Good Evening & Assalam Walekum! Hello and Welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of Match 9 of the Asia Cup T20 2016 between India and United Arab Emirates (UAE) at the Shere Bangla National Stadium in Mirpur, Dhaka on Thursday. We will be bringing to you all the live updates from today’s action. Both the teams are at the opposite end of the spectrum, as table-toppers India have already reached the final while UAE have lost all their matches. The outcome of the match thus holds little relevance. Though an inconsequential one, the match will be keenly followed by the Indian fans. LIVE CRICKET SCORECARD: India vs UAE, Asia Cup T20 2016, Match 9 at Dhaka.

India have been the team to beat so far in the tournament. They have won all three of their games convincingly, starting with Bangladesh, Pakistan and followed by Sri Lanka. Now is the time for them to try their bench strength. With the ICC World T20 just around the corner, it will not be a bad idea to give some match practice to the likes of Harbhajan Singh, Bhuvneshwar Kumar and the uncapped Pawan Negi.

So we’re done with first of the two dead rubbers. We will meet again tomorrow when Pakistan take on Sri Lanka. That’s all from here, see you all tomorrow. Ciao!

Rohit Sharma is the Man-of-the-Match! Surprisingly, a batsman gets the award in a match dominated by bowlers, at least the first half.


LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES, IND 82/1 in 10.1 overs: And India finish off the game in just over 10 overs. They win by 9 wickets. It was always going to be a formality, and India used it as an opportunity to give their out-of-nick batsmen a decent practice ahead of the final. Dhawan, in particular, needed to spend some time in the middle. And though he stayed unbeaten, he has looked mostly scratchy. Hopefully he comes good in the final. Yuvraj, on the other hand, was brilliant. It was vintage Yuvi on display during his brief unbeaten knock. Handshakes all around and presentation ceremony to follow shortly. BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 16(20), Yuvraj Singh 25(14).

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES, IND 72/1 in 9 overs: Yuvraj plays out the complete over by Mohammad Shahzad and gets a six and a four in the over. He is getting his swagger back. India will be happy with this development, as it was perhaps the final tick on the box ahead of the ICC World T20. BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 15(17), Yuvraj Singh 16(10).

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES, IND 62/1 in 8 overs: Three boundaries come off the over; one from Yuvraj and two from Dhawan. Yuvraj takes the strike off the first ball and hits it at cover boundary. He then rotates the strike and then Dhawan gets his second hit to fence. It is not a convincing one though, as he dances down the track and gets an edge that goes past the diving keeper for a four. The last ball sees another four being hit, this time an assertive one past the mid-wicket region. India get 15 from the over. Shikhar Dhawan 15(17), Yuvraj Singh 6(4).

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES, IND 47/1 in 7 overs: Dhawan plays out the first five balls for no run. Naveed is at his best at the moment. He shows his class by keeping Dhawan silent and almost bowling a maiden over. However, Dhawan ends his boundary drought with a four off the last ball. Naveed bowls a length ball slightly outside off and Dhawan sends it towards the covers boundary. He will feel better now. BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 15(17), Yuvraj Singh 6(4).

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES, IND 43/1 in 6 overs: Two more boundaries in the over before Rohit departs. Welcomes the new bowler Qadeer Ahmed with two fours; one between mid-on and mid-wicket and the other over mid-wicket. He quickly races to 39 even as Dhawan struggles to put bat to the ball. Rohit soon perishes too, as trying to hit one over the point boundary he gives a catch to the thrid man. In a surprising move, MSD promotes Yuvi at three ahead of Virat Kohli. BATTING: Shikhar Dhawan 2(8), Yuvraj Singh 0(1).

OUT! Rohit Sharma c Naveed b Qadeer 39(28)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES, IND 35/o in 5 overs: Rohit’s carnage continues in the over, as he hits Naveed for two back-to-back boundaries. Dhawan meanwhile is happy rotating the strike. A commentator is going berserk in the commentary box. He calls Rohit ‘silky’ thrice and looks completely smitten by him. Rohit now doubt is looking in phenomenal touch. A good omen for India ahead of the final. But a rusty Dhawan is still the worry. BATTING: Rohit Sharma 31(23), Shikhar Dhawan 2(8).

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES, IND 24/o in 4 overs: Huge over this for India! Rohit hits a four, six and then again a four off Javed’s bowling. The UAE captain has been fantastic for his team over the last 2-3 weeks. But Rohit is simply too good for him. The first four is an inside edge that goes past the off stump towards the boundary line. He comes out of the crease on the next ball  and charges in, hitting it over the covers for a six. The third boundary comes at the midwicket area. BATTING: Rohit Sharma 22(17), Shikhar Dhawan 1(7).

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES, IND 8/o in 3 overs: Naveed bowls a fantastic over. He is unlucky not to get a wicket, and Dhawan is lucky to survive. A rising delivery from Naveed left him surprised, as he stopped himself at the last minute from offering a shot. The ball had meanwhile kissed the bat and gone straight to Patil. UAE players appealed and were aghast when denied a wicket. A tentative Dhawan lives to bat another day! BATTING: Rohit Sharma 6(11), Shikhar Dhawan 1(7).

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES, IND 7/o in 2 overs: UAE skipper Amjad Javed comes in to bowl the second over. Bowls in good areas and prevents Rohit from scoring off the first four balls. Rohit finally takes a single on the fifth ball and gives strike to Dhawan, who has not played a single ball so now. The southpaw gets off the mark straightaway and keeps the strike. The duo, especially Dhawan, must spend some time in the middle ahead of the big final. BATTING: Rohit Sharma 6(11), Shikhar Dhawan 1(1).

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES, IND 5/o in 1 over: Mohammad Naveed opens the attack while Rohit Sharma faces the first ball. Plays out first three balls before scoring a boundary off the first ball. Takes a single of the last ball and keeps Shikhar Dhawan away from the strike. BATTING: Rohit Sharma 5(6), Shikhar Dhawan 0(o).

Indian openers are out in the middle!




LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES, UAE 81/9 in 20 overs: Two wickets in the final over mark a dull end to a dull innings. Indian bowlers have been brilliant throughout while the UAE batsmen have been disappointing. Bhuvneshwar bowled the final over and ended his spell at 4-2-8-2. He bowled 20 dot balls out of 24 and India bowled 77 over all out of 120. It’s a pity he will not play in the final. Nothing much to write about UAE batting. India should chase this down in no time. BATTING: Qadir Ahmed 0(1), Ahmed Raza 0(1)

OUT! Mohammad Naveed c Negi b Bhuvneshwar 5(7), Shaiman Anwar run out 43(48)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES, UAE 80/7 in 19 overs: Pace is back in the 19th over, which is bowled by Bumrah. Anwar goes after him and brings in the first six of UAE’s innings. It was a slower one picked up early by Anwar, who smashed it straight over the bowler’s head for a maximum. In the process, UAE breached the lowest T20 score barrier, which was 73. The match has been a disappointing one from the fans’ point of view. Hope this hit brings something to cheer for the small number of fans present inside the stadium. BATTING: Shaiman Anwar 42(46), Mohammad Naveed 5(5).

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES, UAE 71/7 in 18 overs: Another wicket, and a senseless one. UAE batsmen are playing without any intent. Fahad Tariq played one from Negi straight back to him and ran, while there was no run available. It results in a run out. Yuvraj returns to bowl the 18th over and gives away five runs. UAE are crawling here. BATTING: Shaiman Anwar 36(42), Mohammad Naveed 2(3).

OUT! Fahad Tariq run out 3(5)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES, UAE 62/6 in 16 overs: The Pie-chucker has struck! Yuvi is being given the ball and he strikes immediately. Though he must thank Pandya for the wicket, for he took an unbelievable catch running in from long on and diving forward. Anwar is looking at the procession helplessly. He did strike a four in the over, which came right from the middle of the bat. BATTING: Shaiman Anwar 33(38), Fahad Tariq 0(0).

OUT! Muhammad Kaleem c Pandya b Yuvraj 2(10)

The pie-chucker is here!

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES, UAE 57/5 in 15 overs: The spin-combo gets another wicket! Just the mode reverses, as Negi catches it off Harbhajan. Skipper Amjad Javed does not trouble the scorers and goes for a duck. The team must have had high hopes from him, for he has been the top-performer of the side. Interestingly, he had to request his employers Emirates to extend his leave after UAE made it to the main round winning the qualifiers. Results notwithstanding, he will return back a proud man. Negi bowls the 15th over and gives away two runs.  BATTING: Shaiman Anwar 28(33), Muhammad Kaleem 0(2).

OUT! Amjad Javed c Negi b Harbhajan 0(2)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES, UAE 52/3 in 13 overs: Harbhajan bowls the 12th over. There’s loop, more loop, turn and the famous darts. He gives away 3 runs in the over. The 13th over sees the introduction of debutant Pawan Negi, who gets his first wicket of the first over. Bowls one full, which Usman skies off looking for a six; finds Harbhajan running in from long on to catch it. Big moment for the young Negi. Waited a long for this opportunity, and got a wicket in the first over when it finally came. A four too comes in the over, which fetches 10 runs. BATTING: Shaiman Anwar 26(31), Amjad Javed 0(0).

OUT! Muhammad Usman c Harbhajan b Negi 9(12)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES, UAE 39/3 in 11 overs: Pandya continues and runs continue to come as well. The young guy is varying his pace and is keeping the batsmen guessing. He is impressing with every single outing. His confidence is growing as he bowls more and more. As a batsman too he has been terrific so far. Still early days, but an ODI caps is not far now. Shaiman Anwar 16(24), Muhammad Usman 6(7).

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES, UAE 32/3 in 10 overs: No maiden this time, as seven runs come from Harbhajan’s over. First three balls concede six of those, two coming from leg-byes. The second half of the over is better, where he gives just a single, with last two deliveries being dots. Harbhajan is mixing it up, using his wide repertoire. Good thing is he is being aggressive and looking for wickets, not simply containing. UAE are half-way stage in their innings. BATTING: Shaiman Anwar 15(21), Muhammad Usman 0(4).

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES, UAE 25/3 in 9 overs: OUT! Another maiden over. What’s happening here? A wicket too, as a bonus. Pandya bowls a delivery, fourth of his over, which is banged in short and bowled at 145 kph. Anwar plays it straight in the hands of Kohli at cover. No celebration at all! Nice gesture this by the Indians. BATTING: Shaiman Anwar 10(17), Muhammad Usman 0(2).

OUT! Rohan Mustafa c Kohli b Pandya 11(22)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES, UAE 25/2 in 8 overs: The turbanator comes into the attack and bowls a maiden. A delight for his fans to see him back. He unleashes the off-break, the slider and the flighted ones on Anwar, who with due respect, plays out the maiden. Too many maidens here, and UAE are playing the self-destructing game. BATTING: Rohan Mustafa 11(18), Shaiman Anwar 10(17).

Harbhajan into the attack!

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES, UAE 25/2 in 7 overs: Pandya is brought into the attack and the youngster straightaway hits the right lines. What a find he has been! He bowls consistently around 135 kmph and more importantly in the right areas. Bowls four dots, one wide and concedes four runs of the over. Pandya has lend great balance to the side. Interesting to see when spin is introduced. Remember we have a new pair today — Negi and Bhajji! BATTING: Rohan Mustafa 11(18), Shaiman Anwar 10(11).

Hardik Pandya is introduced now into the attack.

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES, UAE 21/2 in 6 overs: Bhuvneshwar comes in to bowl the third over on the trot and almost gets the second wicket. Mustafa, who has been struggling to cope with the swing, flashes at one hard, only to edge and get dropped by Raina in the slips. The ball flies to the boundary and gets him his first runs. Seven come from the over, as UAE look to get going after the initial struggle. The sixth over is bowled by Bumrah, which fetches another boundary for Mustafa. The power-plays are over. BATTING: Rohan Mustafa 11(17), Shaiman Anwar 7(6).

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES, UAE 7/2 in 4 overs: OUT! UAE lose second, and Bumrah gets its this time. Both the bowlers have got swing so far and it has worked wonder. Shahzad gave a regulation catch to Suresh Raina in the second slip, as he was done in by the swing. Mustafa too is struggling to cope with the swing at the moment. Shaiman Anwar, their most experienced batsman comes out and gets of the mark with a boundary straightaway. Six runs come from the over along with the all important wicket. BATTING: Rohan Mustafa 1(8), Shaiman Anwar 4(3).

OUT! Mohammad Shahzad c Raina b Bumrah 0(4)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES, UAE 1/1 in 3 overs: OUT! Second consecutive maiden for Bhuvi and a wicket as well in addition. Bhuvi’s swing gets him the first wicket. After nine consecutive dots, Patil tries to open up but the ball stops at him shortly. His pre-meditative hit results in a leading edge flying high in the air, which becomes a regulation catch for Bhuvneshwar, who takes it comfortably. UAE’s tactic of sending Patil early has flopped. UAE lose their first. BATTING: Rohan Mustafa 0(7), Mohammad Shahzad 0(2).

OUT! Swapnil Patil c & b Bhuvneshwar 1(10)

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES, UAE 1/0 in 2 overs: Jasprit Bumrah starts the second over. He has been India’s find in the recent past and has bowled exceptionally well so far. His first over is a tight one, gives away just a single, that comes off Patil’s bat. Mustafa yet to open his account. BATTING: Rohan Mustafa 0(7), Swapnil Patil 1(5).

LIVE CRICKET SCORE & UPDATES, UAE 0/0 in 1 over: Bhuvneshwar Kumar opens the attack, and swing straight away. Mustafa, the left-hander, faces him and the balls come in swinging. There’s also a hesitant appeal by Bhuvi on one of the balls. He is bowling like he has always been. The first over is a maiden. Good start for India. Hard to believe the match is played at the same venue where there were thousands present yesterday. Today is a quiet day. BATTING: Rohan Mustafa 0(6), Swapnil Patil 0(0).

Swapnil Patil has come out to open today!

The match is about to start. Indian players walk out and the UAE openers soon follow them.

6:55 PM IST: Just before the start of the match, the two teams line-up for a minute’s silence in remembrance of New Zealand great Martin Crowe, who passed away today after a battle with cancer. His brother Jeff Crowe, who is the Match Referee for the game, also gets the condolences. It is duty over family for him at the moment. Tremendous commitment this! He will fly to be with his family only once the tournament concludes.

Three changes for India. Nehra, Jadeja and Ashwin are rested. Bhuvneshwar, Negi and Harbhajan come in!


UAE: Rohan Mustafa, Muhammad Kaleem, Mohammad Shahzad, Shaiman Anwar, Muhammad Usman, Swapnil Patil (wk), Amjad Javed (c), Fahad Tariq, Mohammad Naveed, Ahmed Raza, Qadeer Ahmed

India: Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni (c&wk), Hardik Pandya, Pawan Negi, Harbhajan Singh, Bhuveneshwar Kumar, Jasprit Bumrah.

6:30 PM IST: IT IS TOSS TIME! UAE captain Amjad Javed calls it right and opts to bat first.


6:20 PM IST: Interesting news coming from the Indian camp, Pawan Negi is all set to make his debut. He gets his India cap from Team Director Ravi Shastri!

With the game being held in Mirpur and Bangladesh not a part of it, the crowd turnout will not be huge. However, a decent crowd is expected to come in to cheer for India, who have quite a following at almost every cricket centre in the world. For UAE, it is the last shot at glory. They started really well, by winning the qualifiers beating teams including Afghanistan. Even in the main round, they had their moments, especially against Sri Lanka. They had also put Bangladesh and Pakistan on the mat, but experienced that they are, both the teams survived the scare and won their matches. UAE will hope to end the journey on a bright note. India vs UAE, Asia Cup T20 2016, Match 9 at Dhaka, Preview.


India: MS Dhoni (c&wk), Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, Yuvraj Singh, Hardik Pandya, Jasprit Bumrah, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ashish Nehra, Ajinkya Rahane, Parthiv Patel, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Harbhajan Singh, Pawan Negi.

United Arab Emirates (UAE): Rohan Mustafa, Muhammad Kaleem, Mohammad Shahzad, Muhammad Usman, Shaiman Anwar, Swapnil Patil (wk), Saqlain Haider, Amjad Javed (c), Ahmed Raza, Mohammad Naveed, Qadeer Ahmed, Fahad Tariq, Farhan Ahmed, Zaheer Maqsood, Usman Mushtaq.


IND 82/1 in overs 10.1 | Target 82 | Live Cricket Score India vs UAE, Asia Cup 2016 IND vs UAE, 9th T20 Match at Dhaka; India win by 9 wickets