Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of the ninth season of Indian Premier League (IPL) 2016. I am Paulami Chakraborty and I will bring to you all the updates of Match 37 between Mumbai Indians (MI) and Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) at the Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy ACA-VDCA Cricket Stadium, Visakhapatnam. This will be a crucial fight for both the teams as a lot of equations in the top four are about to change with the match. SRH, who are currently at No. 4 of the points table, will look to maintain their position while MI, who are at No. 5, will seek an opportunity to get through to the top four. Live Cricket Scorecard: Mumbai Indians vs Sunrisers Hyderabad, IPL 2016 Match 37 at Visakhapatnam

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 92 in overs 16.3, Batting: Harbhajan Singh 21(22): Bumrah to bowl. Starts with a yorker, Bumrah has no clue. Fullish, outside off, to point, no run. GONE! Edged and taken! Bumrah goes for 6. SUNRISERS HYDERABAD WIN BY 85 RUNS! Man of the Match: Ashish Nehra for his brilliant spell.

Brilliant all-round performance by the SRH team as they put up a good batting performance and back that up by a terrific bowling performance to bundle MI within 100.

OUT! Jasprit Bumrah c Naman Ojha (wk) b Barinder Sran 6(9)

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 92/9 in overs 16, Batting: Harbhajan Singh 21(22), Jasprit Bumrah 6(6): Bhuvneshwar Kumar to continue. No runs off the first two. Finally a single off the third, Harbhajan plays to cover. Another single, Bumrah sends the ball to fine leg. Wide, Bhuvneshwar not happy. FOUR! Diving effort from Dhawan, but it reaches the ropes.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 85/9 in overs 15, Batting: Harbhajan Singh 16(17), Jasprit Bumrah 5(5): Barinder Sran continues. FOUR! Cuts it to the thirdman and gets a four, not a typical batsman like cut, but runs matter at this point. Similarly played to thirdman, single taken. Wide, Harbhajan leaves. Sends the next to cover, takes a single. No runs off the next two.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 78/8 in overs 14, Batting: Harbhajan Singh 15(16), Mitchell McClenaghan 8(8): Mustafizur to continue. FOUR! McClenaghan plays a clever shot, sits down and uses the pace of the ball to scoop it over the keeper’s head. Hits the next hard to long-on, single. Harbhajan swings and misses. A wide, as Harbhajan can’t get to the ball. Harbhajan leaves and a wide again. Quite rare from Mustafizur. Harbhajan plays the next to square leg, gets a single. A swing and a miss. OUT! McClenaghan positions himself too early and way past off stump, goes up and Moises Henriques takes it. Time for STRATEGIC TIMEOUT!

OUT! Mitchell McClenaghan c Moises Henriques b Mustafizur Rahman 8(9)

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 70/8 in overs 13, Batting: Harbhajan Singh 14(14), Mitchell McClenaghan 3(5): Henriques continues. A single to start. McClenaghan goes up to long on, great effort by Warner there who attempted a catch, stopped a boundary. FOUR! Harbhajan remained lucky there, inside edged and the ball ran for boundary. Single follows. A dot after that. Hammered the next, to mid-wicket, single.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 62/8 in overs 12, Batting: Harbhajan Singh 8(11), Mitchell McClenaghan 1(2): OUT! Tim Southee departs. Signature offcutter and Southee gets a good edge. What kind of a shot was that now? McClenaghan somehow gets bat and ball connected. No run. Commentators amused. Fullish, sent to mid-wicket, one run. Angling outside off, Harbhajan leaves it. Tries to defend, deflects to cover, manages a run.

OUT! Tim Southee c Naman Ojha (wk) b Mustafizur Rahman 3(4)

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 58/7 in overs 11, Batting: Harbhajan Singh 5(8), Tim Southee 3(3): Henriques to continue. Outside off, to point, no run. Harbhajan plays the next to cover, two runs. No runs off the next. A single of the next. Nice ball, played to cover for a single. A dot to finish the over.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 54/7 in overs 10, Batting: Harbhajan Singh 2(3), Tim Southee 2(2): OUT! Mustafizur starts off with a wicket, Hardik Pandya is gone! Was it really edged? No nick, says the meter. Tim Southee into the field. Fullish, to long-on, single. Outside off, slower, no run. Single off the next. Southee sends the next for a single. Harbhajan hits the next straight to mid-offfor a single.

OUT! Hardik Pandya c Naman Ojha (wk) b Mustafizur Rahman 7(16)

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 50/6 in overs 9, Batting: Hardik Pandya 7(15), Harbhajan Singh 0(0): Henriques with the ball. Slower on to start with, outside off, to the mid-off, no run. Hardik sends the ball to square leg, one run. Sent to mid-off, no runs. OUT! It is the big man, Pollard.

OUT! Kieron Pollard c Barinder Sran b Moises Henriques 11(13)

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 48/5 in overs 8, Batting: Hardik Pandya 4(10), Kieron Pollard 11(11): FOUR! Full length outside off, hits straight and it goes for a one bounce four to the long-off boundary. Outside off, short, sent to point, no runs. FOUR! Goes down the crease, pulled to square. No run off th enexy. Pollard sends the next to point, takes a single. Hardik hammers the next to extra cover, single.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 38/5 in overs 7, Batting: Hardik Pandya 1(4), Kieron Pollard 2(6): Henriques with the ball. Bowls at leg, short length, single. Single off the next two. Pollard steers the next to fine leg, gets a couple of runs. A single follows. A dot to end.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 32/5 in overs 6, Batting: Hardik Pandya 2(7), Kieron Pollard 0(3): Ashish Nehra to continue. Going for good length deliveries, Hardik trying to defend, looking for balls to play. Pulls it to square leg, takes a single. No runs off the next two. Yet another good over by the experienced bowler.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 31/5 in overs 5, Batting: Hardik Pandya 1(4), Kieron Pollard 0(0): Good length, outside off, missed. OUT! This is great stuff from the SRH bowlers! Good length, outside off, Hardik defends, no run. Similar delivery, fails to get any runs again. Hardik playing carefully, he knows they can’t lose wicket now. Sran getting bounce, his height helping him even more. A single off the last, a wicket and just a run.

OUT! Krunal Pandya c Shikhar Dhawan b Barinder Sran 17 (11)

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 30/4 in overs 4, Batting:Krunal Pandya 17(9): Ashish Nehra continues. Chance of a run out, but in time makes it. SIX! Beautiful shot off a short length ball as Pandya hits it straight over Nehra’s head with a strong face of a straight bat. Flicked the next one through square leg, single. OUT! Rayudu goes up to lose his wicket. Rayudu had no clue of the bouncer, gets the leading edge, and gives in to Williamson at backward point. OUT! Brilliant catch from Ojha as he dives to his right to catch the ball as Buttler edges it. Brilliant over by Nehra.

OUT! Jos Buttler c Naman Ojha(wk) b Ashish Nehra 2(2)

OUT! Ambati Rayudu c Kane Williamson b Ashish Nehra 6(6)

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 20/2 in overs 3, Batting:Krunal Pandya 10(7), Ambati Rayudu 5(4): Bhuvneshwar Kumar into the attack. Rayudu defends with a straight bat, it gets through the gap and bounces over the stumps and lands to the keeper. FOUR! Good length, at leg stump, Rayudu flicks to square leg. A single off the next. Save a boundary! Krunal gets the top edge, goes up and very good fielding effort. FOUR! Gets it through mid-off this time.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 9/2 in overs 2, Batting:Krunal Pandya 4(5), Ambati Rayudu 0(0): BOWLED HIM! Full outside off, angling in and gets a fine inside edge off Rohit’s bat and removes the off stump. Brilliant piece of bowling from the experienced Nehra as he gives no more runs so far. Krunal Pandya struggling. Swing and a miss. Krunal defends the next. FOUR! Change in length and Krunal makes no mistake, sending it for four runs.

OUT! Rohit Sharma b Ashish Nehra 5(3)

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 4/0 in overs 1, Batting: Rohit Sharma 5(2): FOUR! Rohit Sharma goes off the mark straight away with four. Sends the in-swinger to square leg. Good length, outside off, single off the next. Very good delivery as  he comes back with the ball, appealed half-heartedly. Full length, outside off, to point, brilliant save by Kane Williamson there. OUT! Appealed and given. Parthiv not happy, probably clipping the stumps.

OUT! Parthiv Patel lbw Bhuvneshwar Kumar 0(4)

*MI’s innings starts*

“A very positive innings from SRH. Shikhar Dhawan played a class-apart innings, he looked in a very good touch and that is surely a good news for SRH. The best thing to happen to the team is the comeback of Yuvraj Singh. The player elevated the innings with his cameo and the team will now expect him to become one crucial part of the batting. Another point that skipper Warner would love is to see other player take up responsibilities after where he leaves it. Many positives for the side to take from the innings.”

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 177/3 in overs 20, Batting: Shikhar Dhawan 82(57), Moises Henriques 1(2): McClenaghan to bowl the final. FOUR! Comes outside off, with a flick of wrist places it wonderfully Yuvraj gets four runs. In the blockhole and Yuvraj plays straight to mid-wicket. Dhawan flat bats the next to long off and takes a single. HIT WICKET! Yuvraj goes for a bizarre dismissal. Henriques faces the ball directly, swing and a miss. Flicks to leg side for a single. And that’s it, SRH SET A TARGET OF 178 FOR MI.

OUT! Yuvraj Singh hit wicket 39(23)

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 170/2 in overs 19, Batting: Shikhar Dhawan 81(56), Yuvraj Singh 34(20): Bumrah to bowl his final. Yuvraj tickles to leg side, single. Dhawan tries another scoop, fails to connect, remained lucky as it goes just above a jumping Parthiv, single. Swing and a miss, Yuvraj looks for a run, comes back. Full toss, lands just short of Pollard at long on. SIX! Dhawan joins the feast, gets to the pitch of the ball, uses bottom hand and powers over square leg. FOUR! Beats fine leg, huge over for SRH!

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 157/2 in overs 18, Batting: Shikhar Dhawan 70(53), Yuvraj Singh 32(17): Tim Southee to continue. Dhawan tries to hammer, gets the inside edge, couple of runs. Ooutside off, good length, hit straight to mid-off, single. SIX! Yuvi’s on a roll! Short, slower, over the mid-wicket. Pulled it to square keg, single taken. FOUR! Dhawan takes backward square leg. Yorks it, outwits Dhawan, no run.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 143/2 in overs 17, Batting: Shikhar Dhawan 63(49), Yuvraj Singh 25(15): FOUR! Straight away to Bumrah. A yorker but plays with the line. SCOOPED IT FOR FOUR! Dhawan comes outside off, lets the bat land on his bat, uses the pace, it lands at fine leg safe for 4. FOUR! Ambati Rayudu tries to stop it at deep as Dhawan sends the full toss to backward square. Single to end.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 130/2 in overs 16, Batting: Shikhar Dhawan 50(43), Yuvraj Singh 25(15): McClenaghan to continue. Bouncers, Dhawan misses completely, hits his pad, appealed but quite high. Single taken. Yet another bouncer, pulled hard, bounces and finds the fielder at deep midwicket. FOUR! Outside off, Dhawan hammers it down to thirdman boundary. Pulled with all of him and Dhawan gets his fifty. Bouncer, called wide, the bowler to bowl it once again. Fullish, slower and Yuvraj goes for a late cut, middles it totally and it runs to cover boundary. Similar shot, misfield at extra cover, fielded at deep.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 116/2 in overs 15, Batting: Shikhar Dhawan 45(40), Yuvraj Singh 18(12): Pollard to continue. FOUR! Pollard took a run up earlier, did not bowl and Yuvraj this time replies with cover drive. wide outside off, fullish and punished. SIX! Full length at off stump and Yuvraj’s signature shot over long on. Pulls the next to fine leg, single. Dhawan plays the next to mid off, single. Hits the gloves and Yuvraj goes up over the keeper’s head, lands safe, 2 runs. Coming around the wicket, swing and a miss, no run.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 102/2 in overs 14, Batting: Shikhar Dhawan 44(39), Yuvraj Singh 5(7): Southee to continue. Played to cover, no run. Yuvraj cuts it through cover, a couple of runs. Bouncer, Yuvraj ducked. Comes down the pitch, single. Great shot! Dhawan makes room, cuts to point, fielded at deep, two runs. Wide, no run. 100 comes up for SRH.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 96/2 in overs 13, Batting: Shikhar Dhawan 41(36), Yuvraj Singh 2(4): Jasprit Bumrah with the ball. Short, outside off, just a sinngle as Dhawan plays to cover. Yuvraj takes a single. Dhawan dances down the ground, hits the good length ball straight, no run. Slower, Dhawan sends to legside, takes single. Yorker, Yuvraj flicks to leg, Dhawan came halfway down the crease, chance of a run out, but neither a perfect direct hit and no fielder behind the non-strikers. No run off the last.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 93/2 in overs 12, Batting: Shikhar Dhawan 38(31), Yuvraj Singh 1(1): Harbhajan to continue. Starts with a single. Outside off, good length, Williamson defends. OUT! What a catch by Rohit Sharma! Takes a diving catch with perfection at mid-wicket as Williamson fails to connect properly. Big wicket. Just a single after that. Great over.

OUT! Kane Williamson c Rohit Sharma b Harbhajan Singh 2(5)

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 90/1 in overs 11, Batting: Kane Williamson 2(3), Shikhar Dhawan 37(30): Krunal Pandya to bowl. Single to start. Williamson cuts to point, single. Dhawan plays the next to mid-off, single. At leg stump to Williamson, plays to mid-wicket. A single to end.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 85/1 in overs 10, Batting: Kane Williamson 0(1), Shikhar Dhawan 34(26): Harbhajan to continue. MI’s fielding has been exceptional so far, both batsmen finding hard to look for gaps. A wide called. FOUR! Brilliantly pulls to extra cover as Warner clearly understands Harbhajan’s tendency to bowl wide. Swing and a miss. FOUR! Beautiful straight drive from the skipper. OUT! Pollard takes a simple catch. Kane Williamson defends the next.

OUT! David Warner c Kieron Pollard b Harbhajan Singh 48(33)

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 76/0 in overs 9, Batting: David Warner 40(28), Shikhar Dhawan 34(26): Pollard into the attack. Wide outside off, umpire does not call wide, upsets Dhawan, no run. Single, outside off, to cover. Slower paced, to long-off single. FOUR! Pollard bowls it somewhere far behind the line and it runs far for four runs. Single follows. The next is way too wide. Good length, Warner cuts it to point. Single.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 67/0 in overs 8, Batting: David Warner 37(22), Shikhar Dhawan 28(22):Harbhajan Singh to bowl. Shorter length, cut to cover, good stop by Hardik. Swing and a miss. Outside off, Warner reaches to it, cuts to point, stopped. Single. FOUR! Good, Fielder confused whether to stop by hand or leg, it goes through. A single to end.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 61/0 in overs 7, Batting: David Warner 37(22), Shikhar Dhawan 23(20): Hardik Pandya into the attack. Dhawan looking for a run, but comes back. To deep square leg, fielded, two runs. Slower on off, no run. FOUR! Bumrah tries to stop at the deep, hits his jaw in the process. Great great shot by Dhawan, takes the mid-wicket but fielder at deep, two runs. Flicked to Square leg, fielded at deep, two runs. 11 runs off the over. TIME FOR STRATEGIC TIME OUT!

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 51/0 in overs 6, Batting: David Warner 37(22), Shikhar Dhawan 13(14): McClenaghan. Wraner cuts to point, single. It’s really humid there at Visakhapatnam. Yet another brilliant piece of fielding, this time by Rayudu who stops a certain boundary at point. FOUR! Bottom-hand powered to mid-off and a four! FOUR! The fielder fails this time as Ravi Shastri would have said, ‘it went past like a tracer bullet’, through the cover. Trying a bouncer, outside off, Warner hits to  extra cover, single. 50 up. Dhawan sends the next to square leg, call for two, but just a single taken.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 40/0 in overs5, Batting: David Warner 28(18), Shikhar Dhawan 11(12): Bumrah comes it. FOUR! Warner hammers it through point, good length. Good length again, change in line, bowls at leg stump. No run. Wraner gets a top edge this time, takes no run. Warner inspired by Kohli’s knock last night? Swing and a miss off a slower one, no jinxing intended. Very tight fielding by the MI team, Warner drives it straight to mid off, fielded, single. Another single to end.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 34/0 in overs 4, Batting: David Warner 23(16), Shikhar Dhawan 10(8): Harbhajan Singh into the attack. Single to start. SIX! Full at off stump, Warner settles on his knee and hits over mid-wicket. Cuts the next to cover, fielder there. FOUR! Made room, got it through the fielders at cover and point, beautiful. Sent the next to cover, no run. Great stop by Rohit as Warner makes room and cuts to cover, Rohit executes a flying stop there.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 23/0 in overs 3, Batting: David Warner 12(10), Shikhar Dhawan 10(8): Southee with the swings. Just a single off the first. Brilliant shot, brilliant fielding by Rohit Sharma as he chases and stops a boundary, 3 runs off that. Upper cut, Warner sends it through point, single. Dhawan sends the next to square leg for a single. Warner defends the next, steals a couple of runs. Slower, at the pads, single to end it.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 14/0 in overs 2, Batting: David Warner 7(6), Shikhar Dhawan 6(6): Mitchell McClenaghan into the attack. Good length, Dhawan blocks it down. Angling it towards leg-stump, good length, the batsmen steal a single. Dhawan cuts it to cover, no run. Beautiful cut by Dhawan, good timing, cuts through backward point, just a single as there is a fielder at deep. Angling to leg, good length, Warner defends and takes a single. FOUR! Bouncer this time, Dhawan hooks to fine leg.

Live Cricket Score, Sunrisers Hyderabad 7/0 in overs 1, Batting: David Warner 5(3), Shikhar Dhawan 1(3): Tim Southee opens the bowling and Warner to take the strike. FOUR! Warner goes off the mark straight away! Single, off the pad! Southee tumbles and got up to appeal, high, umpire not interested. Some problems with the sight screen. Good length, Dhawan defends to square leg, Warner says no to run. Dhawan struggling on the next, Southee looking to york? Fullish, Dhawan cuts it to third-man. Yorks it in the final, Dhawan defends to mid-off.

Playing XI:

Mumbai Indians (MI): Rohit Sharma (c), Parthiv Patel (wk), Amabti Rayudu, Jos Buttler, Krunal Pandya, Kieron Pollard, Hardik Pandya, Harbhajan Singh, Jasprit Bumrah, Tim Southee, Mitchell McClenaghan

Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH): David Warner (c), Shikhar Dhawan, Kane Williamson, Moises Henriques, Yuvraj Singh, Deepak Hooda, Naman Ojha (wk), Bhuveneshwar Kumar, Barinder Sran, Ashish Nehra, Mustafizur Rahman

TOSS: Mumbai Indians won the toss and elected to bowl.

The Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH), who currently are the only team to have an overseas captain, have done really well. Skipper David Warner has used his limited options of batting and bowling well to become one of the strongest teams in contest and his captaincy must be praised. He himself also have performed outstandingly and is one of the names in line for the Orange Cap this season. SRH’s bowling also demands applauds, as the team, despite the absence of any experienced spinner, has maintained their winning run. The team will be immensely confident coming from back to back victories.

Mumbai Indians, on the other hand, have disappointed with their performance so far. The team, though has many talented players and match-winners in it, has in many occasions failed to put in front a performance as a team and have lost matches consequentially. Apart from Rohit Sharma, one name who has grabbed attention this season is Krunal Pandya as he came in handy with both bat and ball at the time of need. The reigning champions will definitely look to bag a win in their first game at their new home ground.


Sunrisers Hyderabad: David Warner (c), Yuvraj Singh, Ashish Nehra, Eoin Morgan, Moises Henriques, Shikhar Dhawan, Naman Ojha (wk), Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Siddarth Kaul, Karn Sharma, Abhimanyu Mithun, Tirumalsetti Suman, Bipul Sharma, Ashish Reddy, Aditya Tare, Kane Williamson, Trent Boult, Ben Cutting, Vijay Shankar, Barinder Sran, Ricky Bhui, Deepak Hooda, Mustafizur Rahman.

Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma (c), Parthiv Patel (wk), Harbhajan Singh, Martin Guptill, Kieron Pollard, Tim Southee, Vinay Kumar, Jos Buttler, Ambati Rayudu, Mitchell McClenaghan, Unmukt Chand, Marchant de Lange, Akshay Wakhare, Corey Anderson, Nitish Rana, Siddhesh Lad, Jasprit Bumrah, Hardik Pandya, Shreyas Gopal, Jitesh Sharma, Deepak Punia, Suchith, Kishore Kamath, Nathu Singh, Krunal Pandya.

Time: 20:00 IST | 14:30 GMT