Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the second of the two-match T20I series between India and Zimbabwe at the Harare Sports Club in Harare on Sunday. This is Pramod Ananth here, and I will be presenting to you the live updates from the match. India take on Zimbabwe in the second T20 International (T20I) at Harare. India cruised to a 54-run win the first T20I at the same venue and will look to win the second one to complete a clean sweep yet again. Robin Uthappa was the top scorer for India in the first T20I with an unbeaten 39. Catch ball by ball commentary of the India vs Zimbabwe, 2nd T20I at Harare here

Zimbabwe record their first ever T20I against India and end the series on a high. They will be delighted with their performance today aand Sikandar Raza’s captaincy was spot on today. India have themselves to blame for this loss. Chamu Chibhabha deservedly receiving the man of the match for bhis heroics with the bat and a brilliant catch in the deep to dismiss Stuart Binny. Through this win Zimbabwe have leveled the 2-match series 1-1. Here’s Amit Banerjee’s match report

Live cricket score India 135/9 | Overs 20| Target 146|  BATTING: Mohit Sharma 3 (3), Sandeep Sharma 1 (1). THREE! Yorker from Mpofu and Bhuvi digs it out. but the batsmen scamper for three. ONE BYE! Swing and a miss from Mohit, batsmen run through. Bhuvneshwar is rin out at the non striker’s end. TWO! In the air and Raza’s acrobatic effort in vain as he drops a difficult catch. ONE! PLayed down the ground. ONe to finish. ZIMBABWE WIN! OUT Bhuvneshwar Kumar run out 9 (6)

Live cricket score India 127/8 | Overs 19| Target 146|  BATTING: Bhuvneshwar Kumar 6 (4), Mohit Sharma 0 (0). Muzarubani now. Buvi off the mark with a couple. ONE! Played to deep square. DOT! Yorker, Akshar digs it out. OUT! Full toss and Akshar holes out in the deep. TWO! Bhuvi hits it over covers. ONE to finish. 

Live cricket score India 121/7 | Overs 18| Target 146|  BATTING: Akshar Patel 13 (13). Mpofu now. TWO! Akshar plays it to the vacant mid wicket area. DOT!Akshar has a swing, but misses. ONE! Akshar plays to deep mid wicket. OUT! Samson plays it straight to the man at long off. FOUR! Akshar squeezes a yorker to the third man fence. DOT to finish.  OUT! Sanju Samson c Waller b Mpofu 19 (24)

Live cricket score India 114/6 | Overs 17| Target 146|  BATTING: Sanju Samson 19 (23), Akshar Patel 6 (8). Raza now. DOT! Akshar goes for the big shot, but fails. DOT! Played to covers. ONE! Played to long on. Samson on strike now. ONE! Samson pulls it to deep square leg. TWO! Akshar smashes the ball over covers. India still alive in this game. Just! ONE! Akshar looks to clear the covers, but dropped at covers.

Live cricket score India 109/6 | Overs 16| Target 146|  BATTING: Sanju Samson 18 (22), Akshar Patel 2 (3). Cremer now. OUT! Binny goes inside out, but a brilliant catch in the deep sees him being dismissed for 24. ONE! Samson plays the ball on the off side. Akshar Patel is the new batsman. DOT! Played to cover. ONE! Akshar sweeps to deep square leg.  ONE! Samson plays it to deep mid wicket. ONE to finish Cremer’s spell. Three wickets for him.   OUT! Stuart Binny c Chibhabha b Cremer 24 (23)

Live cricket score India 105/5 | Overs 15| Target 146|  BATTING:  Stuart Binny 24 (22), Sanju Samson 16 (20). Raza now. DOT! Played to bowler. DOT! Samson attempts a reverse sweep, misses. ONE! Played to deep point. ONE! Played to long off. ONE! Samson sweeps to deep square leg. ONE! Played to short third man by Binny.

Live cricket score India 101/5 | Overs 14| Target 146|  BATTING:  Stuart Binny 22 (20), Sanju Samson 14 (16). Muzarabani into the attack now. Bowled just the one over earlier. FOUR! Outside edge and the ball sails over third man. Lucky boundary for Samson. ONE! PLayed to third man. ONE! Played to mid wicket. DOT! Samson plays it to point. ONE! PLayed to short third man. ONE! Played to long on.

Live cricket score India 92/5 | Overs 13| Target 146|  BATTING:  Stuart Binny 20 (18), Sanju Samson 7 (13). DOT! Utseya into the attack, Binny defends. WIDE! Utseya bowls one down the leg side. DOT! Played to square leg. ONE! Played to deep mid wicket. ONE! Played to covers.DOT! Same shot, same results. ONE to finish.

Live cricket score India 89/5 | Overs 12| Target 146|  BATTING:  Stuart Binny 19 (15), Sanju Samson 6 (9). Williams now. Back-to-back boundaries for Binny and he sensibly follows it up with a single. ONE! Plays it to deep point. ONE! Played to long on.  Good over for India

Live cricket score India 78/5 | Overs 11| Target 146|  BATTING:  Stuart Binny 9 (11), Sanju Samson 5 (7). Cremrr continues. ONE! Binny gets a single to covers. TWO! Samson places it well and runs through for a couple. ONE! Samson plays it down the ground. ONE! Binny chips one in the air to the long on fence. ONE! Samson plays it to deep mid wicket. ONE ofinish.

Live cricket score India 71/5 | Overs 10| Target 146|  BATTING:  Stuart Binny 6 (8), Sanju Samson 1 (4). Williams continues and he bowls tight lines and lengths. New batsman Sanju Samson and Binny are happy to getthe singles at the moment. Zimbabwe can sense a win here.

Live cricket score India 69/5 | Overs 9| Target 146|  BATTING:  Stuart Binny 5 (6). Cremer continues. ONE! Jadhav drives through covers. DOT! Binny defends. ONE! Binny plays through covers. ONE! Jadhav playson the leg side. TWO! Binny plays with soft hands on the leg side. OUT! The batsmen look for another quick couple but a direct throw, dismisses Jadhav at the non striker’s end.  OUT! Kedar Jhadav run out 5 (6)

Live cricket score India 63/4 | Overs 8| Target 146|  BATTING: Kedar Jhadav 3 (4), Stuart Binny 1 (2). Sean Williams continues. ONE! Jhadav plays it to short third man. TWO! Uthappa plays with soft hands and collects a couple of runs. Good running. OUT! Uthappa plays one back straight to Williams. ONE! New batsman is off the mark. ONE! Jadhavv collects a single through covers. DOT to finish a successful over for Zimbabwe.  OUT! Robin Uthappa c & b Williams 42 (25)

Live cricket score India 58/3 | Overs 7| Target 146|  BATTING: Robin Uthappa 40 (23), Kedar Jhadav 1 (2). OUT! Graeme Cremer into the attack and he gets Vijay first ball. Vijay tries to pull but misses it completely and hits his wicket. DOT! Manish Pandey plays is first ball carefully. DOT! Played to covers . OUT! Pandey is adjudged LBW. DOT! New batsman Kedar Jhadav plays it to covers. ONE! Played to deep mid wicket.  OUT! Murali Vijay b Cremer 13 (11), Manish Pandey LBW b Cremer 0 (3)

Live cricket score India 57/1 | Overs 6  BATTING:Murali Vijay 13 (10), Robin Uthappa 40 (23). Sean Williams now. ONE! Vijay plays it down the ground. ONE! Uthappa too goes down the ground. SIX! Vujay sweeps it over the square leg fence. 50 up . ONE! Sensible from Vijay. DOT! Wrapped on the pads. FOUR! Reverse sweep from Uthappa. Another good over for India.

Live cricket score India 44/1 | Overs 5  BATTING:Murali Vijay 5 (7), Robin Uthappa 35 (20). Chamu Chibhabha into the attack nw. DOT! Vijay is wrapped on the pads. DOT! Played to covers. DOT! Vijay plays it to covers again, no run. ONE! Played to deep square leg. FOUR! Uthappa pulls  to the deep backward square leg fence. SIX! Again on leg and Uthappa flicks it for a six.

Live cricket score India 35/1 | Overs 4  BATTING:Murali Vijay 4 (3), Robin Uthappa 27 (18). Chris Mpofu into the attack now. Surprise bowlong change as Muzarabani bowled an excellent first over. DOT! Uthappa is beaten outside off. FOUR! Uthappa pulls the ball off the front foot through the mid wicket fence. DOT! Played defensively, stopped by the bowler. FOUR! Beautiful leg glance fetches a boundary. FOUR! Uthappa on fire as he smashes the ball to the mid wicket fence. DOT to finish. Expensive over.

Live cricket score India 23/1 | Overs 3  BATTING:Murali Vijay 4 (3), Robin Uthappa 15 (12). Prosper Utsea into the attack. 8 runs coming off the second over and India now look to consolidate in the third over now. Murali Vijay and Uthappa now look to be aggressive as Uthappa chips Utseya throughthe mid wicket fence. Sensible batting from the batsmen

Live cricket score India 5/1 | Overs 1  BATTING:Murali Vijay 0 (1), Robin Uthappa 1 (2). India lose an early wicket as Rahane is dismissed cheaply. The middle-order will now have to step up and deliver now. Zimbabwe make the best possible start. OUT! Ajinkya Rahane run out 4 (3)

Live cricket score Zimbabwe 145/7 | Overs 20  BATTING: Malcom Waller 6 (6), Graeme Cremer 0 (1). Mohit bowls the final over. DOT! Swing and a miss from Waller. ONE! Waller smashes it down the ground. OUT! Utesya plays it to Akshar, who runs in from deep square leg. TWO! Squeezed through point. ONE! Smashed to deep square leg. DOT! Swing and a miss.OUT! Prosper Utseya c Akshar b Mohit

Live cricket score Zimbabwe 141/6 | Overs 19  BATTING: Malcom Waller 2 (2), Prosper Utseya 1 (1) . Bhuvneshwar Kumar continues. OUT! Chibhabha gets a full delivery and hits the wickets after it goes through his legs. ONE! New batsman Malcom Waller is immediately off the mark. WIDE! Bhuvi bowls way outside off. WIDE! Bhuvi again bowls way outside off and Uthappa is not able to stop it. 5 bonus runs for Zimbabwe. DOT! On the money this time. A full ball on the toes. Good couple of deliveriues to finish.  OUT! Yorker and Ervine’s stumps are uprooted OUT! Chamu  Chibhabha b Bhuvneshwar 67 (51), Craig Ervine b Bhuvneshwar 7 (9)

Live cricket score Zimbabwe 132/4 | Overs 18  BATTING: Chamu Chabhabha 67 (50), Craig Ervine 7 (7) FOUR! Chibhabha looks to take on the bowling now.  ONE! Edged to third man. FOUR! Ervine goes over the mid off fielder. DOT! A slow, short delivery by Mohit outside off. ONE! Pulled to square leg.

Live cricket score Zimbabwe 121/4 | Overs 17  BATTING: Chamu Chabhabha 61 (46), Craig Ervine 2 (5) Bhuvneshwar Kumar now. DOT! Ervine hit on the thighs. WIDE! Bhuvi strays way down leg, good take by Uthappa. DOT! Full delivery, well blocked. ONE! Pulled for a single. DOT! Played safely away. 

Live cricket score Zimbabwe 116/4 | Overs 16  BATTING: Chamu Chabhabha 58 (43), Craig Ervine 1 (2) Stuart Binny now. ONE! Chibhabha plays to deep mid wicket. DOT! No run. COventry is struggling. OUT! Coventry is finally dismissed LBW to Binny. DOT! New batsman Craig Ervine plays it to fine leg. ONE! Ervin off the mark. TWO! Chibhabha clears Rahane at covers. OUT! Charles Coventry LBW b Binny 4 (10)

Live cricket score Zimbabwe 112/3 | Overs 15  BATTING: Chamu Chabhabha 55 (41), Charles Coventry 4 (8) Sandeep Sharma to bowl his final over. ONE! COventry plays the ball straight. ONE! Chibhabha scores his 4th half-century. ONE! Covernty plays it o long on. DOT! Chibhabha plays it to cover. FOUR! Chibhabha smashes the ball over point. ONE! Chibhabha played to deep midwicket.

Live cricket score Zimbabwe 104/3 | Overs 14 BATTING: Chamu Chabhabha 49 (37), Charles Coventry 2 (6). Akshar to bowl his final over. DOT! Chibhabha plays it on the offside. ONE! Played to long on. DOT! Coventry plays it to point. DOT! Coventry fails to connect the sweep. ONE! Coventry edges one past the bowler. FOUR to finish the over.

Live cricket score Zimbabwe 98/3 | Overs 13 BATTING: Chamu Chabhabha 44 (34), Charles Coventry 1 (3). Sandeep continues. DOT! Chibhabha plays it straight to point. FOUR! Chibhabha smashes the ball over covers. DOT! Chibhabha is beaten outside off. FOUR! Chibhabha smashes it to wide third man. ONE! Played towards point. DOT to finish.

Live cricket score Zimbabwe 89/3 | Overs 12 BATTING: Chamu Chabhabha 35 (29), Charles Coventry 1 (2) Akshar continues. OUT! Sean Williams plays it straight back to Akshar. Charles Coventry is the new batsman. DOT! Pushed towards off. ONE! Coventry driven to short cover. DOT! Chibhabha plays it to point. TWO! Chibhabha collects a couple. ONE to finish. OUT! Sean Williams c  & b Akshar 17 (18)

Live cricket score Zimbabwe 85/2 | Overs 11 BATTING: Chamu Chabhabha 32 (26), Sean Williams 17 (17). Sandeep Sharma into the attack. ONE! Williams slaps it to long off. ONE! Yorker by Sandeep, takes an inside edge goes to long leg. ONE! Low full toss played to long on. ONE! Full toss outside off, played to long off. FOUR! Williams smashes the ball over square leg. ONE to finish.

Live cricket score Zimbabwe 76/2 | Overs 10 BATTING: Chamu Chabhabha 30 (24), Sean Williams 10 (13). Akshar Patel continues. Williams charges down the track and drives it to long on. DOT! Chibhabha plays it to ppint. ONE! Played to long off. ONE! Pulled to deep square leg by Williams. FOUR! Chibhabha rocks back and pulls to mid wicket. TWO! Played to wide long on.

Live cricket score Zimbabwe 67/2 | Overs 9 BATTING: Chamu Chabhabha 23 (20), Sean Williams 8 (11). Murali Vijay continues. Great spin from Vijay as it beats everyone again and goes behind the wicket. ONE BYE. Bowled almost in block hole dug out by Williams. DOT! Played safely. ONE! Williams quietly plays for a single. DOT! Played to mid wicket.

Live cricket score Zimbabwe 63/2 | Overs 8 BATTING: Chamu Chabhabha 23 (17), Sean Williams 5 (8). Akshar Patel into the attack.FOUR BYES! Misses everything to boundary. ONE! Worlked down the leg side by Williams. ONE! Chibhabha punches off the back foot on the leg side. ONE! Williams in front of square.  Chibhabha quietly plays it away for a single.

Live cricket score Zimbabwe 55/2 | Overs 7 BATTING: Chamu Chabhabha 21 (15), Sean Williams 3 (4). Murali Vijay into the attack.ONE! Chibhabha cuts the ball to the deep. ONE! played on the off side, sweeper collects. ONE! Chibhabha slices over point. ONE! Sean Wiliams charges down the track and hits it over covers. ONE to finish.

Live cricket score Zimbabwe 49/2 | Overs 6 BATTING: Chamu Chabhabha 18 (12), Sean Williams 0 (1). Mohit Sharma into the attack. TWO! Short and Chibhabha smashes it to deep mid wicket. ONE Played to third man. DOT! Played safely. OUT! Chibhabha smashes the third man’s throat, throws away his wicket. Sean Williams is the new batsman. Just 4 runs off the over. OUT!  Sikandar Raza 8 (5)

Live cricket score Zimbabwe 45/1 | Overs 5 BATTING: Chamu Chabhabha 14 (9), Sikandar Raza 8 (5). Stuart Binny into the attack. DOT! Raza comes down the track, has a heave, misses it completely. FOUR! Raza pulls the ball to the mid wicket fence. ONE Played to third man. DOT Played to mid wicket. FOUR! Raza smashes it to covers. ONE! Played to mid on. 

Live cricket score Zimbabwe 35/1 | Overs 4 BATTING: Chamu Chabhabha 9 (6), Sikandar Raza 3 (2). DOT! Sandeep oversteps. FREE HIT! SIX! Masakadza smashes the ball over the long on fence. OUT! Masakadza edges one to Uthappa. Sandeep picks up his first international wicket. ONE! Raza gets three on the off side. FOUR! Chibhabha  smashes the ball to the square leg fence. Chihabha is beaten outside off. OUT! Hamilton Masakadza c Uthappa b Sandeep 19 (17)

Live cricket score Zimbabwe 21/0 | Overs 3 BATTING: Hamilton Masakadza 13 (14), Chamu Chabhabha 5 (4). Bhuvneshwar continues. FOUR! Short from Bhuvi, Masakadza quick to latch on to it as he pulls it for a four. DOT! Masakadza plays and misses outside off. DOT! Short ball, Masakadza leaves it alone. DOT! Bhuvi nowls down leg, but not adjudged wide. Masakadza not happy. ONE! Quick single on the off side. DOT! Played on off.

Live cricket score Zimbabwe 15/0 | Overs 2 BATTING: Hamilton Masakadza 8 (9), Chamu Chabhabha 5 (4)Sandeep Sharma begins his spell.ONE! Masakadza plays it to fine leg. Leg Bye. DOT! Chibhabha plays it to covers. ONE! Chibhabha plays it to deep square leg to get off the mark. WIDE! Sandeep strays down leg. DOT! Straight delivery played back towards the bowler. ONE! Chibhabha smashes it to mid wicket, a misfield fetches him a single. WIDE! Sandeep bowls way outside off. CHibhabha plays the ball off the back foot down the ground to collect his first boundary. 

Live cricket score Zimbabwe 7/0 | Overs 1 BATTING: Hamilton Masakadza 7 (6), Chamu Chabhabha 0 (0). Zimbabwe off to a positive start but none of the shots they played are genuine cricket shots. Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowls a good over but Zimbabwe need to play much better now.

Playing XI

India: Ajinkya Rahane (c), Murali Vijay, Robin Uthappa, Manish Pandey, Kedar Jadhav, Stuart Binny, Sanju Samson, Akshar Patel, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohit Sharma, Sandeep Sharma.

Zimbabwe: Hamilton Masakadza, Chamu Chibhabha, Charles Coventry(wk), Sikandar Raza(c), Craig Ervine,  Graeme Cremer, Prosper Utseya, Malcom Waller, Sean Williams, Chris Mpofu, Taurai Muzarabani

Elton Chigumbura has suffered an injury and will miss out as a result of which Sikandar Raza is will lead the side. Harbhajan Singh has been rested and Sanju Samson makes his international debut.

Toss: Zimbabwe have won the toss, will bat first

He along with other players like Murali Vijay, Manish Pandey and skipper Ajinkya Rahane will look to contribute a bit more than what they did in the first match. As far as the bowling goes, it will be interesting to see if fast bowler Sandeep Sharma gets a game after he was very expensive on his international debut. India vs Zimbabwe 2015, 2nd T20I at Harare: Preview

Sanju Samson, who was called as a replacement for Ambati Rayudu might get an opportunity to make his international debut in place of either Manoj Tiwary or Kedar Jhadav. For Zimbabwe, they will look to their bowlers to be much more disciplined in this game than they were in the previous game as the gave away 23 extras. They must look to save every run possible in order to have any chance against this rampant Indian team. Elton Chigumbura will be aware of that and would have instructed his boys on the same. Top order batsmen like Chamu Chibhabha, Hamilton Masakadza and the skipper himself must step up to the plate and score some runs to ease the pressure on the middle-order and lower-order. READ: India aim to end Zimbabwe tour 2015 on winning note

India lead the two-match T20I series 1-0. India also completed a whitewash in the One-Day International (ODI) series preceding this series.


Zimbabwe: Elton Chigumbura (c), Richmond Mutumbami (wk), Regis Chakabva (wk), Chamu Chibhabha, Graeme Cremer, Neville Madziva, Hamilton Masakadza, Tinashe Panyangara, Vusimuzi Sibanda, Sikandar Raza, Donald Tiripano, Prosper Utseya, Brian Vitori, Malcolm Waller, Sean Williams.

India: Ajinkya Rahane (c), Robin Uthappa (wk), Kedar Jadhav (wk), Sanju Samson (wk), Stuart Binny, Harbhajan Singh, Dhawal Kulkarni, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Manish Pandey, Akshar Patel, Sandeep Sharma, Mohit Sharma, Manoj Tiwary, Murali Vijay.

Catch ball by ball commentary of the India vs Zimbabwe, 2nd T20I at Harare here