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  • 4:50 PM IST
    You can watch our live video analysis on Facebook and YouTube. Also read Kaustubh Mayekar’s Day 3 report. We take your leave with an interesting tweet.

  • 4:47 PM IST
    It was Ashwin’s day. In the post-day’s interview, the off-spinner says, “I look to get five-fors like a batsman looks for hundred.” He credits other bowlers for forming partnership and Rahane for making amends to the dropped catch by pulling off a couple of screamers.

    On the run out of non-strikers, he candidly mentions: “The second one (Jeetan Patel) was not intentional. My bad, I should have hold onto that catch.”

    He says the wicket is expected to wear out as the match progresses.
  • 4:42 PM IST

    It has been another good day’s play. The morning session belonged to New Zealand. India courtesy Ashwin staged a comeback in the 2nd, the off-spinner continued to dominate, putting India in a commanding position. India did not enforce follow-on but the 6 overs they played wasn’t short of drama. Vijay was warned for running on the pitch and Gambhir was retired hurt after aggravating his shoulder injury. India lead by 276. When they will declare is the key.

  • 4:35 PM IST

    LIVE – India 18/0 (6), Lead by 276 | Murali Vijay 11 (18), Cheteshwar Pujara 1 (11): Huge appeal for caught behind or lbw? Pujara looking to cut was caught in the crease. There was a sound. Good decision. The ball clipped his front pad in its journey to Watling. The impact was outside off-stump, so good decision. That’s it. STUMPS on DAY 3.

  • 4:31 PM IST
    Imagine where he will be at the end of this SEASON, not career.

  • 4:30 PM IST
    Still not over ASHWIN’s magic. This guy will be India’s greatest!

  • 4:24 PM IST

    LIVE – India 15/0 (4), Lead by 273 | Murali Vijay 9 (16), Cheteshwar Pujara 0 (1): Unfortunately, Gambhir has to walk back ‘retired hurt’. What is wrong? Why are all Vijay’s opening partners getting injured? Hopefully, we will see Gambhir back in action tomorrow. Vijay needs to be careful, Jeetan Patel dismissed him in the first innings. Meanwhile, Vijay has also received an official warning for running on the pitch. Vijay finally breaks shackles, lofts Patel in the long-off region for a boundary.

  • 4:15 PM IST
    Gambhir injures his shoulder again. The injury had kept him out for over two hours from the field. Looking for 2, he dives to get into the crease and the injury aggravates. He is receiving physio’s attention. Meanwhile here’s another interesting fact.
    Least Tests to 20-five-fors:
    25 Barnes
    37 Grimmett
    39 Ashwin
  • 4:11 PM IST
    Here’s how good Ashwin has been today:

  • 4:09 PM IST

    LIVE – India 8/0 (2), Lead by 266 | Murali Vijay 4 (6), Gautam Gambhir 4 (6): Jeetan Patel to bowl. Width and Gambhir won’t miss those. Rocks back and smacks it through point region for a boundary.

  • 4:04 PM IST
    LIVE – India 4/0 (1), Lead by 262 | Murali Vijay 4 (6), Gautam Gambhir 0 (0): So we will get to see Gambhir again. Murali looks for a single off the first ball but Gambhir says ‘no’. Umpire Dharmasena warns the batsman for running on the danger area. New Zealand have already benefitted 5 runs in the 1st innings. Boult strays the fifth ball on the pads and Vijay beautifully flicks it for a boundary.
  • 3:54 PM IST
    LIVE – New Zealand 299 all out (90.2), India 557/5 d | Matt Henry 15 (13)*: Boult looks for an ambitious short, gets a top edge and Pujara takes a good catch. High catches aren’t easy. 6 wickets for Ashwin. Will India enforce a follow-on? No, they won’t. So, another chance for Gautam Gambhir.

    OUT! Trent Boult c Cheteshwar Pujara b Ravichandran Ashwin 0 (5)
  • 3:47 PM IST
    LIVE – New Zealand 295/7 (89), India 557/5 d | Matt Henry 11 (7), Trent Boult 0 (3): It is all going India’s way at the moment. Henry plays one uppishly and Ashwin drops a caught and bowled chance but the ball richochetted off his palms to the stumps. Patel’s bat was in the air. Patel goes the Guptill way.

    OUT! Jeetan Patel run out (Ashwin) 18 (26)
  • 3:41 PM IST

    Ashwin in only 39 Tests has now 20 five-wicket hauls.

    Anil Kumble has done it 35 times
    Harbhajan Singh 25
    Kapil Dev 23
    And next is Ashwin.
  • 3:39 PM IST
    LIVE – New Zealand 286/8 (87), India 557/5 d | Jeetan Patel 10 (20), Matt Henry 10 (4): Another fifer for Ashwin. This is his 20th five-for. Unlucky Neesham. It was spinning away. Pitching on off-stump, impact was outside off-stump and turning away. Neesham, who usually is jovial, won’t be one bit happy. He isn’t. Henry comes in and smacks a boundary and a six.

    OUT! Jimmy Neesham lbw b Ashwin 71 (115)

  • 3:34 PM IST
    LIVE – New Zealand 275/7 (86), India 557/5 d | Jimmy Neesham 71 (114), Jeetan Patel 9 (19)

  • 3:22 PM IST

    LIVE – New Zealand 270/7 (84), India 557/5 d | Jimmy Neesham 68 (110), Jeetan Patel 7 (11): Almost a caught and bowled. Shami bowls a few bouncers and then Jeetan Patel guides one throuh gully for a boundary. He drives the fifth ball and it almost goes straight to Shami. Good fielding by subsitute fielder. Karun Nair. Stops a boundary. YEAAAH! Here comes Ashwin.

  • 3:17 PM IST

    LIVE – New Zealand 263/7 (83), India 557/5 d | Jimmy Neesham 67 (109), Jeetan Patel 1 (6): New ball has been taken and Jadeja bowled the first one with it. Kohli is missing out on a trick it seems. New Zealand batsmen are having a relatively easy time with Vijay bowling from one. Now Shami brought from the other end. Good.

  • 3:08 PM IST

    Meanwhile, India have not taken the new ball yet. Some strange tactics from India. No clue why Ashwin isn’t bowling.

  • 3:04 PM IST
    LIVE – New Zealand 253/7 (79), India 557/5 d | Jimmy Neesham 58 (91), Jeetan Patel 0 (0): India will not be happy with their effort on the field. Karun Nair misfields one and it’s 4. Pujara almost nabs one at long-off. It was a decent diving effort but these should be taken at this level. Runs coming easily for New Zealand at the moment.

    Finally, a wicket here! Jadeja takes one. Draws Santner on front foot, induces an inside edge and Kohli takes the catch at leg-slip. Unusual way to get out. Very good catch. These are not easy.

    OUT! Mitchell Santner c Virat Kohli b Ravindra Jadeja 22 (52)
  • 2:54 PM IST

    LIVE – New Zealand 239/6 (76), India 557/5 d | Jimmy Neesham 51 (85), Mitchell Santner 15 (40): Murali bowls like ‘Murali’. Turns it big and squares up Neesham while he continues bowling loose deliveries. Neesham sweeps one to the square-leg boundary to bring up his fifty. Good counterattack. This is his first Test in India.

  • 2:49 PM IST

    LIVE – New Zealand 232/6 (74), India 557/5 d | Jimmy Neesham 45 (79), Mitchell Santner 14 (34): While Jadeja ends another over with lot of ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaaah’, Vijay continues to bowl looseners. Is Ashwin tired? Why isn’t he not bowling? Is it a ploy? Shouldn’t Vijay had bowled before the Tea break?

  • 2:40 PM IST
    LIVE – New Zealand 226/6 (71), India 557/5 d | Jimmy Neesham 43 (74), Mitchell Santner 10 (21): Not sure of the logic of bringing Murali Vijay into the attack. Santner slams one down the ground for a boundary. Meanwhile, VVS Laxman says that the team always thought Virender Sehwag to be a full-time bowler but Sehwag always considered himself a ‘part-timer’. Sehwag clarifies that the responsibility of being the Test opener was huge and despite starting as an off-spinning all-rounder, his bowling took a backseat.

    Meanwhile, Neesham steps out and lofts one for a boundary. Jadeja’s angle is helping the left-hander.
  • 2:35 PM IST

    LIVE – New Zealand 213/6 (69), India 557/5 d | Jimmy Neesham 39 (68), Mitchell Santner 6 (15): Jadeja to continue. Neesham’s intent is clear. If the ball is there, he will go for it. Two from the over.

  • 2:21 PM IST

    Ashwin is now 8th in the list of wicket-takers for India in Test cricket. Isn’t he exceptional?

    You can read the session report from Kaustubh Mayekar here. Yes, it’s the Williamson wicket that triggered the New Zealand collapse. You can meanwhile follow the video analysis in Hindi.
  • 2:16 PM IST
    LIVE – New Zealand 216/6 (68), India 557/5 d | Jimmy Neesham 37 (62), Mitchell Santner 6 (15): It’s TEA. The first session belonged to New Zealand but India once again staged a brilliant comeback courtesy Ashwin. There was a good fightback by Watling and Neesham before Jadeja broke the stand.

    Just an interesting stat: Ashwin has surpassed Ishant Sharma’s tally of wickets. Ashwin has 211 wickets, Ishant has 209. The funny bit is, this is Ashwin’s 39th Test, Ishant has played 72 and made his debut 4 and half years before Ashwin did. In fact, when Ishant made it to the Indian squad in December 2006, Ashwin made his First-Class debut for Tamil Nadu. 😀
  • 2:07 PM IST

    LIVE – New Zealand 211/6 (66), India 557/5 d | Jimmy Neesham 37 (58), Mitchell Santner 1 (7): Two left-handers at the crease and no surprise that it’s Ashwin, who is brought back into the attack. Starts with a short ball. Fourth ball, Neesham lofts one to the long-on boundary. Plays it against the turn. Now, sweeps the last ball towards fine-leg region for another boundary.

  • 1:57 PM IST
    LIVE – New Zealand 201/6 (63), India 557/5 d | Jimmy Neesham 28 (47), Mitchell Santner 0 (0): Watling beautifully drives Jadeja for off the backfoot for four. And that’s 50 partnership. Good fightback.Also, 200 up for New Zealand.

    I was just beginning to praise Watling but call it a blogger’s curse. Jadeja brings Watling on the front foot, induces the outside edge and no prizes for guessing: It is Rahane who nabs another. Good reflexes again. 1st wicket for Jadeja

    OUT! BJ Watling c Ajinkya Rahane b Ravindra Jadeja 23 (48)
  • 1:42 PM IST
    LIVE – New Zealand 184/5 (59), India 557/5 d | Jimmy Neesham 24 (40), BJ Walting 10 (31): In days to come, we will see more and more of this scoreboard entry – caught Rahane, bowled Rahane. That catch to dismiss Ronchi was exceptional. Our editor, Abhishek tweets. Meanwhile, Neesham gets a thick edge and it flies between the keeper and second slip off Umesh. It is Jadeja from the other end.

  • 1:33 PM IST

    LIVE – New Zealand 170/5 (57), India 557/5 d | Jimmy Neesham 16 (29), BJ Walting 9 (30): Remember this pair. Neesham and Watling are the two men who partnered Brendon McCullum in that memorable Wellington Test of 2014 that led to India’s series defeat. Watling’s record stand with Baz and Neesham’s century on debut led to India’s fall in a Test that they thought was theirs.


Good Morning, Namaste, Ram Bhiya as the Indoris would say! Welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of Day 3 of the third and final Test between hosts India and visitors New Zealand at the Holkar Stadium in Indore. I am Abhishek Mukherjee, and I will be bringing to you all the live updates from this Test. Indore got a taste of their first Test in this venue and what a turnout it was! They not only got to enjoy their first Test but also Virat Kohli’s 13th century and the first batsmen in the Indian team to reach this milestone in this Test series. India are pretty much on driver’s seat after posting a massive total of over 500 and will look to dismantle New Zealand at the earliest. FULL CRICKET SCORECARD: India vs New Zealand, 3rd Test at Holkar Stadium, Indore

Day 2 saw Virat Kohli scoring his second double ton in Test cricket and was equally supported by Ajinkya Rahane who also score 188 but unfortunately missed out on a double ton. Kohli played fearlessly and took on the New Zealand bowlers with unmatched confidence. New Zealand bowlers had a tough time in the field as they looked hapless and were clueless out in the middle. New Zealand batted well for nine overs on Day 2 as Tom Latham and Martin Guptill remained unbeaten and will look to score some massive runs to help their side put up a fight. Kane Williamson is back into the side, which give a boost to their batting line up as he has been the spine of their attack. One can expect a lot of action on Day 3, as it is an important day for both the teams and will probably decide the fate of this Test.

Kohli will to attack and chip early wickets with Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja in the attack. Both the spinners have been instrumental behind India’s successful campaign in the series so far. Kohli will be looking forward for them to deliver and end the series on a high, which will give them confidence to do well in the upcoming One-Day International (ODI) series. Ashwin has bowled magnificently and so has Jadeja. New Zealand batsmen have a mountain to climb at Indore and the day will certainly be interesting.

Earlier, India had won the toss and chose to bat first, which was their seventh consecutive win in the toss. There were no surprises that Kohli had already mentioned the entry of Gautam Gambhir to the side after Shikhar Dhawan injured his thumb. Indore also witnessed the perfect comeback of Gambhir with those lovely boundaries, despite being short-lived. Murali Vijay and Cheteshwar Pujara were unable to go all guns blazing this time and were gone in quick succession with New Zealand bowlers getting the early wickets. So Kohli decided to unveil his surprise towards the end of the day and voila, there was his century that all were looking forward to. New Zealand had their skipper Kane Williamson back to the side and their comeback man Jimmy Neesham to the side. The Kiwis decided to rest Neil Wagner and Henry Nicholls instead.

Coming to India’s batting, there are lots of surprises on the way in form of Rohit Sharma, local boy Wriddhiman Saha, Ravichandran Ashwin to show their batting expertise. New Zealand will have to work on their strengths with the bowlers taking charge for the day, if they have to win this final Test clash. India lead three-match series 2-0. Given they are in the driver’s seat, they are likely to clean-sweep New Zealand. Not that they have not whitewashed New Zealand before. Those were two-match series, as a matter of fact. If they beat New Zealand 3-0, this would be the first instance. Over 18,000 attended the match. They showed the same energy the crowds these days show in shorter formats. Never seen before experiences Indore were witnessed in Indore with chants ranging from Gambhir to Sachin Tendulkar to Virender Sehwag. ALSO READ: Captain Kohli’s homecoming

Now that Kohli has already swept the way for century, Rahane will also want to take the same path and get one on his name as well on Day 2. India can go big with their total, knowing the batsmen who will will take the center stage if any fall of wickets takes place. New Zealanders have been unlucky throughout the series. And Day 1 was no different as they had to face wrath of Kohli on the other side. However, knowing New Zealand have the knack of bouncing back in the most bizarre way possible, one can find them coming back on track either with their ball or bat.