Michael Clarke opened the innings for Australia © Getty Images
Michael Clarke opened the innings for Australia © Getty Images

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(Can Australia head to the quarter-finals with a victory over Scotland? Or do the minnows have a surprise hidden up their sleeves. Catch Live Cricket Scores and Updates here)

Australia will be very pleased with their effort today as they bowled out Scotland for 130, and then chased down the target without much trouble. They would have wanted the match to end with a result, and not washed out, and that happened exactly. Here is Amit Banerjee’s match report of Australia vs Scotland.

LIVE SCORE Australia 133/3 in 15.2 Overs: All over! Australia win by seven wickets as James Faulkner puts one away for a six, the ball goes sailing past the midwicket boundary.  BATTING: James Faulkner 16 (6), David Warner  21 (6)

LIVE SCORE Australia 124/3 in 15 Overs: Big over for Australia as Faulkner starts off with two fours and then Warner comes on strike to hit a massive six and a four off Josh Davey. Australia now need only seven runs to win. BATTING: James Faulkner 10 (4), David Warner  21 (6)

LIVE SCORE Australia 103/3 in 14 Overs: David Warner comes to bat and he starts off with a huge six and a four off Wardlaw. The final ball is mishit by the batsman and it falls safely on the leg side. BATTING: James Faulkner 1 (1), David Warner  11 (3)

The match will resume soon and no overs have been lost.

Oh dear, the covers are back on again. Looks like rain is going to play spoilsport here today.

JUST IN: The covers are coming off at the moment and the umpires are out for inspection. Stay tuned for the updates.

If the match is called off, the teams will share points. But if the match is set to be resumed, means the ground is fit for play, Australia will not need to bat again.

Australia would be a little disappointed to have lost two wickets in quick succession. They still require 39 runs from about 36 overs and have seven wickets in hand. This break is expected to be a long one as players will have their meal now.

LIVE SCORE Australia 92/3 in 13.2 Overs: Another wicket! Clarke pulls but Michael Leask takes a superb catch in the deep to get rid of the Australian captain! Australia would not like this as they have lost two wickets in quick succession, and it is raining again! BATTING: James Faulkner 0 (0)

OUT! Michael Clarke c Michael Leask b Iain Wardlaw 47 (47)

LIVE SCORE Australia 88/2 in 13 Overs: Watson smashes one down the ground for four but tries to play like AB de Villiers and has fallen. On the final ball, Watson shuffled across and tried hitting over the ‘keeper. BATTING: Michael Clarke 41 (42),

OUT! Shane Watson c Matthew Cross b Josh Davey 24 (23)

LIVE SCORE Australia 81/1 in 12 Overs: The Australian captain smashes a six over long on as he looks like in a bit of hurry to finish this off. Australia need another 50 runs to win. 10 runs scored off Wardlaw. BATTING: Michael Clarke 41 (42), Shane Watson 19 (20)

LIVE SCORE Australia 71/1 in 11 Overs: Clarke gets a four off Davey past the fielder at mid off on the second ball. The fourth ball is hit between the fielders at point and extra cover for four, very nicely executed stroke from the Aussie captain. BATTING: Michael Clarke 34 (39), Shane Watson 16 (17)

LIVE SCORE Australia 63/1 in 10 Overs: Exchange of words between Watson and Taylor after the bowler is smashed for a four on the off side on a full toss. Watson is then tied up at the strike and also gets an inside edge. The second last delivery is whacked down the ground for another four with disdain. BATTING: Michael Clarke 26 (33), Shane Watson 16 (17)

LIVE SCORE Australia 55/1 in 9 Overs: Excellent over form Davey as he does not allow Clarke to score runs off him. A maiden over. Australia need 76 more runs to win. BATTING: Michael Clarke 26 (33), Shane Watson 8 (11)

LIVE SCORE Australia 55/1 in 8 Overs: Clarke hits in the air past the bowler for a boundary and brings up the 50-run mark for his team. The over is ended by Watson with a fine stroke for four past mid off. BATTING: Michael Clarke 26 (27), Shane Watson 8 (11)

LIVE SCORE Australia 45/1 in 7 Overs: Josh Davey comes on to bowl as the Australian batsmen take two singles off the first three balls. Both Watson and Clarke are looking for runs as they would be crucial going ahead in to the tournament. BATTING: Michael Clarke 21 (23), Shane Watson 3 (9)

LIVE SCORE Australia 42/1 in 6 Overs: Taylor continues as Watson defends a first few balls on the frontfoot. Australia now need more runs to win. The first five balls are bowled well as no runs are taken. A single has been taken on the final ball. BATTING: Michael Clarke 20 (20), Shane Watson 1 (6)

LIVE SCORE Australia 41/1 in 5 Overs: No sign of David Warner as Shane Watson has walked out to bat. What a shot! Clarke smashes a massive six over fine leg as Australia continue to score runs easily. The Australian captain then gets a four, this time on the off side off Wardlaw.   BATTING: Michael Clarke 20 (20), Shane Watson 0 (0)

LIVE SCORE Australia 30/1 in 4 Overs: Clarke gets a four on the second ball and Finch too. But Finch hit in the air between the gaps as he smashed the second boundary in the over. OUT! Finch once again goes for the same stroke but finds the fielder at short extra cover!  BATTING: Michael Clarke 5 (10),

OUT! Aaron Finch c Freddie Coleman b Rob Taylor 16 (8)

LIVE SCORE Australia 21/0 in 3 Overs: Finch gets into the groove as the first ball off Wardlaw is hit for a four, and the second one is smashed past ropes, a flat six! The batsman gets another four on the second last ball, a stroke straight down the ground. BATTING: Michael Clarke 5 (10), Aaron Finch 16 (8)

LIVE SCORE Australia 7/0 in 2 Overs: DROPPED! Aaron Finch gets a lifeline as the fielder at second slip drops a catch that should have been taken. It is Scotland skipper Preston Mommsen who has spilled the catch. Rob Taylor troubles Clarke outside the off stump as the Aussie captain seems to be a bit out of touch. BATTING: Michael Clarke 5 (10), Aaron Finch 2 (2)

LIVE SCORE Australia 6/0 in 1 Over: Clarke gets a bouncer from Iain Wardlaw on the first ball as he takes strike. The Australian captain then smashes a four on the fifth ball of the over to get going.  BATTING: Michael Clarke 5 (5), Aaron Finch 1 (1)

Michael Clarke will open with Aaron Finch, and not David Warner. Here is Amit Banerjee’s innings report of the Australia vs Scotland match.

LIVE SCORE Scotland 130/10 in 25.4 Overs: You will not believe how quickly this all has happened. Starc comes on post the rain interval and he cleans up the remaining two Scotland batsmen. What a performance as Scotland have been bowled out for 130! NOT OUT: Michael Leask 23 (11)

OUT! Josh Davey b Mitchell Starc 26 (35)

OUT! Iain Wardlaw b Mitchell Starc 0 (1)

Good news from the middle is that the covers are off and the Australians have taken the field.


LIVE SCORE Scotland 130/8 in 25 Overs: What a shot! Leask ends Cummins’ over with a four down the ground. It has started to rain in Hobart. Five runs added to the total. Josh Davey 26 (33), Michael Leask 23 (11)

LIVE SCORE Scotland 125/8 in 24 Overs: I wonder why Clarke is not getting Starc back in to the attack when there are just two wickets left. He has the ability to clean the tail early. Davey collects three runs off the final ball with another push towards the off side. Josh Davey 25 (28), Michael Leask 19 (10)

LIVE SCORE Scotland 121/8 in 23 Overs: Another good over for the Scots as Leask smashes three consecutive fours — all through the covers off Cummins. Leask is turning out to be an asset for Scotland in this innings, and so is Davey! Josh Davey 22 (22), Michael Leask 19 (10)

LIVE SCORE Scotland 107/8 in 22 Overs: Good over for Scotland as they add crucial runs to their total. Mitchell Starc’s over throw gets them four additional runs as they add five runs more. Josh Davey 21 (22), Michael Leask 7 (4)

LIVE SCORE Scotland 102/8 in 21 Overs:  Cummins is hit for a boundary on the final ball as Davey brings up the 100-run mark for his side. Good comeback by the right-arm pacer after a poor first spell. Davey is crucial for Scotland at the moment. Josh Davey 20 (18), Michael Leask 2 (2)

LIVE SCORE Scotland 95/8 in 20.1 Overs: OUT! Rob Taylor is caught behind as Cummins collects his third wicket in the innings. Josh Davey 15 (15),

OUT! Rob Taylor c Brad Haddin b Pat Cummins 0 (6)

LIVE SCORE Scotland 95/7 in 20 Overs: No sign of Starc coming back as of now. James Faulkner is hit for a boundary through covers by Davey on the final ball, as the first five were dots. Josh Davey 15 (15), Rob Taylor 0 (5)

LIVE SCORE Scotland 91/7 in 19 Overs: Cummins continues. Davey and Taylor take a single on the third ball, a leg bye. Scotland need their remaining batsmen to put up a fight here. Josh Davey 11 (9), Rob Taylor 0 (5)

LIVE SCORE Scotland 90/7 in 18 Overs: Runs for Scotland as Davey slams two boundaries off Maxwell on the leg side. The right-hander then collects two runs on the off, hitting through covers. 11 runs scored from the over as Scotland inch closer to the 100-run mark. Josh Davey 11 (6), Rob Taylor 0 (2)

LIVE SCORE Scotland 79/7 in 17 Overs: Rob Taylor does extremely well to keep out two probing deliveries out of trouble off Cummins. Josh Davey 0 (0), Rob Taylor 0 (2)

LIVE SCORE Scotland 79/7 in 16.4 Overs: It is all ending pretty soon for the Scotland side as Matthew Cross edges one to wicketkeeper Brad Haddin. Scotland in deep trouble. Josh Davey 0 (0)

OUT! Matthew Cross c Brad Haddin b Pat Cummins 9 (20)

LIVE SCORE Scotland 78/6 in 16.2 Overs: BIG WICKET! Machan hits one straight to the man at fine leg as Pat Cummins gets his first wicket in the game! Kevin Pietersen was so right!  Matthew Cross 9 (18)

OUT! BATTING: Matt Machan c James Faulkner b Pat Cummins 40 (35)

LIVE SCORE Scotland 78/5 in 16 Overs: Cross begins the over with a boundary on the first ball from Maxwell and then the next five balls are dots. Four runs come off from that over, it is time for drinks. BATTING: Matt Machan 40 (32), Matthew Cross 9 (18)

LIVE SCORE Scotland 74/5 in 15 Overs: Much, much better from Machan as he pulls Johnson for a four to put the ball in front of the square. The third delivery is hit over the fielder at point for the same result as Scotland get some much-needed runs. Johnson is targeting the stumps as he comes around the wickets on the second last ball and Machan gets his bat in time to collect two runs.BATTING: Matt Machan 40 (32), Matthew Cross 5 (12)

LIVE SCORE Scotland 64/5 in 14 Overs: Maxwell continues as Scotland batsmen look to score runs on either side of the wickets. Machan and Cross scramble to add three runs off the over.BATTING: Matt Machan 30 (27), Matthew Cross 5 (12)


LIVE SCORE Scotland 61/5 in 13 Overs: Matthew Cross hits past the point to get a boundary off Johnson. The bowler then improves the length and beats the right-hander a couple of times in the over.  BATTING: Matt Machan 28 (24), Matthew Cross 4 (9)

LIVE SCORE Scotland 57/5 in 12 Overs: Australia are all over Scotland at the moment. Machan is looking good and he is the only hope for Scotland to get a respectable total here. BATTING: Matt Machan 28 (24), Matthew Cross 0 (3)

LIVE SCORE Scotland 51/5 in 11.1 Overs: Would you believe this? Michael Clarke gets in Glenn Maxwell, who starts off with one way outside the off stump. Berrington slaps awkwardly and the ball goes straight to David Warner at extra cover. BATTING: Matt Machan 26 (22),

OUT! Richie Berrington c David Warner b Glenn Maxwell 1 (6)

LIVE SCORE Scotland 51/4 in 11 Overs: Johnson continues to trouble the Scotland batsmen as Richie Berrington has walked out to bat. Scotland need their batsmen to hang around in the middle and not go for runs, as they are only finding the edges at the moment. May be they can just hang around for a couple of next few overs and let the pressure go off their shoulders. BATTING: Matt Machan 26 (22), Richie Berrington 1 (5)

LIVE SCORE Scotland 50/4 in 10.1 Overs: The first ball is wide. Coleman chases one outside the off stump from Johnson and edges to the second slip! Scotland are crumbling here against Australian pacers. BATTING: Matt Machan 26 (22),

OUT! Freddie Coleman c Michael Clarke b Mitchell Johnson 0 (7)

LIVE SCORE Scotland 49/3 in 10 Overs: Watson continues as Machan hits over the mid on fielder in the air for four. The left-hander has looked positive, but what is important is to have someone dropping the anchor. . BATTING: Matt Machan 26 (22), Freddie Coleman 0 (6)

LIVE SCORE Scotland 43/3 in 9 Overs: Mitchell Johnson has replaced Starc in the ninth over. He starts off with a maiden over as Freddie Coleman is careful at the beginning. BATTING: Matt Machan 20 (16), Freddie Coleman 0 (6)

LIVE SCORE Scotland 43/3 in 8 Overs: Machan gets a four as he clears the infield and hits in the air off the final ball. Scotland are in trouble and they need a partnership in the middle now. BATTING: Matt Machan 20 (16), Freddie Coleman 0 (0)

LIVE SCORE Scotland 37/3 in 7.3 Overs: Mitchell Johnson is warming up. Watson is disciplined with his line and length, and he reaps the reward! Preston Mommsen is out for a duck on the second ball! The Scotland captain tries to pull a very short delivery but gets a leading edge. Starc takes an easy catch running on his left. BATTING: Matt Machan 14 (13)

OUT! Preston Mommsen c Mitchell Starc b Shane Watson 0 (2)

LIVE SCORE Scotland 36/2 in 7 Overs: Oh dear! Calum MacLeod has fallen on the final ball! Starc has struck twice as Scotland have lost both their openers now. Big blow as the right-hander was looking extremely positive and was scoring freely as well. BATTING: Matt Machan 13 (12)

OUT! Callum MacLeod c David Warner b Mitchell Starc 22 (19)

LIVE SCORE Scotland 30/1 in 6 Overs: Erratic Cummins has been replaced by Watson and Machan hits a four down the ground on the fifth ball. BATTING:  Callum MacLeod 17 (14), Matt Machan 12 (11)

LIVE SCORE Scotland 25/1 in 5 Overs: Machan collects two runs on the first ball and then the fourth one is hit on the on side for his first boundary, off Starc. The left-hander is surprised on a short delivery which is in the air but lands safe. The second last ball is trapped on the pads but the umpire thinks the batsman is safe.  BATTING:  Callum MacLeod 16 (11), Matt Machan 8 (8)

LIVE SCORE Scotland 18/1 in 4 Overs: MacLeod continues to make most from the gifts outside the off stump by Cummins, as he slams two boundaries once again in the over. Good positive start from the Scotland opener.  BATTING:  Callum MacLeod 16 (11), Matt Machan 2 (2)

LIVE SCORE Scotland 9/1 in 3 Overs: Mitchell Starc fires a yorker straight away to Matt Machan, who has come out to bat at No. 3. One wicket and one run from that over.  BATTING:  Callum MacLeod 8 (6), Matt Machan 1 (1)

LIVE SCORE Scotland 8/1 in 2.5 Overs: Starc continues to trouble Coetzer and the bowler gets the reward for the good line and length. Coetzer edges one to the third slip as Australia have made an early breakthrough in the clash.  BATTING:  Callum MacLeod 8 (6)

OUT! Kyle Coetzer c Steven Smith b Mitchell Starc 0 (11)

LIVE SCORE Scotland 8/0 in 2 Overs: Pat Cummins in on from the other end. The first ball is a full toss and the second one, which is outside the off stump, is hit straight to the fielder at point. Some cross-batted strokes early on from MacLeod but he fails to connect. The fifth ball is hit for a four on the off side, and so is the final one. BATTING: Kyle Coetzer 0 (6), Callum MacLeod 8 (6)

LIVE SCORE Scotland 0/0 in 1 Over: Mitchell Starc begins the attack for Australia and fires a yorker on the fourth ball. Kyle Coetzer does extremely well to remain safe as he gets the bat right on time. Starc starts off with a maiden over. BATTING: Kyle Coetzer 0 (6), Callum MacLeod 0 (0)

The players have walked out for the national anthems. Still pretty cloudy in Hobart as of now.

TOSS: Australia elect to field against Scotland. Michael Clarke has won the toss and he has confirmed that Australia have made one change in their side, bringing in Pat Cummins in place of Xavier Doherty.


Australia: Aaron Finch, David Warner, Steven Smith, Michael Clarke (c), Glenn Maxwell, Shane Watson, James Faulkner, Brad Haddin (wk), Mitchell Johnson, Mitchell Starc, Pat Cummins.

Scotland: Calum MacLeod, Kyle Coetzer, Matt Machan, Preston Mommsen (c), Freddie Coleman, Richie Berrington, Matthew Cross (wk), Josh Davey, Rob Taylor, Michael Leask, Iain Wardlaw

The toss is a few minutes away as the conditions in Hobart do not favour a full match. There are clouds hovering over the Bellerive Oval and there are chances of showers later today. Let’s see!


Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of the 40th match of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 between Australia and Scotland at the Bellerive Oval in Hobart on Saturday. This is Devarchit Varma, and I will be bringing you the live updates from the contest between the Pool A sides. PREVIEW: Australia aim for easy win against Scotland in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

The result of the match will have some impact on the current scenario of the points table, with Scotland being knocked out from the competition in the first round itself. An Australian victory should see them seal themselves at the second spot, pushing Sri Lanka and Bangladesh to third and fourth respectively. However unlikely it may be, a massive Scottish win might see the Aussies fall to the fourth position, setting up a quarter-final against India in a repeat of the ICC World Cup 2011.  ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: POINTS TABLE

Australia skipper Michael Clarke earlier announced the inclusion of Pat Cummins in place of spinner Xavier Doherty, making the bowling attack a pace-heavy one. Clarke had also stated that he had no intention of taking Scotland lightly. Scotland, on the other hand, would be missing out on the services of Majid Haq, who was sent home following a racial tweet posted by the spinner on his personal Twitter account, prompting Cricket Scotland to take action against him. The exclusion of the Scotland’s star bowler increased the pressure on Josh Davey, who is currently second on the list of leading wicket-takers in the tournament so far.


Australia: Michael Clarke (c), Aaron Finch, David Warner, George Bailey, Shane Watson, Steven Smith, Mitchell Marsh, Brad Haddin (wk), Glenn Maxwell, Mitchell Starc, Mitchell Johnson, Xavier Doherty, James Faulkner, Josh Hazlewood.

Scotland: Preston Mommsen (c), Matthew Cross (wk), Kyle Coetzer, Richie Berrington, Frederick Coleman, Josh Davey, Alasdair Evans, Hamish Gardiner, Majid Haq, Michael Leask, Matt Machan, Calum MacLeod, Safyaan Sharif, Robert Taylor, Iain Wardlaw.

Live Cricket Score and ball by ball commentary of Australia vs Scotland in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

Australia (Playing XI): Aaron Finch, David Warner, Steven Smith, Michael Clarke(c), Glenn Maxwell, Shane Watson, James Faulkner, Brad Haddin(w), Mitchell Johnson, Mitchell Starc, Pat Cummins

Scotland bowled out for 130 against Australia in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 match at Hobart