England are high on confidence at this moment © Getty Images
England are high on confidence at this moment © Getty Images

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(Can this ‘New England’ continue their dream run in white ball cricket or will New Zealand bounce in their last clash of this tour? Catch live cricket score of England vs New Zealand one-off T20 International (T20I) here)

With that, New Zealand’s tour of England comes to an end, with the latter emerging clear winners in the limited-overs engagements. We have had a plenty of fun covering the matches, all of which were played in great spirit. Cannot wait to see this England side face world champions Australia in the upcoming Ashes. Till then, this is Amit Banerjee signing off!

Man of the Match: Joe Root.

Root: Felt pretty good at the crease. All we can do now is enjoy this, enjoy what we have done over the last few weeks. We are always looking for the attacking option. The more aggressive option. For me, its about playing the situation, and keep improving. Photo Gallery: England vs New Zealand, one-off T20I

Eoin Morgan: Playing the same way as we did over the last five ODIs was pleasing. It is probably a lot easier than now. Winning the ODI series and the T20I against one of the best sides in the world. We’ve been chasing New Zealand in white-ball cricket for quite some time now! I am as excited as anybody for the Ashes.

Brendon McCullum: Credit to England for a fantastic run throughout the summer, and wish them luck for their upcoming games! Obviously disappointed to not win the ODI series. (On being told about England to play the New Zealand brand of cricket) Well obviously they were better than us!

Live Cricket Score: New Zealand 135 | Overs 16.2

Matt Henry 0(0)

David Willey comes in to bowl the 17th over, and starts off with a wide. McCullum moves to his right in the second delivery and attempts a paddle sweep off a yorker pitched outside off, but ends up serving Finn a simple catch at short fine-leg. England are just one wicket away from winning the match now! And McClenaghan is dismissed off the first ball, attempting a reverse paddle off a slower delivery to top-edge it to the keeper, as England win by 56 runs! Spectacular collapse for New Zealand, who have lost their last five wickets for just four runs. England’s golden run in white-ball cricket continues, though credit has to be given to the Black Caps for playing the game in great spirit! MATCH REPORT: England vs New Zealand, one-off T20I at Old Trafford

OUT! Nathan McCullum c Steven Finn b David Willey 3(9), Mitchell McClenaghan c Jonny Bairstow b David Willey 0(1)

Live Cricket Score: New Zealand 134/8 | Overs 16

Nathan McCullum 3(8), Matt Henry 0(0)

Matt Henry walks in to bat at eight down, with the winning chances having virtually dried up for New Zealand now. McCullum takes a couple after top-edging the fourth ball towards fine-leg. Just three runs off the over, with McCullum taking a single to end it. New Zealand need 58 to win off 24 balls.

Live Cricket Score: New Zealand 131/8 | Overs 15

Nathan McCullum 0(2), Matt Henry 0(0)

Mark Wood to bowl the following over! BOWLED! Santner attempts to pull the third ball, and misses the line. The Kiwis have now lost their sixth! Nathan McCullum is the next batsman to walk to the crease. And the Black Caps get their biggest blow when Kane Williamson is run-out off the fifth ball of the over. McCullum desperately attempts to get Williamson on strike, but the fielder at short cover proves to be too good for them Tim Southee walks in to bat next, and gets dismissed off the very first ball as he plays the ball towards mid-off, where Eoin Morgan holds on to the catch! The Black Caps are falling apart, with three wickets falling in the 15th over, needing another 61 to win from 30 balls.

OUT! Mitchell Santner b Mark Wood 9(13), Kane Williamson run out 57(37), Tim Southee c Eoin Morgan b Mark Wood 0(1)

Live Cricket Score: New Zealand 128/5 | Overs 14

Kane Williamson 54(35), Mitchell Santner 9(12)

Finn back to the attack. Williamson pats the first ball towards square-leg for a single. Santner misses the slow bouncer off the next delivery. Santner smashes the following delivery towards square-leg, getting only a single off it. Santner retains the strike for the following over, with Finn conceding five off the 14th. New Zealand need 64 to win from 36 balls.

Live Cricket Score: New Zealand 123/5 | Overs 13

Kane Williamson 52(33), Mitchell Santner 6(8)

Williamson completes his 2nd T20I fifty off 31 deliveries by sending the second ball of the 13th over for a single through midwicket. Williamson is holding the New Zealand innings together, and his presence is utterly necessary for the Black Caps to win the only 20-over fixture of the tournament. New Zealand need 69 to win from 42 balls.

Live Cricket Score: New Zealand 117/5 | Overs 12

Kane Williamson 49(30), Mitchell Santner 3(5)

Williamson plays a beautiful cover drive off the second ball of the over, resulting in his sixth boundary. Williamson smashes the fourth ball towards backward point for a four! Williamson is nearing his half-century at the moment. Pulls the last ball towards fine-leg for a four to end the over! New Zealand need 75 to win from 48 balls!

Live Cricket Score: New Zealand 105/5 | Overs 11

Kane Williamson 37(24), Mitchell Santner 3(4)

Mitchell Santner is the next batsman to walk to the crease, as New Zealand are in a spot of bother at the moment. Santner gets off the mark with a double, sending the ball towards extra-cover. Good over by Adil Rashid, with only four coming off it. New Zealand need 87 to win from 54 balls.

Live Cricket Score: New Zealand 101/5 | Overs 10

Kane Williamson 36(23)

OUT! Munro attempts a pull, and misses the line completely as the ball rattles the stumps for New Zealand to lose their fourth! Dismissed off the second ball! Wicketkeeper Luke Ronchi is the next batsman to walk to the crease, and gets off the mark in style with a cover drive that results in a boundary! Brings up the 100 for New Zealand off the following delivery with a single! And Ronchi is dismissed off the last ball while attempting to cheekily play an off-cutter towards the long-stop, but spoons the ball high in the air instead as Bairstow completes a simple catch!

OUT! Colin Munro b Ben Stokes 1(2), Luke Ronchi c Jonny Bairstow b Ben Stokes 5(4)

Live Cricket Score: New Zealand 95/3 | Overs 9

Kane Williamson 35(22), Colin Munro 1(1)

Adil Rashid gets what Stokes couldn’t — the wicket of Taylor, who comes down the track and attempts to go for a big hit. Does not get enough power though as the ball goes high up in the air, and lands in the palm of David Willey at long-off. Colin Munro walks in to bat next, who gets off the mark off the very first ball that he faces.

OUT! Ross Taylor c David Willey b Adil Rashid 17(13)

Live Cricket Score: New Zealand 89/2 | Overs 8

Kane Williamson 29(18), Ross Taylor 18(12)

Stokes comes in to bowl the following over, with Taylor taking a single off the first ball. FOUR! Williamson sends the following delivery over extra-cover’s head, with the fielder failing to prevent the four despite a desperate attempt. DROPPED! Taylor gets an outside edge to the wicketkeeper, but the keeper drops the chance!

Live Cricket Score: New Zealand 82/2 | Overs 7

Kane Williamson 24(15), Ross Taylor 16(9)

Finn comes in to bowl the next over, with Taylor collecting a single off the first. Williamson sends the following delivery towards long-on for a single. FOUR! Rising delivery off the third ball, and Taylor hooks it towards midwicket for a boundary! Double off the following delivery. Dot to end the over

Live Cricket Score: New Zealand 73/2 | Overs 6

Kane Williamson 23(13), Ross Taylor 8(5)

Singles off the first two deliveries to start off the over. FOUR! Beautifully played by Williamson off the fourth delivery down the leg side, with short fine-leg barely able to do anything about it! Risky single to end the over! New Zealand are quite ahead of England at this stage.

Live Cricket Score: New Zealand 64/2 | Overs 5

Kane Williamson 17(10), Ross Taylor 5(2)

Adil Rashid comes in to bowl, and Kane Williamson starts the over with two consecutive boundaries towards the covers and through point respectively! Takes a couple off the third ball, before taking a risky single off the fourth that sees Taylor nearly run-out without facing a ball. 16 runs come off the fifth over!

Live Cricket Score: New Zealand 48/2 | Overs 4

Kane Williamson 6(6)

Mark Wood comes in to bowl his first over. Back to back sixes for Baz!! The first one is smashed over midwicket, while Baz plays a brilliant cut over cover! Dot off the third ball courtesy a fuller delivery, with Baz getting a single off the fourth ball. Williamson returns the strike to Baz, who is bowled off the last ball! McCullum plays a yorker that is pitched outside leg towards his off-stump!

OUT! Brendon McCullum b Mark Wood 35(15)

Live Cricket Score: New Zealand 34/1 | Overs 3

Brendon McCullum 22(10), Kane Williamson 5(5)

McCullum comes down the track in the second ball for a straight six! Brute power by Baz!  11 runs off the over! The Black Caps are scoring at over 10 runs per over!

Live Cricket Score: New Zealand 23/1 | Overs 2

Brendon McCullum 15(6), Kane Williamson 2(3)

Finn comes in to bowl the next over! Williamson takes a single off the first ball, McCullum cuts the second delivery towards backward point for a boundary! SIX! McCullum comes down the track in the fourth delivery, and hits the rising delivery high over square-leg for a six! Single off the fifth ball. Dot to end the over.

Live Cricket Score: New Zealand 11/1 | Overs 1

Brendon McCullum 4(2), Kane Williamson 1(1)

David Willey bowls the first over of the second innings, and Martin Guptill starts off with a cut that sends the ball towards deep point for a boundary! Guptill collects a couple off the second ball, before getting clean bowled off the third! Good delivery by the bowler, bowling a fuller one that goes right through the gate and uproots the leg-stump! Big blow for New Zealand early in their innings! Williamson is the next batsman to walk to the crease, and gets off the mark off his first delivery. McCullum gets off the mark with a boundary over mid-off in typical fashion.Dot off the last ball!

OUT! Martin Guptill b David Willey 6(3)

Live Cricket Score: England 191/7 | Overs 20

Ben Stokes 24(13), Adil Rashid 7(3)

Henry comes in to bowl the last over. FOUR! Stokes sends the ball past extra cover! Takes a single off the next ball, courtesy some good fielding at backward point. Rashid gets his first boundary, sending the ball through the vacant slip area towards third man for a four! Plays a similar shot, only to get a single off the fourth ball. Bouncer off the fifth ball. Stokes ends the England innings with a boundary towards square-leg!

Live Cricket Score: England 177/7 | Overs 19

Ben Stokes 15(9), Adil Rashid 2(1)

FOUR! Stokes starts the over with a pull towards square-leg for a boundary! Single off the following delivery as Willey gets on strike! OUT Willey attempts to clear the field towards the leg side, but does not get enough bat to his shot, as Santner takes a catch near mid-wicket. Adil Rashid walks in to bat, with Stokes on strike. FOUR! Stokes pierces the gap between gully and short fine-leg for a four, before getting a single off the following delivery.

OUT! David Willey c Mitchell Santner b Tim Southee 6(3)

Live Cricket Score: England 164/6 | Overs 18

Ben Stokes 5(5), David Willey 6(2)

McClenaghan to bowl. Stokes takes a single off the first ball. Umpire signals for a wide off the second ball, with the bouncer going considerably over the batsman’s head. OUT! McClenaghan bowls a back of length delivery to Root, who goes for a mishit, getting a top-edge towards deep cover where Martin Guptill takes a safe catch! End of a fine innings by Root. David Willey walks in to bat, and ends the over with a massive hit over midwicket for a six!

OUT! Joe Root c Martin Guptill b Mitchell McClenaghan 68(46)

Live Cricket Score: England 155/5 | Overs 17

Joe Root 68(45), Ben Stokes 3(2)

Change of ends for Southee, who comes in to bowl his third over. Root goes for a single off the first ball, before Stokes opens his account off the second delivery. 150 up for New Zealand in the fourth ball, with Root coming back for a double due to a fumble by McClenaghan at fine leg. And Root goes for a reverse paddle off the fifth delivery to send the ball towards third man for a boundary! Comes down the track and misses the line of the delivery completely off the last ball.


Live Cricket Score: England 145/5 | Overs 16

Joe Root 61(41), Ben Stokes 0(0)

Root cracks the first ball towards backward square leg for a four off the first ball of the over, before sending the second ball towards midwicket for a single. Billings attempts a wild reverse-sweep off the third delivery, but misses completely. Pats the fourth ball towards mid-wicket for a double. OUT! Falls to the slower bouncer, with Billings getting a top-edge while trying to hook! Easy catch for Ronchi, as Billings’s little cameo comes to an end! Single to end the over, a good one by McClenaghan compared to the carnage in the previous over.

OUT! Sam Billings c Luke Ronchi b Mitchell McClenaghan 21(11)

Live Cricket Score: England 137/4 | Overs 15

Joe Root 55(38), Sam Billings 19(8)

Nathan McCullum comes in to bowl his last over, and concedes back-to-back boundaries off the first two balls, with Root completing his half-century in the process. Single off the third ball, before Billings smashes McCullum down the track for a straight boundary! The mauling doesn’t end there, as Billings smashes a four and a six off the fifth and sixth deliveries, both towards the cow-corner! 23 runs off the over!

Live Cricket Score: England 114/4 | Overs 14

Joe Root 46(35), Sam Billings 5(5)

Henry comes in to bowl his last over, with the batsmen taking singles off every ball in the over. Henry’s fine spell comes to an end, in which he has conceded 18 runs and taken a wicket!

Live Cricket Score: England 108/4 | Overs 13

Joe Root 43(32), Sam Billings 2(2)

Sam Billings is the new batsman at the crease, as England are facing a crisis at the moment with eight more overs in hand. Six runs come off the 13th over, with Billings getting his first runs in T20Is

Live Cricket Score: England 102/4 | Overs 12

Joe Root 39 (28), Sam Billings 0(0)

Henry to bowl the over. FOUR! Root brings up the three-figure mark for England with another hook pull towards the cow-corner, where the diving fielder fails to stop the boundary. OUT! Its the skipper who falls after he tries to play the shot towards square-leg, where Ross Taylor completes a safe catch! Fourth wicket down for England!

OUT! Eoin Morgan c Ross Taylor b Matt Henry 4(6)

Live Cricket Score: England 95/3 | Overs 11

Joe Root 33 (24), Eoin Morgan 3(4)

The older McCullum walks in to the midst for some spin! FOUR! Second ball of the 11th over, and McCullum pitches it outside leg, which both the batsman and the wicketkeeper miss, leading to five wides. 10 runs off the over!

Live Cricket Score: England 85/3 | Overs 10

Joe Root 31 (21), Eoin Morgan 0(1)

Matt Henry comes in to bowl the 10th over, as Eoin Morgan walks to the crease. FOUR! Rising delivery to Root in the fourth ball of the over, and Root promptly hooks it through midwicket for a boundary!

Live Cricket Score: England 79/3 | Overs 9

Joe Root 26 (16)

Santner comes in to bowl his fourth over. OUT! Mishit by Hales, who comes down the track with an intention to send it to the crowd, but ends up sending the ball high in the air towards mid-off, towards extra-cover, where skipper Brendon McCullum takes a safe catch! Bairstow walks to the crease, with the batsmen taking three singles in the next four delivery. BOWLED! Bairstow misses the line of the delivery while trying to defend as the ball spins away from the batsman! Brilliant over by Santner, which puts the Kiwis back in power! Disappointing innings by Bairstow, who was brilliant in the final one-dayer!

OUT! Alex Hales c Brendon McCullum b Mitchell Santner 27(23), Jonny Bairstow b Mitchell Santner 1(2)

Live Cricket Score: England 76/1 | Overs 8

Alex Hales 27 (22) Joe Root 24 (13)

Southee to bowl. Singles conceded off the first three deliveries, before Root pulls off a brilliant shot that shows his sheer presence of mind! Full and pitched outside off, Root intends to send it towards the leg side initially, before changing his mind in the last second and deflected it towards third man, beating the fielder on the way.

Live Cricket Score: England 67/1 | Overs 7

Alex Hales 24 (19) Joe Root 18 (10)

Nathan McCullum comes in to bowl the eighth over, and concedes five singles and double off it in what is a decent over for England.

Live Cricket Score: England 60/1 | Overs 6

Alex Hales 21 (16) Joe Root 14 (7)

Root gets into overdrive mode, this time hitting a four, followed immediately by a six off the second and third deliveries respectively. Its a big over for England, with 14 coming off it.

Live Cricket Score: England 46/1 | Overs 5

Alex Hales 20 (14) Joe Root 2 (3)

Great start by England. After the fall of Jason Roy, Alex Hales has taken over the responsibility of scoring quick runs. The pitch has lots of runs of offer it seems.


Live Cricket Score: England 25/1 | Overs 3

Alex Hales 2 (5)

OUT! The dangerous looking Jason Roy is gone. Run Out, unfortunately. Great job done on the field by the Kiwis. Joe Root is the new man in for England.

OUT: Jason Roy run out (Williamson/Ronchi) 23(13)

Live Cricket Score: England 17/0 | Overs 2

Jason Roy 16 (10)  Alex Hales 1 (2)

So England openers are off to a flyer. 14 from this Mitchell McClenaghan over. His poor out in England on this tour continues. Jason Roy is looking in great touch.

Live Cricket Score: England 3/0 | Over 1

Jason Roy 2 (4)  Alex Hales 1 (2)

New Zealand start with spin. Mitchell Santner bowls a good first over. 3 runs from it.

England have won the toss and decide to bat first.


New Zealand : Brendon McCullum (c), Luke Ronchi (wk), Martin Guptill, Kane Williamson, Ross Taylor, Colin Munro, Mitchell Santner, Nathan McCullum, Tim Southee, Matt Henry, Mitchell McClenaghan

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the one-off T20 International (T20I) England vs New Zealand at Old Trafford, Manchester. I am Amit Banerjee and I will bring all the updates of the match. This game will be the one last time these two teams will be meeting on this tour. After edging past the Kiwis in the One-Day International (ODI) series, Eoin Morgan‘s England will be high on confidence to surprise them once more. READ: England vs New Zealand 2015, one-off T20 International at Old Trafford, Preview

Eoin Morgan-led ‘New England’ have been a revelation in coloured clothing this summer. They came back from 1-2 behind to clinch the ODI series 3-2. The brand of cricket they have played is surprisingly refreshing for the English setup. They will like to to continue their good work and boost their confiedence ahead of the Ashes. READ: England cricket on the rise with emergence of new talents

For New Zealand this will be the one last opportunity on this tour for them to showcase their true potential. The narrowly missed out the ODI series but winning this one-off T20I will be a consolation of sorts for them. Though their batsmen have done their job in most of time, bowling has been an issue. The Kiwi bowlers failed to tame the Englishmen. This issue needs to be addressed. READ: New Zealand bowlers have to get their act together against England


England: Eoin Morgan (c), Jonny Bairstow (wk), Sam Billings, Steven Finn, Alex Hales, Adil Rashid, Joe Root, Jason Roy, Ben Stokes, Reece Topley, James Vince, David Willey, Mark Wood

New Zealand: Brendon McCullum (c), Luke Ronchi (wk), Grant Elliott, Martin Guptill, Matt Henry, Tom Latham, Mitchell McClenaghan, Nathan McCullum, Andrew Mathieson, Adam Milne, Mitchell Santner, Tim Southee, Ross Taylor, Kane Williamson, Corey Anderson

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