JP Duminy © IANS
JP Duminy © IANS

May 23, 2014


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Bhumrah bowls the last over with 25 needed. The first two balls are outstanding yorkers and the match is virtually done.Another Yorker and its is superb stuff from the 20-year old Bhumrah. Jadhav slashes the third ball for a boundary. Outstanding bowling from Bhumrah as he bowls five yorkers out of five to take a fifteen run victory. Mumbai stays in the hunt.



Marchant de Lange is back and its an above waist high full toss which Duminy slams straight to Hussey at long on. Two runs to the score. Tiwary pull a short delivery on the leg side and its a single. The third delivery is a full length yorker which Duminy can only dig out a single from. Tiwary then miscues a ball high in the air and it doesn’t go farther than Mike Hussey at point. The South African pacer bowls a peach of a yorker that Jadhav can only watch. Another yorker, Jadhav takes another two.
OUT! M Tiwary c Hussey b De Lange 41(31)



Jasprit Bhumrah is back to bowl his final overs and the batsmen are on the attack. Duminy then latches on to the slow delivery from the youngster and wallops a huge six over deep long on. Then Tiwary lofts the ball over mid off for another boundary and the match is heading for a Titanic finish with 32 needed of the last two/


Harbhajan comes back for his final over and a sweep from Tiwary beats the deep-mid wicket fielder and the ball goes to the boundary. Its another six for Duminy off a full toss from Bhajji and its Harbhajan’s most expensive IPL over.


Duminy makes his intentions clear in coming down the wicket but Ojha turns it away from the batsmen. Ojha tosses up the third ball of the over and Duminy sweeps the ball over the deep-mid wicket fence for a six. Only singles come of the rest of the deliveries and DD need 54 of the last four.



Kieron Pollard is into the attack and the batsmen are dabbing the ball for singles of the first few deliveries. The batsmen are stifled and they are unable to take runs. With the run-rate mounting, it looks like Delhi have a mountain to climb and need a couple of big overs.



Ojha is into the attack and the Tiwary walks down the wicket and chips it over the mid-wicket fence for a six. The two batsmen are moving along at a nice pace and its 10 runs of the over. The match is nicely poised for an exiting finish.



de Lange comes back and is again sprays down the leg side. The players appeal but its a wide. Then De Lange bowls another bad ball on the pads and Tiwari flicks it away for a boundary.



Harbhajan comes back and its another tidy over from the off spinner apart from the Tiwari boundary. Shreyas Gopal comes into the attack and he hits a six and a four of the over and and its classy stuff from JP.



After his atrocious first over, the towering de Lange is back. After a laboured stay at the crease, Karthik tries a paddle and is bowled all ends up.
OUT! Karthik b de Lange 7(13)



Harbhajan is now bowling a straighter line in search of a wicket but he is being tidy,as he has been all season. After cranking up the pressure on the batsmen, Harbhajan gives the ball some flight after coming around the wicket and is beaten all ends up, trying to go for the switch-hit. The batsman is bowled after playing a fine knock.
OUT!Pietersen bHarbhajan 43(28)



Shreyas is back for his second over and the ball is gripping in the air. Karthik is having some trouble playing the Karnataka leggie and KP is reduced to merely rotating the strike. Just three comes of the over.



Harbhajan is into the attack and the batsmen run a two of the first ball after KP strokes it through the covers. The Englishman tries some improvised shots of the next two balls and it doesn’t come off. The next ball is hit with the turn and the ball races to the boundary and KP keeps the strike.



Shreyas Gopal comes on to bowl and Murali Vijay is beaten in the turn and some samrt work by Aditya Tare behind the stumps sends Vijay packing. Karthik then lofts the bal;l down the ground of the last ball for a boundary.
OUT! Vijay st Tare b Gopal 8(12)



Ojha is back and KP’s problems against left-arm spinners continue as he looks all at sea while playing the spinner. KP cuts and the ball goes between Hussey’s hands at first slip for a boundary.



Bhumrah is into the attack again and it vintage KP. Right of the middle of the bat and its a stylish six. KP goes for heave and its skied up in the air but is horribly dropped by Marchant de Lange. Bhumrah changes his pace and makes a good comeback against KP. The former England captain keeps strike.



After the early blitz, Pragyan Ojha is into the attack and KP goes for a wild heave. He misses it completely but drags his foot back on time and the batsman survives. Just two runs of the over though



Marchant de Lange is into the attack and its a terrible over from him. All the balls are sprayed towards the leg side and Pietersen slams three fours of the over and Delhi captain has made cracking start..



Bhumrah bowls the first over and a short and wide delivery which goes to the boundary.


Wayne Parnell will be the one bowling the last over and nothing comes of the first two and they are short of the crease.
OUT! Gopal Run Out 11(10)



Imran Tahir is back and de Lange’s reverse sweep is straight to the hands of wicketkeeper Karthik and yet another wicket. Gasp! There goes yet another one. Batsman for a suicidal run and Ojha is short of the crease.
de Lange c Karthik b Tahir1(1), Ojha Run Out 2(2)



There goes one more! what are they on? the sixth wicket in four overs now. Parnell slightly over-pitched ball is lofted straight to long on. Shreyas Gopal then bisects the fielders and its a boundary.
OUT!Harbhajan c Vijay b Parnell 2(2)



Imran Tahir is back and Tare slaps the ball behind short point for a boundary and then heaves the ball and is caught by the impressive Jadhav in the deep
OUT! A Tare c Jadhav b Tahir14(8),



Nadeem comes to bowl the last over of his quota and there goes another wicket. Needless shot as Rayudu tries to go big and finds the unmoved Muraii Vijay at long-off. Harbhajasn is the new man at the crease and Delhi have done well to get the score to this stage.
A Rayudu c Vijay b Nadeem 2(3)



Unadkat is back and Rohit pulls vigorously over mid-wicket for a boundary. Unadkat comes back with a ball that kept low and Rohit plays all over it and is bowled all ends up. Hold your breath! Unadkat gets another one. Its a full length delivery and trying to run the ball down to third man, Pollard only gets the toe end of his bat and Karthik takes a safe catch. The ball is pitched up and new man Tare smacks the ball to the boundary on the off side. Next is a slow delivery and the result is the same. What a weird over!
OUT!R Sharma b Unadkat 30(21) , Pollard c Karthik b Unadkat 11(8)



Nadeem is back and he is darting the ball into the batsmen. This ploy is working so far as the batsmen are restricted only to singles so far. The last ball is a couple where Pollard nudges off his pads.



Duminy comes on and Rohit goes on the on side, beating the fielders in the deep for a boundary. Pollard’s first ball is launched into the Arabian Sea and and there is a change of ball. Pollard keeps the strike.



Rohit Sharma is looking in fantastic at the crease and the Mumbai captain comes down the track and caresses through the off side of Nadeem. The batsmen run for a risky single and Hussey is short of the crease after a superb knock.
OUT!M Hussey 56(33),



Rohit Sharma is now coming into the party. First its sprayed down leg side and its the first boundary of Duminy this evening. The next ball is short and is cut away for a boundary. Rohit then flicks and is luckily cut off by the fielder in the deep. 12 runs of the over.



Tahir is back to to bowl his second over and this time, his length is slighter fuller and its just singles of the first three balls. Then Hussey plays an exquisite loft over extra cover for a six and its Hussey’s fifty of just 28 balls, This is heading for an absolute run-feast.



Duminy comes in for his second over and the South African is doing well to contain the Mumbai batsmen. Its an excellent over and only three comes off the over.



Imran Tahir is into the attack and Simmons plays an arrogant cut-short through the off-side for a boundary. Again its short and the eagerly awaiting Simmons once again whacks a boundary. Its a couple of the same deep point region. Next is through mid on and the deep long on fielder can’t cut it off. Its 16 of the order already. The last ball is lifted high and Parnell takes a simple catch.
OUT!L Simmons c Parnell b Tahir 35(25),



KP turns to JP Duminy’s off-spin and Simmons is on the attack but he can’t get the elevation as the ball harmlessly falls in front of the deep-mid wicket fielder and its just a single. Batsmen easily tap the ball and run singles and its a great over in the circumstances.



First six of the match of Shahbaz Nadeem. Hussey comes down the wicket and lofts it over long on for a six. Hussey could get a ton today. The next few deliveries see sensible batsmen rotate the strike and thats the end of the power-play.



Siddharth is back and ambitiously appeals for a leg before and the ball runs to the boundary of Simmons’s pads. The next ball is a cut and that beats the fielders for another rout. This is turning out to one-sided already. Hussey is not to be left behind. Yet again, he comes down the wicket and smacks the ball on the off-side. The last ball is short and Hussey pulls it to the deep mid-wicket boundary. Its another four.



Jaydev Unadkat gets the ball and a harmless length ball is whacked on the leg-side for a boundary. Slow and short from Jaydev and its easy pickings for Huss for another boundary. The batsmen finish the over with a risky single.



That was majestic from Hussey. The Australian dances down the wicket, unsettles the bowler Parnell and lofts the ball down the ground for a boundary. The southpaw then cuts confidently for a single. Simmons comes to the party. The West Indian comes down the wicket and whips it on the leg-side for a boundary. The last ball of the over is lofted to the vacant areas for a couple.



Siddharth Kaul bowls the second over and spraying on the leg-side pads of Hussey is like putting your hands in a croc’s mouth and expecting to not get bitten. Hussey gets his second boundary. After their great partnership a few days ago, Hussey and Simmons are looking set at the crease.



Wayne Parnell starts things under way after the initial confusion and Parnell over-pitches and its a vintage Mike Hussey boundary. For those who don’t know what happened, Praveen Kumar is replaced by Pragyan Ojha minutes before start of play.






Hello and welcome to the live updates of the 51st match of IPL 2014 between Mumbai Indians and Delhi Daredevils at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. I am R Vishal and I will be bringing all the action to you from this crucial encounter.


It hasn’t been Delhi’s season so far, with them winning just two matches so far. On the other hand, after losing the first five matches, Mumbai have turned the tables and performed significantly better in the India leg. Lendl Simmons has been in superb form for them, of late. He, in fact, scored the first and only ton so far of IPL 7 in their last match against Kings XI Punjab.


The track at Wankhede is expected to be flat and with a fast outfield coming into play, one can expect a run feast. One hopes that it will be a closely contested game with Delhi being able to lift their game and give the crowd their money’s worth.




Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma (c), Aaditya Tare (wk), Michael Hussey, Sushant Marathe, Ambati Rayudu, Kieron Pollard, Corey Anderson, Ben Dunk, Josh Hazlewood, Harbhajan Singh, Pragyan Ojha, Shreyas Gopal, Lendl Simmons, CM Gautam, Krishmar Santokie, Marchant de Lange, Jasprit Bumrah, Apoorv Wankhede, Pawan Suyal.


Delhi Daredevils: Kevin Pietersen (c), Dinesh Karthik (wk), JP Duminy, Ross Taylor, Mayank Agarwal, Murali Vijay, Manoj Tiwary, SaurabhTiwary, Milind Kumar, Jimmy Neesham, Mohammed Shami, Jaydev Unadkat, Shahbaz Nadeem, Jayant Yadav, Rahul Shukla, Wayne Parnell, HS Sharath, Laxmi Ratan Shukla, Kedar Jadhav, Siddharth Kaul, Rahul Sharma, Quinton de Kock.


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