As of now Test teams are rated on ICC Test rankings © AFP (File Photo)
As of now Test teams are rated as per ICC Test rankings © AFP (File Photo)

Speaking at the event where the schedule of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 was announced, Dave Richardson, Chief Executive Officer of the International Cricket Council hinted a possibility of bringing in the league system for Test Match Cricket by the end of the year 2019. According to Richardson, the point system will add more meaning to Bilateral Test Series’. As of now, Test teams are rated as per the ICC Test rankings which are based only on series and often these series’ vary in length and duration. Apart from this, there are also plans to add more teams to the existing list of Test nations. ALSO READ: Why are Zimbabwe ignoring Test cricket?

“Hopefully, we can make a decision by the end of the year over what structure to implement,” Richardson said on adopting the Points system. He further added that – “If you want to create a real champion Test team, you need a competition that provides the same number of opportunities. “That means the same number of fixtures, home and away so that at the end of a league period you can crown a champion team ,” as quoted by BBC. ALSO READ: ICC to split Test cricket into 2 divisions: Reports

Further elaborating on the concept, Richardson said – “The beauty of leagues is that, in theory, you will have a more competitive competition and teams playing each other that are of a more equal standard. They will all be striving for something. There’s something at stake. Hopefully that will inspire performance and make the matches more competitive.” (As quoted by

He also informed that the ICC is planning to hold the T20 World Cup in 2018. “Following the success of this year’s tournament and the opportunity the World T20 provides to associate member countries, it’s something we’re keen to look at”, Richardson said.