Jonathan Carter © Getty Images
Jonathan Carter © Getty Images

Sep 26, 2014

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Englebrecht is in and Munaweera takes first strike and the ball is slammed down the ground for a single. FOUR, its Carter and the ball has disappeared gun-barrel straight and through to the boundary. The next ball has loop and its slammed down the ground for a single and then Munaweera sweeps, its high in the ait and tom the fielder’s throat. Again the ball is lifted over the field by Carter and the ball does not reach the ropes. Four needed of the last ball……Its a full toss, Carter can’t middle it and the batmen can only take a couple. CAPE COBRAS WIN!
Munaweera c Mgjima b Englebrect 1(2)

SUPER OVER and Brilliant yorker angled to leg stump and its just a single. Ball 2: Dane Vilas takes the ariel route and the ball goes to the boundary in the deep. Ball 3: The ball is dug out and there is a couple Ball 4: Another couple and the ball runs to the deep. Ball 5: Single of ball five and its a similar deliveries angled on the pads with a leg side field. Excellent from Ravi Rampaul though.
CC 174/5 | Overs 19
Emrit will bowl the last over and the skipper starts off by bowling to peach of last-over deliveries and the batsmen can only dig out singles. The third delivery is also good and Englebrecht angles the ball down to third man and its a FOUR. Then the batsmen scamper for a couple. It was a bottom edge. The penultimate ball is a slow delivery and the ball is scooped to long on and the batsmen yet again rush to get a a couple. Three needed from the last ball and there is tension in the air. Even the neutral supporters in Mohali are in the edge of their seats. Again, the ball catches the toe edge, the ball goes to Jeevan Mendis in the deep and its a good throw and the batsmen are miles off the crease and the keeper Dowrich spoons it and the batsmen takes a couple. MATCH TIED
Ravi Rampaul will bowl the penultimate over and a straight drive of the second delivery looked like going into the boundary but James Franklin cut it off and certainly saved two runs in the deep. Then, Ravi Rampaul comes back with two consecutive deliveries, both in the block hole and Kemp can do precious little. The last ball is cut away to deep cover for a single and 13 runs are needed in the last over. Fantastic death bowling from Rampaul.
Ashley Nurse could not have had a better time to come on to bowl but then the power hitting lower order batsmen get the better of him. First, Englebrecht smashes the ball down the bowlers’ head. just out of Nurses’ reach for a boundary and then Kemp caps the over with a majestic six over deep mid-wicket. 18 needed from 12.
It is the unorthodox batting of Robin Peterson in full display and almost every ball is being reverse swept to the boundary ropes. Peterson reverse-sweeps for a big six and then Mendis teases him with a dead ball which causes some commotion in the centre. Before all that, the first ball of the over was out but umpire Billy Bowden thought otherwise. Its was another reverse-sweep. Then Vilas also tries a slog sweep and Holder takes a good running catch.
OUT! R Peterson c Nurse b J Mendis 3(3), D Vilas c Holder b J Mendis 14(20),
Ashley Nurse is back on the brakes have been put on the scoring. The ball is swept fine by Dane Vilas and its a much needed boundary for the Cobras, Its 41 needed from four overs now.
Jeevan Mendis finally gets his man. Hashim Amla goes big again and is caught flat-footed outside the crease and this time he is dismissed and that’s the end of Amla magic. He rode is luck but could not stay there till the end.
OUT! H Amla st Dowrich b J Mendis 59(42)
Hosein is into the attack and Amla sweeps and its a top edge. The ball is taken in the deep albeit with a bit of a fumble by the fielder. Replays show that it is a no-ball and then its a four down the ground and then the ball is lifted over the in-field for another four. The match is slowly slipping away from Barbados’ grasp.
Hashim Amla goes big and the ball sails into the crowd and that’s fifty for Amla its been an elegant and a picture perfect knock.
Hosein is back into the attack and the over yields just four runs from the over and the batsmen are dropping anchor and the runs are running dry again. There have been quite a few spells like this.
Ramela is ramming it here. In the attempt to pitch it low, the length is short from Jeevan Mendis and the southpaw swats the ball through the off-side for two back-to-back boundaries. Then the batsman goes for the long hop and a hint of turn takes the ball away from the batsman and Ramela is stumped.
O Ramela st Dowrich b Mendiis 14(18)
Nurse is back for another over and the ball is keeping low and the batsmen are restricted to scoring singles and it is yet another neat over for the off-spinner and it is just a four-run over.
Emrit is back on Amla plays an absolutely gorgeous cover drive for a boundary. Fielder Franklin in the deep has no chance and Ramela goes for the long hop and its once bounce and into the ropes. Its two dot balls to end the over.
More spin in the form of Ashley Nurse and its singles to start proceedings. The running is sharp between the two players. Its another tidy, smart T20 over and its just four from the over.
Amla is showing his class and Ravi Rampaul overstepped after bowling a fine over and the South African opener captitalised on it by hooking the ball for a boundary. There is touch of class by Amla in the next over from skipper Emrit too. Good couple of overs from Barbados.
Hosein is being given the ball by the captain and the result is the same. Slightly wide and the ball is punched down the ground for a boundary. Ryad Emrit is searching for answers and then there is salvation. Arm ball and Levi plays all over it and is castled and that’s the end of the lovely little cameo from the opener.
OUT! R Levi b Hosein 39(18)
Hashim Amla is into the act and there is an elegant flick of the wrists from the bearded genius and the pressure is on. Ravi Rampaul strays in line again and its an easy flick to the boundary again from Levi. Its a leather hunt here.
If you are going to give time and width to Richard levi to swing at the ball, he will make you pay and smash the ball to all parts like that day against New Zealand in 2012. Off the pads, slightly wide deliveries are dispatched to the third tier and then punches the ball down the ground. Then there is flick beyond square leg and then finishes the over by going for a straight-batted club that reaches farthest end of the ground.
Akeal Hosein’s left-arm spinners on for the second over and its short and wide and its easy pickings for Amla,who looked absolutely at ease while cutting the ball for back-to-back boundaries. Then he carefully chips the ball over mid-off for a couple and Cobras are off and away.
Jason Holder starts the bowling and its a wary start to the over before Hashim Amla survives after the batting maestro flicks a wide-ish delivery off his pads and Jeevan Mendis drops a difficult catch.
Last over and it is Vernon for the showdown. The line is full from the bowler and the batsmen are finding it easy to slog the ball out of the ground. Hosein, another left-hander slams the ball down the ground and the big Justin Kemp is up for it and takes a scintillating diving catch. Take a bow Jonathan Carter!
OUT! A Hosein c Kemp b Philander 6(4)
Holder tries to slam the ball out the park with all his muscle and the it is straight down to the fielder Justin Kemp in the deep. Slow bouncer and Carter hooks the ball to the boundary and completes his century, Non striker Ashley Nurse commits professional suicide by running himself out needlessly and Carter hits it out of the park again and its another big hit. One of the best knocks of the tournament.
OUT! Holder c Kemp b Langevelt 0(2), A Nurse Run Out 0(0)
There is more sixes and its Carter again. Its the same stepping down and smash right over the bowler’s head and he is into the nineties. Jeevan Mendis tries the same but he misses and the ball crashes on to the stumps. Yet another good over by the blond off-spinner under the circumstances though.
OUT! J Mendis b Englebrecht 10(11)
There is more carnage from the Carting-the-ball-around Carter and its another boundary and then he steps down to the medium pace and slams the ball straight down the ground for a monstrous strike. He is is inching closer to his hundred.
Englebrecht’s spin and is putting the batsmen in a tangle and away from all the damage Carter did, its a tidy over.
Jonathan Carter continues to go after the bowling and reaps rich dividends for it. He is getting a bit of luck but the results are the same. The run-rate has been on the ascendency despite losing wickets every now and then. Can Carter get to a century?
Englebrecht strikes off an absolute beauty. The ball spun away from the clueless Franklin had no answer but to nick it to the keeper. Engelbrecht had set this wicket up nicely by trapping him in front with a good delivery that rapped him on the pads.
OUT! Franklin c Vilas b Englebrecht 3(5)
Two left handers here in the middle and Franklin is playing the sheet anchor’s role. Then Carter steps down and its over the sightscreen and over the stands and into the empty gallery.
Justin Ontong is back and Carter simply carts the ball down the ground for an enormous six and then follow it up by sweeping it behind square and its a four and its fifty for Carter.
Robin Peterson is back on its a tidy over. The batsmen look for a second and is the livewire that Englebrect is, runs him out and its a waste of wicket.
D Munaweerta Run Out 41(22)
Mgjima is back on and its a steady over for four balls and then Munaweera paddle sweeps like his namesake and crashes the ball to covers to finish the over with two back-to-back boundaries.
Justin Kemp’s medium-pace now and Carter shows more aggressive intent. He first tries a pull shot and Sybrand Englebrect makes a superb effort in the deep but it is spooned. Then Munaweerra goes berserk. Its Its a massive, massive six over mid-wicket and then its a delicate late cut for a four and it a 17 of the over.
More spin and its the Sybrand Englebrect who is on and Munaweera who steps down and flicks it with one hand and the ball sails over the ropes for a massive six. The Right-hander tires the shot again and he can’t pull it off but the run-rate is over six for the first time.
Its spin for the first time in the game and its through the left-arm orthodox of Robin Peterson. Carter awkwardly positions himself for a reverse sweep and tucks the ball behind square. Then Carter delicately flicks it behind the third man region for another four. Nothing comes of the other otherwise.
Seam gun Vernon is back on and the bowler uses all his intelligence to tease and probe Carter, who struggles with the nagging line and its only two from the over.
The batsmen are on the charge and Munaweera is going for it too. There is a bowling change and its the medium pace of Avive Mgijima. Carter plays a cracking cut shot; full of class and elegance through the gully region for a four and Munwaweera chased after the slow ball, steps down the wicket and wallops another boundary.. Its one bounce and into the ropes.
Carter looked to be trapped plumb in front and then Carter goes after the bowling and whacks high in the air and then smacks two fours — one on drive and one down the ground. Barbados on the move.
More dot balls leads to desperation and miscommunication between the batsmen and while the southpaw looks to take a cheeky single, Munaweera sends him back and Justin Ontong runs all the way from short cover and takes off the bails. Carter takes a single off the last ball and it just one from the Langevelt over.
R Reifer Run Out 1(6)
Vernon Philander to bowl the second over and the openers are looking extremely cautious here. Even the aggressive Munaweera is looking sedate. Just when I say that, the Sri Lankan steps down the track and whacks one over the bowlers’ head
Its going to be 39 year-old Charl Langevelt is going to start proceedings. Its a single of the first ball and bit of away movement takes the nick of Shane Dowrich’s bat and wicketkeeper Dane Vilas takes a safe catch. The Cobras have already spit some deadly venom
OUT! S Dowrich c Vilas b Langevelt 0(1)


Barbados Tridents: Munaweera, Dowrich, Reifer, Carter, Franklin, Mendis, Holder, Nurse, Hosein, Emrit,Rampaul

Playing XI, Cape Cobras: Levi, Amla, Ramela, Vilas, Ontong, Kemp, Engelbrecht, Peterson, Philander, Mgijima, Langeveldt

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of match 12 between the Barbados Tridents and Cape Cobras at Mohali on Friday. I am R Vishal, and I will be bringing you the over-by-over updates of the match.

The Tridents have played only one match so far in CLT20 2014. In that game against Kings XI Punjab (KXIP), they looked quite impressive even though they ultimately lost, and took the match till the last over. That performance against KXIP will have given them a lot of confidence.

Cape Cobras, on the other hand, also have a good side. However, fortune hasn’t favoured them in this edition of CLT20. The team is missing Dale Steyn and JP Duminy, their star T20 performers, but they still have big names like Hashim Amla, Richard Levi, Justin Kemp, Justin Ontong, Robin Peterson, Vernon Philander, and Charl Langeveldt in their team. This could be their last chance to change their fortunes, because they already lost against the Northern Knights and Hobart Hurricanes.


Barbados Tridents: Rayad Emrit (c), Jonathan Carter, Elton Chigumbura, Shane Dowrich, James Franklin, Jason Holder, Akeal Hosein, Neil McKenzie, Kyle Mayers, Jeevan Mendis, Dilshan Munaweera, Ashley Nurse, William Perkins (wk), Ravi Rampaul, Raymon Reifer.

Cape Cobras: Justin Ontong (c), Hashim Amla, Sybrand Engelbrecht, Dane Vilas (wk), Justin Kemp, Rory Kleinveldt, Charl Langeveldt, Richard Levi, Aviwe Mgijima, Robin Peterson, Vernon Philander, Dane Piedt, Zakhele Qwabe, Omphile Ramela, Stiaan Van Zyl.

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