SINGLE to start the over. DOT. SINGLE again a leg bye. Third single of the over again a leg-bye. NO-BALL. Chigumbura crashes the free hit for a SIX. DOT to finish the over.

Zimbabwe 100/4 | 14 overs |Batting: Tinotenda Mutombodzi , Elton Chigumbura :  Akshar Patel comes to bowl his third over. RUN-OUT as a mix-up between both players led to Raza getting out on 20. DOT. Elton Chigumbura comes on the field for ZIM. DOT. bak to back DOT balls. SINGLE to finish the over as Zimbabwe bring up their 100.

Zimbabwe 98/3| 13 overs |Batting: Sikandar Raza 20(17), : FOUR! to welcome Chahal into his second over. Waller will look to continue his batting style. SINGLE intelligent cricket by Waller. SINGLE as as Raza moves onto 20. OUT! Chahal cleans up Waller for 30. SINGLE as Mutombodzi goes off the mark. DOT to finish the over. 7 runs and a wicket coming from it.

Zimbabwe 91/2 | 12 overs |Batting: Sikandar Raza 16(19), Malcolm Waller 25(18):  Dhawan into his final over. DOT as batsmen manages to keep the ball out from hitting the stumps.FOUR! Raza crashes the ball over deep-point, poor bowling from Dhawan.WIDE.Dhawan drifting down the leg side.FOUR! as Raza will feel lucky to still be there. Boundary over covers. Short ball and Raza  pulls for a SINGLE.DOT to finish the over.

Zimbabwe 80/2 | 11 overs |Batting: Sikandar Raza 18(14), Malcolm Waller 16(14):  Yuzvendra Chahal comes into the attack for India. SINGLE to start the spell. SINGLE again as Raza slaps the ball towards cover.SINGLE again as Waller gets another run. SINGLE this time on the point area. TWO as Waller moves on to 14. SINGLE on the long-on region for Raza. TWO to finish the over.

Zimbabwe 71/2 | 10 overs |Batting: Sikandar Raza 16(12), Malcolm Waller 10(10): Akshar Patel into this second over. SINGLE towards deep point. DOT Raza manages to push the ball towards covers.SINGLE on the third man region. DOT. TWO RUNS this time Waller goes over the covers.  SINGLE to finish the over.

Zimbabwe 67/2 | 9 overs |Batting: Sikandar Raza 15(10), Malcolm Waller 5(6): FOUR to start the over as Raza finds the gap at point. Dhawan must use his variations. DOT. SINGLE as Zimbabwe batsmen look to make a partnership. DOT. SINGLE to cover region. FOUR to finish the over as Zimbabwe moves on to 67/2 .

Zimbabwe 57/2  | 8 overs |Batting: Sikandar Raza 4(4), Malcolm Waller 5(4): Akshar Patel into the attack. SINGLE to start the over as Raza gets off strike. FOUR! as Waller survives his first boundary . Close call for a catch at slips. DOT. SINGLE. SINGLE . DOT to finish the over.

Zimbabwe 50/2  | 7 overs |Batting: Sikandar Raza 4(4):  Dhawan back into the attack replacing Bumrah. SINGLE to start a quick single by Raza. SINGLE again this time off the bat of Chibhabha. Mix up between the batsmen as Akshar Patel misses a run-out chance. FOUR! Chibhabha comes down the track and smashes Dhawan for a boundary between cover and mid-off. DOUBLE! as Chibhabha finding the middle of the bat. FIFTY run comes up Zimbabwe. OUT! Dhawan gets his man as leg stump goes for a tumble.

Zimbabwe 41/1  | 6 overs |Batting: Chamu Chibhabha 13(15), Sikandar Raza 2(2):  Jaydev Unadkat will be looking to make a good comeback after this run heavy last over. SINGLE to start off as Chibhabha tucks the ball for one run. OUCH. Surely would have hurt Mutumbami, some concern for him as he is given medical assistance. Retire hurt as he limps of the field. Sikandar Raza comes into the middle. SINGLE for Raza first ball. SINGLE to Chibhabhai moves on to 9. SINGLE as Zimbabwe take a tight single.FOUR! to finish the over as Chibhabha goes over the mid-off.

Stat Alert : With this catch  Dhoni has now affected the most dismissals in T20I cricket

Zimbabwe 33/1  | 5 overs |Batting: Chamu Chibhabha 7(12), Richmond Mutumbami 0(3):  Bumrah comes into bowl his second over, DOT to start the over.DOT again will Bumrah provide India with the much needed break through. OUT! Masakadza out for 25 as tries to swoop Bumrah only to find Dhoni waiting to catch the ball. Brillant by Bumrah, the ball came in as Richmond Mutumbami comes in at No.3. No-OUT! as the replays suggests the ball flicked the thigh pads and into the glove of Dhoni. DOT to finish.

H Masakadza c Dhoni b Bumrah 25 (15)

Zimbabwe 33/0  | 4 overs |Batting: Chamu Chibhabha 7(12), Hamilton Masakadza 12(25): SIX to start the fourth over. Masakadza goes big as Unadkat goes for a maximum. DOT. good comeback by the bowler.SIX! Masakadza looking very dangerous, pulls the ball over the fence over square-leg. SINGLE towards point. DOT. As Unadkat jags the ball back into the batsmen. MISS and a SWING by Chibhabha.  13 runs coming from the over.

Zimbabwe 20/0  | 3 overs |Batting: Chamu Chibhabha 7(10), Hamilton Masakadza 12(8) : Jasprit Bumrah first change for India. Dot to start. FOUR! as Chibhabha goes straight down the ground. DOT nice comeback by Bumrah. DOT. Could have been a run-out as Masakadza and Chibhabha had some miscommunication. SINGLE. Chibhabha tucks hte ball aw2ay on the off-side. SINGLE to finish the over as Masakadza manages to just push a full toss to the cover region.

 Zimbabwe 14/0  | 2 overs |Batting: Chamu Chibhabha 2(5), Hamilton Masakadza 11(7) : Rishi Dhawan to partner Unadkat from the other end. DOT to start by Dhawan. SIX! Massive by Masakadza over mid-wicket region. DOT as the ball keeps a bit low. SINGLE good come-back by Dhawan. Dhoni yells that the ball is swinging and get ready for a wicket.SINGLE as Chibhabha gets a inside edge towards square-leg.FOUR! huge over for Zimbabwe. 12 runs coming from the Dhawan over.

Zimbabwe 2/0  | 1 overs |Batting: Chamu Chibhabha 1(4), Hamilton Masakadza (2) : Jaydev Unadkat to open the bowling for India, also one of the 5 debutants for India. Excellent ball first up right into the block hole by Unadkat. Some movement for Unadkat, getting the ball to come into the batsman. DOT. First single for Zimbabwe as Chibhabha survives a what could have been a run-out. Single to end the over as Masakadza tries to sweep the ball.

Both captains MS Dhoni & Graeme Cremer unveil the T20I trophy

Playing XI:

India XI: KL  Rahul, Mandeep Singh, Ambati Rayudu, Manish Pandey, Kedar Jadhav, MS Dhoni(w & c), Akshar Patel, Rishi Dhawan, Jasprit Bumrah, Jaydev Unadkat, Yuzvendra Chahal

Zimbabwe XI: Chamu Chibhabha, Hamilton Masakadza, Sikandar Raza, Malcolm Waller, Elton Chigumbura, Richmond Mutumbami(w), Tinotenda Mutombodzi, Graeme Cremer(c), Neville Madziva, Taurai Muzarabani, Donald Tiripano


TOSS: India win toss, elects to bowl first.

News coming in from Harare: India bring in as many as 5 players into the playing XI. A total of 5 players make debut for India. Rishi Dhawan, Jaydev Unadkat, Yuzvendra Chahal, KL Rahul and Mandeep Singh

Sanjay Banger, who is India’s stand-in coach for the bilateral series against Zimbabwe is confident of Zimbabwe coming hard against the visitors in the T20Is. “We treat every opposition with great respect and we respect the kind of cricket every opposition is capable of playing. Obviously, when a team loses it is tough because it is an international sport. There are so many stakeholders and fans are one of them. We would want to play to our potential. We are expecting and anticipate Zimbabwe to come out and be competitive in each and every game that we play,” Banger said ahead of the first T20I.

Both teams have played only four T20Is against against each, with Zimbabwe emerging victorious only once. Moreover, most of the Indian players are coming on the back of remarkable performances in Indian Premier League (IPL), which is one of most competitive T20 domestic league.

Like Dhoni did in the first match, he will go for the kill in the T20Is as well. If not winning the series, Zimbabwe will have to at least put a good fight, and prove their mettle and squash all the talks about being incompetent against India’s second-string side.


Zimbabwe: Graeme Cremer (c), Brian Chari, Tendai Chatara, Chamu Chibhabha, Elton Chigumbura, Neville Madziva, Timycen Maruma, Hamilton Masakadza, Wellington Masakadza, Peter Moor, Tapiwa Mufudza, Tinotenda Mutombodzi, Richmond Mutumbami (wk), Taurai Muzarabani, Vusimuzi Sibanda, Sikandar Raza, Donald Tiripano, Malcolm Waller

India: MS Dhoni (c & wk), Lokesh Rahul, Faiz Fazal, Manish Pandey, Karun Nair, Ambati Rayudu, Rishi Dhawan, Akshar Patel, Jayant Yadav, Dhawal Kulkarni, Jasprit Bumrah, Barinder Sran, Mandeep Singh, Kedar Jadhav, Jaydev Unadkat, Yuzvendra Chahal