Sachin Tendulkar should not be burdened with responsibilities: Kapil Dev

Kapil advised youngsters and students of the game to look up to iconic players as role models © Getty Images

Jul 24, 2013
Former India cricketer Kapil Dev said that too much money involved in the game was proving to be a deterrent and the players are prone to “making mistakes”. Dev wants the administrators of the game to be ruthless in dealing with cricketers who take the easy way out to make money and become corrupt.
Talking about the case of cricketer S Sreesanth, who was one of the accused in the IPL spot-fixing controversy, Kapil said, as quoted by the Times of India, “I think you have to be ruthless so that the boys cannot do such a thing. If Sreesanth has done something as stupid as that, the repercussions for it are well known around the world. Look at what happened to those cricketers from Pakistan… If you can’t learn from other people’s mistakes, you should be punished.”
Kapil advised youngsters and students of the game to look up to iconic players instead. “Competition is increasing. Pressure is increasing. And people make mistakes…This game has given us superheroes. You could give the examples of Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gavaskar and Anil Kumble. If a young boy has to understand cricket, he should look at a better sportsman.”
Asked whether the BCCI should come under RTI, Kapil said, “I can’t judge. I am not too intelligent. But I think the cricket board has done fairly well on its own as compared to other sports in the country. But having said that, I’ll also say that there should be more transparency in the Board.”
Kapil came out in support of the controversial Decision Review System (DRS), which has been in the news for the wrong reasons recently. He said, “Look, if technology can help this game, there’s nothing wrong in it. If five decisions came wrong because of technology, look at how many decisions go wrong without it.”