The enthusiasm of the fans has not been diminished: N Srinivasan

N Srinivasan felt fans still show faith in IPL by filling up the stadiums despite the spot-fixing scandal © AFP

Chennai: May 24, 2013

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) President N Srinivasan on Friday spoke about the enthusiasm which the fans are still showing in the wake of the spot-fixing scandal that has rocked the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2013.

Talking to The Hindu, he said, “Look at how people are coming to watch the IPL matches.”

He also spoke about news channels trying to tarnish the image of IPL. “The electronic media has been indulging in IPL-bashing for some time. They have been attacking me personally.”

Srinivasan defended the board and said that the players cannot be policed throughout. Sharing his view on the ongoing scandal, he said, “I never expected this really. It is easy to slam the BCCI as it is being done. We took all possible precautionary steps. BCCI appointed the same body that looked after anti-corruption measures at the World Cup.”

“All the teams were properly briefed on dealing with all kinds of people, on dealing with people who approach them. The players were told how the approach can be made. It was explained in detail. If someone still wants to commit a mistake, how much can BCCI control?,” he added.

Talking about monitoring players during IPL, he said, “Over the years there has been a gradual shift away from the cricket part, in the sense there is entertainment too. We have sought suggestions from various quarters and will take steps to improve our monitoring of the players when they are participating in the IPL. We will definitely become stricter, but then the players also need some space. On our part, we take necessary steps to curb activities that bring disrepute to the game.”

Asked if BCCI loses control of the players during this franchise-based tournament, he said “To a large extent it is true that the players play for the franchisee during that period. But then the teams have a manager, coach, and they all stay together, travel together. They follow a certain schedule. To that extent, they function like a team.”

He also added, “I don’t agree that the BCCI loses control of the players. One thing for sure is that the players play for their franchisee for six weeks. But that does not mean they are lost to BCCI.”

Shedding light on the course of action that the board intends to take in the coming days, he said, “I am waiting for the report [from ACSU chief Ravi Sawani]. We will take a slew of measures, concrete measures. We have had a detailed discussion with the anti-corruption officials. There are many areas we will be addressing in terms of discipline.”

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