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Live Cricket Score: Scotland 173 | Overs 19.2 (Target 211)

The wicket of Leask in the 18th over, and an accurate over from Hamid Hassan, who took two wickets and gave away only two runs off the 19th, have allowed Afghanistan to tighten the noose around Scotland. Scotland tried hard, though, with clean hitting in the middle of the chase. Afghanistan win by 37 runs.


Live Cricket Score: Scotland 162/5 | Overs 17 (Target 211)

Michael Leask 10 (8), Safyaan Sharif 0 (0)

Afghanistan will be buoyed by the wicket of Preston Mommsen, who, before holing out in the deep, smashed 44 off 20 balls in Scotland’s efforts to have a go at the winning target of 211. The equation of 48 from 18 balls is not impossible, though.


Live Cricket Score: Scotland 96/3 | Overs 11 (Target 211)

Matthew Cross 36 (19), Richie Berrington 14 (10)

Matthew Cross has started to conjure big hits for Scotland to keep up with the required run-rate, which is still more than 12 an over.


Live Cricket Score: Scotland 40/1 | Overs 5 (Target 211)

Kyle Coetzer 14 (13), Calum Macleod 15 (9)

An over off Hamid Hassan cost 14 runs, but Scotland otherwise haven’t embraced belligerence.


Live Cricket Score: Afghanistan 210/5 | Overs 20

Mohammad Nabi 42 (18), Shafiqullah Shafiq 6 (1)

A six off the last ball of the innings has taken Afghanistan to 210. Besides Shehzad, their captain Nabi, and Najibullah Zadran also accelerated. A total of nine fours and 17 sixes have been hit in the innings.

With Oman’s first win in a ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier match and a win by Papua New Guinea against Jersey, here is the latest points table.


Live Cricket Score: Afghanistan 119/3 | Overs 13

Najibullah Zadran 3 (5), Samiullah Shenwari 3 (5)

Mohammad Shehzad was dismissed for 75 off 36 balls by Con de Lange, and his partner for most of his innings, Stanikzai, is also out.


Live Cricket Score: Oman 135/3 | Overs 11.2 (Target 133)

Zeeshan Maqsoood 86 (41), Vaibhav Wategaonkar 7 (9)

Oman have clinched a strong victory against Canada, largely due to the attacking innings of Zeeshan Maqsood. They have chased down the stiff target of 133 set by Canada with 10 balls to spare, and have won by seven wickets.

Live Cricket Score: Afghanistan 107/1 | Overs 10

Mohammad Shehzad 74 (24), Asghar Stanikzai 30 (25)

Shehzad has hit five fours and seven sixes, and could well score a century before the innings finishes. He has led Afghanistan to a commanding position at the end of ten overs. Left-arm spinner Mark Watt has been hit for 41 runs off his two overs.


Live Cricket Score: Oman 120/3 | Overs 9 (Target 133)

Zeeshan Maqsood 78 (33), Vaibhav Wategaonkar 1 (1)

Maqsood has hit eight fours and five sixes to single-handedly steer Oman to a winning position against Canada. Their run-rate is a tad below 14. They now need 13 runs off four overs.


Live Cricket Score: Afghanistan 69/1 | Overs 7

Mohammad Shehzad 50 (26), Asghar Stanikzai 17 (15)

Four sixes in five balls from the wicketkeeper Mohammad Shehzad got Afghanistan off to a racing start against Scotland. They had lost an early wicket, that of Nawroz Mangal.

Live Cricket Score: Jersey 121 | Overs 20 (Target 146)

Jersey, with the consistent loss of wickets, and thereby with an inability to conjure big hits, succumbed to a 24-run defeat in their second ICC World Twenty20 Qualifying match. PNG get their first win in their first match.

Live Cricket Score: Oman 76/1 | Overs 5 (Target 133)

Zeeshan Maqsood 50 (18), Jatinder Singh 4 (2)

Oman seem to be well on their way to a win against Canada, as their opener Zeeshan Maqsood smashed an 18-ball 50, with four fours and four sixes, to get them ahead in the chase of 133 in 13 overs.

Live Cricket Score: Jersey 105/6 | Overs 16 (Target 146)

Anthony Kay 0 (3), Corey Bisson 0 (0)

Jersey have lost two wickets, including a run-out, in the 16th over to hinder their chances of pulling off their chase of 146 to defeat PNG. Their slow run-rate means they have some ground to make up.

Live Cricket Score: Canada 133/3 | Overs 13 (end of innings)

Navneet Dhaliwal 28 (20), Hamza Tariq 4 (3)

This 13-over a side contest has Canada setting Oman a target of 134. Nitish Kumar’s 52 off 25 balls was the knock around which Canada’s innings was built.

At Grange Cricket Club Ground, Edinburgh, Afghanistan have won the toss against Scotland, and have chosen to bat.

Live Cricket Score: Jersey 61/2 | Overs 10 (Target 146)

Jonty Jenner 21 (16), Cornelis Bodenstein 10 (10)

Three braces in the 10th over and a wide contributed to nine runs off the over, to get Jersey’s run-rate past 6, in their endeavour to chase 146 to win.

After the latest results, here is the updates points table.

Live Cricket Score: Canada 98/2 | Overs 10

Nitish Kumar 34 (17), Navneet Dhaliwal 17 (13)

A boundary is hit in almost every over as Canada, through Nitish Kumar and Navneet Dhaliwal, and the openers, look to post a big total against Oman.

Live Cricket Score: Jersey 20/1 | Overs 5 (Target 146)

Edward Farley 2 (6), Jonty Jenner 1 (2)

There are a number of dot balls bowled, and Jersey’s match-winner of the previous match, Peter Gough, has got out for 14 off 21 balls in the fifth over.

Live Cricket Score: Canada 42/1 | Overs 5

Ruvindu Gunasekera 11 (15), Nitish Kumar 11 (7)

Play has begun again at New Williamfield. The opener Rizwan Cheema got out after hitting two fours and a six in his knock of 16.

Live Cricket Score: Papua New Guinea 145/9 | Overs 20

Chad Soper 5 (3), Willie Gaera 0 (1)

Jersey have come back into the contest well by picking wickets, and restricting PNG to 145 at Bready. Three wickets fell at the score of 140. Jersey need 146 to win.

Live Cricket Score: USA 100 | Overs 16.3 (Target 147)

USA have been bowled out for 100. Five batsmen managed double-digit scores but no one crossed 19. For Ireland, Stuart Thompson, John Mooney and Alex Cusack took two wickets each, while George Dockrell and Kevin O’ Brien took one each. There were also two run outs. Ireland win by 46 runs.

Live Cricket Score: Netherlands 125/3 | Overs 17.1 (Target 120)

Ben Cooper 50 (38), Peter Borren 23 (10)

Some late hitting from Ben Cooper has helped Netherlands to clinch an eventually comfortable victory against UAE. Cooper finished with an unbeaten 50 off 38 balls, and Borren gave him company in the final few overs, collecting boundaries in the 16th and 17th overs to cross the line with ease.

Canada and Oman had begun a 15-over game at New Williamfield, due to loss of time for rain. Oman had won the toss an chosen to field. But after 2.1 overs, rain arrived again to further delay the game.


Live Cricket Score: USA 89/8 | Overs 15 (Target 147)

Jasdeep Singh 5 (7), Muhammad Ghous 2 (2)

Stuart Thompson and John Mooney have taken two wickets each. 58 off five overs with two wickets left looks like a task beyond the US now.

Live Cricket Score: Netherlands 100/3 | Overs 15 (Target 120)

Ben Cooper 40 (34), Peter Borren 8 (6)

Although the run-rate is just about 6, Netherlands just seem to be slightly ahead than their opponents. Michael Swart’s wicket in the 15th over got UAE back in the game, but 19 off five overs isn’t a tough ask.


Live Cricket Score: Papua New Guinea 119/5 | Overs 16

Jack Vare 6 (5), Charles Amini 8 (8)

PNG have suffered a collapse, losing three wickets for 12 runs. They had been cruising thus far against Jersey.

Live Cricket Score: USA 65/4 | Overs 10 (Target 147)

Adil Bhatti 10 (10), Karan Ganesh 1 (4)

USA are playing a lot of dot balls and aren’t looking like getting any big hits. Four wickets have already fallen for them, and despite a run-rate of 6.50, their task is getting stiffer amid effective Netherlands bowling.

Live Cricket Score: Netherlands 58/2 | Overs 11 (Target 120)

Ben Cooper 17 (21), Michael Swart 12 (19)


Live Cricket Score: Papua New Guinea 92/2 | Overs 11

Assad Vala 21(18), Kila Pala 20 (13)

A run-rate of 8.36 has been maintained by PNG, helped by the base set up by the openers. But this is despite the lack of boundaries. Only seven fours and a six have been hit so far.

Live Cricket Score: USA 24/2 | Overs 5 (Target 147)

Alex Amsterdam 16(18), Nicholas Stanford 5(4)

The openers Fahad Babar and Akeem Dodson have got out for USA, as their batsmen face a stiff target of 147. Dodson was dismissed off the second ball of the innings.

Live Cricket Score: Netherlands 32/1 | Overs 5 (Target 120)

Wesley Barresi 18 (14), Ben Cooper 4(6)

Netherlands have not been allowed to get off to a quick start. Tight bowling from Manjula, who also took a wicket, that of prolific opener Stephan Myburgh, has kept the contest even.

Live Cricket Score: Papua New Guinea 46/1 | Overs 5

Tony Ura 16(10), Asa Vala 2(2)

Tony Ura and Lega Siaka have hit six four between them to help PNG to a positive start after being asked to bat by Jersey in Bready. Siaka was out in the fifth over for 26.

Live Cricket Score: Ireland 146/6 | Overs 20

Stuart Thompson 15 (17), John Mooney 20 (7)

A strong 44 off 34 balls from Andrew Balbirnie led Ireland to stability after a jittery start, but after he got out, John Mooney smashed 20 off seven balls to lift Ireland’s score to 146.

Live Cricket Score: UAE 119/7 | Overs 20

Umair Ali 8(7), Mohammad Tauqir 0(2)

Canny bowling from Roelof van der Merwe, who registered figures of 2 for 10 in his four overs, and a flurry of wickets at the end allow Netherlands to restrict UAE to 119. Two wickets each for Ahsan Malik, Michael Ripon and Van der Merwe.

Jersey have won the toss and have decided to field, against Papua New Guinea.

Live Cricket Score: Ireland 97/4 | Overs 16

Andrew Balbirnie 39 (28), Stuart Thompson 4(6)

Middle-order batsman Balbirnie has recovered Ireland’s innings against UAE, as they look to make the most of the last few overs.


Live Cricket Score: UAE 85/4 | Overs 15

Abdul Shakoor 2(7), Fayyaz Ahmed 2(6)

Swapnil Patil and Shaiman Anwar looked to be taking UAE to a safe position for acceleration at the death. But Michael Rippon got the two out.


Rain has stopped at Bready, but there is no confirmation of a start for the Jersey-PNG game.


Live Cricket Score: Ireland 67/4 | Overs 11

Andrew Balbirnie 13(14), Gary Wilson 1(1)



Live Cricket Score: UAE 67/2 | Overs 10

Shaiman Anwar 13 (18), Swapnil Patil 23 (21)

A confident stand is on the build for UAE. Although the batsmen are intent to working the ball around, their set eye would hope to capitalise in the death overs.

Live Cricket Score: Ireland 39/2 | Overs 6

William Porterfield 10 (14), Kevin O’Brien 13 (8)

Ireland’s openers have been dismissed cheaply. Captain William Porterfield and Kevin O’Brien are trying to build a base. O’Brien has hit a few fours to push Ireland’s score. Jasdeep Singh and Hammad Shahid are the two wicket-takers for USA.

Live Cricket Score: UAE 35/2 | Overs 5

Shaiman Anwar 4 (7), Swapnil Patil 0 (0)

After an aggressive start to their innings, UAE suffered a setback with a couple of wickets within quick time. A wicket-maiden in fourth over from Ahsan Malik has stalled UAE a bit. Their openers Faizan Asif and Mohammad Shehzad had put on 31 in 3.2 overs before the first wicket fell.

Toss delayed due to wet outfield at Bready, for Jersey‘s match against Papua New Guinea.

Toss delayed due to rain at New Williamfield, Stirling, where Canada play Oman.

At Edinburgh, Netherlands won the toss and chose to field, against UAE. Both team captains have said they wanted to do what they are doing: Netherlands wanted to bowl, and UAE bat.

News from Stormont is that USA have won the toss an have chosen to field, against Ireland.

Welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the fourth day of the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifiers, co-hosted by Ireland and Scotland. Jersey‘s smooth victory against Hong Kong marked a remarkable beginning to the debut participants in the tournament, on Saturday. Their captain and opener, Peter Gough, who led the chase of 154 with an aggressive 81 not out, said, as quoted by International Cricket Council (ICC), “Amazing, unbelievable. It was a lot to do with the way we bowled and fielded to be honest. On that wicket, to keep Hong Kong to around 150 was a great effort from the bowlers.”

“We are here to win games of cricket. If we turn up and put in the same amount of effort as we did today we know we have a good chance of winning tomorrow. If we have the same frame of mind as today, then we’ll be in with a good chance. It’s a great competition, a great tournament and you have to be on your mettle all the time or you will be found out.”

They will take on Papua New Guinea at the same venue as the they played on on Saturday, at Bready, Ireland.

The other games on Sunday will be Canada taking on Oman, at New Williamfield, Scotland; Ireland, the favourites considering their past performances in this tournament, playing at Belfast versus United States of America (USA), led by Muhammad Asad Ghous, who chatted candidly about USA’s cricket and his career to CricketCountry‘s Sandipan Banerjee; and Netherlands, who won convincingly against Scotland on Saturday, against United Arab Emirates at the Grange Cricket Club Ground in Scotland.

Updates on Saturday’s matches were one here. Read Sandipan Banerjee’s tournament preview here.