Joe Root was the star for England today © Getty Images
Joe Root was the star for England today © Getty Images

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Pakistan 252/6 | Overs 48.5: After a single in the first ball by Misbah, Shahid Afridi defends the nest to balls and then lobs the ball over mid off to the boundary. Pakistan just three runs away from a win and Afridi finishes it off with a boundary after it goes through the hands of James Anderson at mid-off. Misbah-ul-Haq 91 (99),  Shahid Afridi 8 (6) Here’s our match report

Pakistan 243/6  | Overs 48: First ball from James Anderson disappears to the boundary and is followed by a single. Misbah, who was on strike gives the strike back to Maqsood. Anderson has bowled three slow balls till now and the fourth one was a quicker one that  gets him a wicket. Sohaib Maqsood is out for 20 off 12 deliveries, which brings SHAHID AFRIDI to the crease. He plays the ball towards mid on, but no run. He smashes the ball towards covers, but no run again. Misbah-ul-Haq 89 (97),  Shahid Afridi 0 (2)

Pakistan 237/5| Overs 47: Misbah takes a single off the first ball and Sohaib Maqsood then smashes the ball over backward point and gets a couple of runs. Maqsood is not able to connect with the ball as Maqsood manages to get a leg-bye. Misbah then drives the ball over the bowler’s end to get another couple of runs. Misbah is not able to connect a short ball from Jordan as the ball goes straight to Jos Buttler and Jordan bowls a wide and the extra delivery is put away for a boundary, who is earing his century. Misbah-ul-Haq 89 (97), Sohaib Maqsood 15 (9)

Pakistan 226/5 | Overs 46: Misbah takes a single off the first ball and and gets the strike back in the fourth ball. He again takes a single to bring Maqsood back on strike. The last ball disappears for a boundary and Pakistan inch closer to a victory. Misbah-ul-Haq 82 (93), Sohaib Maqsood 13 (7)

Pakistan 219/5  | Overs 45: Stuart Broad bowls a short ball to Umar Akmal, which disappears for a boundary but Broad gets his revenge as he dismisses Umar Akmal caught behind for 65 off 66 balls. Sohaib Maqsood is the new batsman and he pulls a short delivery to the deep fine leg boundary for a four and he’s immediately beaten in the next delivery. Maqsood ends the over in style as he scores another boundary. Misbah-ul-Haq 80 (91), Sohaib Maqsood 8 (3)

Pakistan 207/4 | Overs 44: Misbah manages to get a single off the first ball from Chris Jordan and the second ball nips back in sharple and beats Umar Akmal. Akmal swings again and misses. Akmal gets a single by playing the ball to deep mid-wicket and Misbah plays the next ball to point, no run. Jordan then bowls a shot ball over the head of Misbah and the umpire rightly signals a wide. The over ends with a dot. Misbah-ul-Haq 80 (91), Umar Akmal 61 (63)

Pakistan 204/4 | Overs 43: After a dot ball from Broad off the first ball, Misbah reads the ball and smashes the ball over mid off’s head for a boundary, he then pulls the ball to deep fine leg for a single, which brings up the 200 for Pakistan.Umar Akmal seems to be in a hurry as he pulls the ball to mid-wicket fence. He then charges down to Broad, who bowls a short ball and it goes into the keeper’s hands as Akmal ducks at the right time. The last ball is a dot as Pakistan get nine from that over. Misbah-ul-Haq 79 (88), Umar Akmal 60 (60)

Pakistan 195/4  | Overs 42: Chris Jordan’s first ball of the 42nd over disappears over the mid-wicket fence for a six, which brings up his half-century he then launches the ball over mid-on’s head for a couple of runs. Akmal misses a ball full and wide outside his off stump as the ball rolls to the keeper. A slow bouncer from Chris Jordan is safely played towards deep square leg for a single. Misbah then plays the ball to backward square leg, no run. Misbah then guides the ball into deep square for a single to end the over. 10 runs from it. Misbah-ul-Haq 74 (85), Umar Akmal 56 (57)

Pakistan 185/4 | Overs 41: Ravi Bopara is now back into the attack and Umar Akmal gets a single off the first ball. Misbah then drives the ball to deep cover to pick up another single. Akmal then charges down the track and the ball takes the outside edge and the ball goes for four, which brings up the 100 partnership as well. Akmal then takes a single off the next ball and Misbah drives the ball straight down the ground for another boundary. 11 runs from that over for Pakistan. Misbah-ul-Haq 73 (83), Umar Akmal 47 (53)

Pakistan 174/4 | Overs 40: James Anderson starts the 40 to over off with a wide down the leg side. Anderson then tries to give himself room but Anderson follows him and the ball slips in between bat and pad to the keeper. Anderson then bowls it from the back of his hand and Misbah plays it cautiously and the next one goes straight to mid-wicket. Misbah is looking to get some quick runs here. He finally gets a run off the fifth ball and brings Umar Akmal on strike for the first time this over. The batsmen run through for a single as the ball goes to the wicket-keeper, who misses it and the batsmen run through for a single. Just three runs from that over. Misbah-ul-Haq 68 (80), Umar Akmal 41 (50)

Pakistan 171/4 | Overs 39: After a good stop by England skipper Eoin Morgan, Umar Akmal smashes Chris Jordan out of the park to collect another six. Jordan loses his concentration and bowls a wide in the process. A slower bouncer is then put away in the vacant square leg area for a single, which brings Misbah on strike and he runs the ball down to third man to collect another single. Akmal then hits another slower ball to deep mid-wicket for a single and Misbah turns it around the corner to pick up a single to give Pakistan 11 runs off that over. Misbah-ul-Haq 67 (75), Umar Akmal 41 (49)

Pakistan 160/4 | Overs 38: Misbah pulls Stuart Broad to deep mid-wicket and he collects a single, which is followed by a three more singles. Just four runs cming off that over from Broad and the match is very evenly poised at this stage. Misbah and Umar Akmal need to get Pakistan home. Misbah-ul-Haq 65 (73), Umar Akmal 33 (45)

Pakistan 156/4 | Overs 37: Chris Jordan is now into the attack and Misbah runs the ball down to third man for a single Umar Akmal then hits the ball hard, but it goes straight to the mid on fielder. Akmal then charges down the wicket and goes for a slog, but misses it completely as the ball goes to the wicket-keeeper. He finally manages to pull the ball towards deep mid-wicket for a single and it’s a no-ball as well. FREE HIT for Pakistan. Misbah is not able to capitalise on it as he plays it straight to mid on. Jordan bowls a beauty as the ball crashes into Misbah’s elbow. He seems to be alright though. He then runs the ball down to third man and picks up a single to retain the strike for the next over. Misbah-ul-Haq 64 (71), Umar Akmal 30 (41)

Pakistan 152/4 | Overs 36: James Anderson is back into the attack and Misbah immediately takes a single off the first ball. Umar Akmal then pulls Anderson to deep square leg to pick up another single. Misbah agains turns the ball around the corner for another single, which brings up the 150 for Pakistan. Akmal makes sure that he is not stuck at an end as he picks up another single, followed by a dot by Misbah. Misbah will keep the strike as he picks up a single off the last ball of the first over of the battingpowerplay. Misbah-ul-Haq 62 (67), Umar Akmal 29 (38)

Pakistan 147/4 | Overs 35: Joe Root comes on to ball his first over of the match, which will be the last over before the batting powerplay. He ends the over on a high as he concedes just three runs from that over. England doing very well to restrict Pakistan at the moment. Misbah-ul-Haq 59 (63), Umar Akmal 27 (36)

Pakistan 144 | Overs 34: Ravi Bopara is in the attack and bowls a gentle delivery, which is well defended by Misbah and a misfield leads to a single down to mid on that brings Umar Akmal on strike, who is unable to get a single after he tries to run the ball down to third man. Bopara then bowls a clever slow bouncer, which is fended away to short fine leg for a single. Misbah takes a single to square leg to end the over. Pakistan need another 107 runs to win from 16 over. Misbah-ul-Haq 57 (61), Umar Akmal 26 (32)

Pakistan 141/4 | Overs 33: The first ball from Stuart Broad is played down to third an for a single and Umar Akmal plays the ball back to Broad, no run. Brod bowls a superb bouncer in the third ball and follows it up with another good delivery to keep the over quiet. Akmal is beaten outside his off stump as he is deceived by a leg-cutter and the last ball is played straight to backward point. Just one run from that over. Great stuff. Misbah-ul-Haq 55 (57), Umar Akmal 25 (30)

Pakistan 140/4 | Overs 32: After Umar Akmal takes a single, Misbah hoists Moeen Ali for a four over long off boundary and follows it up with a six in the same area to reach his 50 of just 53 balls. Excellent innings by the skipper. He then tries to cut the ball, but it takes the edge and pitches in front of the backward point player, which is followed by a dot and a single off the last ball for Misbah to retain the strike. Misbah-ul-Haq 54 (56), Umar Akmal 25 (25)

Pakistan 128/4  | Overs 31: Misbah plays the first ball of the Stuart Broad over for a single down to third man. Umar Akmal takes a quick single as he plays the ball to Moeen Ali, who is standing at mid on. Broad bowls a short ball, Misbah tries to cut the ball over the keeper but misses it completely and runs the next ball down to third man again for a single, which brings up the 50-run stand between the two.  Akmal agains takes a quick single at mid on and Misbah quietly defends the final ball of the over. Misbah-ul-Haq 43 (51), Umar Akmal 24 (24)

Pakistan 124/4 | Overs 30: Moeen Ali continues with Pakistan having gained some momentum in the last few overs. Umar Akmal plays the first ball to square leg and the second one to short third man, but no run. He gets a single of the third ball through square leg to bring Misbah on strike. Misbah plays with a straight back as Moeen retrieves the ball and gets a single off the fifth ball down to short fine leg. Akmal successfully defends the final ball. Misbah-ul-Haq 41 (47), Umar Akmal 22 (22)

Pakistan 102/4 | Overs 26: 100 up formPakistan! It’s been a struggle to get this far but they still have a chance to win the match with hard-hitting batsmen like Shahid Afridi to follow. Misbah manages to get a boundary as well, which will be required every over from now. England right on top at the moment.Misbah-ul-Haq 29 (34), Umar Akmal 12 (11)

Pakistan 91/4 | Overs 25: Six runs from that over from James Tredwell and Pakistan need many more runs in order to win the match from here on. Tredwell has managed to create a lot of pressure and has restricted the Pakistan batsmen to a great extent. Misbah-ul-Haq 23 (30), Umar Akmal 8 (9)

Pakistan 85/4 | Overs 24: Moeen Ali again gets through his over quickly and it adds to the pressure on the Pakistani batsmen. Moeen is bowling well in tandem with James Tredwell at the other end and the duo are doing a good job of controlling the runs. Misbah-ul-Haq 21 (27), Umar Akmal 4 (6)

Pakistan 83/4 | Overs 23: OUT! James Tredwell gets another wicket as he dismisses the well set Haris Sohail for 33 off 56 balls. Sohail was growing impatient and took the aerial route and but he could only find Gary Ballance in the deep, who doesn’t make any mistake. Just five runs and a wicket for Tredwell from that over. Misbah-ul-Haq 18 (22), Umar Akmal 3 (3)

Pakistan 78/3| Overs 22:  Moeen Ali bowls another good over as he manages to keep the Pakistan batsmen under check. He is bowling well along with James tredwell at the other end. Pakistan are slowly trying to up the ante though.  Haris Sohail 33 (55), Misbah-ul-Haq 18 (22)

Pakistan 75/3| Overs 21: Just four runs from that over from James Tredwell as Pakistan still need 176 from 29 overs. It’s still gettable but Pakistan have to consolidate in these middle overs. England will be happy with the progress but they need a few more wickets soon. Haris Sohail 31 (51), Misbah-ul-Haq 17 (20)

Pakistan 71/3 | Overs 20: Great over from Moeen Ali as he gives away just three singles in his over. Both Misbah-ul-Haq and Haris Sohail play him out very carefully and the spinners at both ends are getting through their overs very quickly. Haris Sohail 30 (48), Misbah-ul-Haq 14 (17)

Pakistan 68/3 | Overs 19: Misbah-ul-Haq has had enough as he dispatches the ball over the long on boundary for a huge six off the bowling of James Tredwell. It’s a decent over for Pakistan as nine runs come from that over. Pakistan need to consolidate on this now. Haris Sohail 29 (46), Misbah-ul-Haq 12 (13)

Pakistan 59/3| Overs 18: Spin from both ends for England as Moeen Ali gets to bowl his first over of his match. Moeen manages to keep it tight but concedes two runs from the last ball after Haris Sohail cuts the ball behind square. England are getting through the overs very quickly. Haris Sohail 28 (44), Misbah-ul-Haq 4 (9)

Pakistan 55/3 | Overs 17:  James Tredwell continues and Haris Sohail gets a single to long off  in the very first ball. Misbah-ul-Haq then reverse sweeps and gets another single as Stuart Broad stops the ball at short third man and Sohail plays two dot balls and drives the ball down to long on for a single and Misbah defends the last ball and no run from it. Haris Sohail 25 (39), Misbah-ul-Haq 3 (8)

Pakistan 53/3 | Overs 16: Pakistan bring up their 50 in the 16th over and have a lot of work to do if they are to chase down England’s target of 251. Chris Jordan keeps things simple and he doesn’t give anything away to the Pakistan batsmen. England are right on top at the moment. Haris Sohail 23 (35), Misbah-ul-Haq 3 (6)

Pakistan 49/3 | Overs 15:  James Tredwell is bowling at the right areas as he concedes just two runs from the first two balls and it is again followed by a single down to long on and Misbah plays the last ball of the over safely. Haris Sohail 21 (30), Misbah-ul-Haq 1 (5)

Pakistan 46/3 | Overs 14: OUT! Younis Khan is dismissed for 19 off 40 balls as he tries to hook the ball but he can only find Gary Ballance at deep fine leg. Chris Jordan picks up his first wicket and he has looked extremely good. He made a handy contribution with the bat too a little earlier. Haris Sohail 19 (27), Misbah-ul-Haq 0 (2)

Pakistan 43/2 | Overs 13: James Tredwell is introduced into the attack for the very first time. He starts off well but Younis Khan is able to get a single off the second ball and Haris Sohail who is on strike doesn’t get any run for the rest of the over as Tredwell just concedes a single off his first over. Skipper Misbah-ul-Haq is the new batsman.  Younis Khan 19 (38), Haris Sohail 17 (25)

Pakistan 42/2 | Overs 12: Haris Sohail tries to cut the ball but it beats him and the ball goes into the hands of the wicket-keeper and he immediately gets off strike, but Younis Khan rotates the strike well and brings Sohail back on strike and he against flashes at a wide delivery from Chris Jordan, which he misses and Jos Buttler grabs on to it. Younis Khan 18 (36), Haris Sohail 17 (21)

Pakistan 40/2 | Overs 11: Younis Khan gets a single off the first ball and Haris Sohail smashes a wide delivery from James Anderson into the point fence, with Anderson bowling around the wicket to the left hander. Sohail then survives an inside edge, which goes past his wickets for a single. Younis carefully plays the remainder of balls safely. Younis Khan 17 (35), Haris Sohail 16 (16)

Pakistan 35/2 | Overs 10: After playing out a couple of deliveries, Younis Khan smashes a short and wide ball into the backward point boundary and the final ball is also given the same treatment but it goes only for a couple of runs as Moeen Ali collects the ball at third man. Younis Khan 17 (32), Haris Sohail 11 (13)

Pakistan 29/2 | Overs 9: Younis Khan breaks the shackles as he gets a boundary through point. He drives a full-pitched delivery from James Anderson into the fence and collects his first boundary of the innings and takes a quick single off the very next ball. Eight runs from that over, best of the innings so far for Pakistan. Younis Khan 12 (26), Haris Sohail 11 (13)

Pakistan 21/2 | Overs 8: Seems like Start Broad has found his rhythm as he is bowling at the right areas. He gives away just four runs from that over, which includes a wide as well. Pakistan are in desperate need of a partnership. Younis Khan 5 (22), Haris Sohail 9 (11)

Pakistan 17/2 | Overs 7: Pakistan Brilliant over from James Anderson, he gives away just three runs from that over. He also managed to beat Younis Khan all ends up as  Overs he ball thuds into the wicket-keeper’s gloves. Fantastic start by England, Pakistan struggling at the moment. Younis Khan 5 (18), Haris Sohail 6 (9)

Pakistan 14/2 | Overs 6: After a single off the first ball, Younis Khan finds it difficult to get runs off Stuart Broad. Broad then pleads with the umpire after the ball wrapped Younis on the pads, but the bounce will take the ball over the stumps. Good decision by Billy Bowden. Younis Khan 4 (16), Haris Sohail 4 (5)

Pakistan 13/2 | Overs 5: James Anderson picks up his first wicket as he dismisses Ahmed Shehzad for just two as James Tredwell takes another good catch. Haris Sohail is the new batsman. Pakistan need a good partnership here. Sohail is looking to get his eye in as he plays a couple of balls from Anderson cautiously. Sohail will get off the mark with a three after Sohail flicks the ball of his legs to deep square leg where Broad saves a run. Just three runs from that over. Younis Khan 4 (11), Haris Sohail 3 (4)

Pakistan 10/1 | Overs 4: Stuart Broad keeping things extremely tight at the moment and both the Pakistan batsmen are not able to get any runs. Younis Khan tries to drive but no runs. Two slips waiting for an edge at the moment. Younis plays a beautiful sht down the ground and picks up a couple of runs in the process. Ahmed Shehzad 2 (10), Younis Khan 4 (10)

Pakistan 7/1 | Overs 3: Younis Khan survives a late swing from James Anderson, which takes an outside edge and gets a single to get Ahmed Shehzad. Shehzad is beaten all ends up but no damage done. Another good over by Anderson. Ahmed Shehzad 2 (10), Younis Khan 2 (4)

Pakistan 6/1 | Overs 2: OUT! Stuart Broad gets a wicket off the very first ball of his spell as he sends Nasir Jamshed back for just one run. He is caught by James Tredwell at second slip. Younis Khan, who is the new batsman plays the ball quietly towards mid-wicket for no runs and manages to get off strike with a single, which brings Ahmed Shehzad on strike and he watchfully leaves the next two balls alone. Broad then balls a wide down the leg side and gets two off the last ball of the over. Ahmed Shehzad 2 (6), Younis Khan 1 (2)

Pakistan 2/0 | Overs 1: The match is underway with with Nasir Jamshed and Ahmed Shehzad opening the innings for Pakistan, chasing 251 to win the match. James Anderson starts the proceedings for England after missing out the previous warm-up match against West Indies. Just a single and a wide off that over. Good stary by Anderson. Nasir Jamshed 1 (3), Ahmed Shehzad 1 (3)

England 250/8 | Overs 50: OUT! Stuart Broad is out first ball after Chris Jordan takes a single off the first ball. Broad skies the ball and falls right into the hands of Wahab Riaz after taking a couple of steps back. Riaz then bowls a slower ball and Jordan tries to give himself some room but he is deceived by the slowness of the ball and it goes through to the wicket-keeper. Jordan will get off strike after he gets a leg-bye to bring James Tredwell on strike, who takes a single off the last ball to get England to 250 for eight in 50 overs. Chris Jordan  31 (27), James tredwell 1 (1) Read our innings report here

England 245/7 | Overs 49: After three from three off that over the fourth ball is a full toss which is smashed straight to mid off for a single. Joe Root then tries to reverse sweep Sohail Khan but he edges it straight to Ehsan Adil standing at short third man. Root is out for a well made 85 off 89 balls, which brings Stuart Broad at the crease. Jordan then takes a single off the last ball to retain the strike. Chris Jordan  29 (23), Stuart Broad (0)

England 239/6 | Overs 48: Wahab Riaz comes around the wicket and balls a ball down the leg side, which goes for a wide,Chris Jordan then takes a single  to get Joe Root back on strike and some sloppy fielding from Pakistan gifts England a run. Jordan chips the ball to fine leg for a single. Root then tries to reverse sweep Riaz but he can collect only a leg-bye. Riaz once again drifts the ball down the leg side and concedes another wide. Root tries to heave the final ball of the over for a huge six but it misses everything and ends up into the hands of the wicket-keeper. Joe Root 82 (85), Chris Jordan  27 (21)

England 234/6 | Overs 47: Two runs of the first two deliveries of the over as Chris Jordan moves away from the crease and Shahid Afridi hits the wickets and it is declared a dead ball. Jordan then smashed Afridi for a huge six over long on and follows it up with a four off the very next ball. Jordan takes a quick two in the next ball and ends the over with a single to retain strike. Great over for England! Joe Root 81 (82), Chris Jordan  25 (18)

England 219/6 | Overs 46: Mix-up between Joe Root and Chris Jordan but no damage done. Similar scenes in the third delivery as well, but England manage to hang on without any further damage. Jordan gets two runs from the next ball and the calling between the batsmen seemed to be loud and clear. He follows this up with a single to bring Joe Root back on strike. Root cleverly plays the ball down to third man for a boundary, which ends a decent over for England. Joe Root 80 (81), Chris Jordan  11 (13)

England 211/6 | Overs 45: Chris Jordan chases a wide delivery from Yasir Shah and edges it over backward point to pick up three runs. Joe Root is then beaten in the next ball and quietly plays the ball towards mid-wicket for a single. Jordan then plays it to cover for no runs and gets a single off the fifth ball, which he plays down to long on. Root plays the ball to point and gets a single to retain strike. Yasir Shah finishes with excellent figures of three for 45 in his 10 overs. Joe Root 75 (77), Chris Jordan  8 (11)

England 205/6 | Overs 44: Single off the first ball and a couple of runs in the next gets England to the 200-run mark. Chris Jordan is off the mark after scoring those two runs off the bowling of Sohail Khan. Jordan is then beaten and follows it up with a single as he plays it to deep point, which Joe Root back on strike and pulls a short delivery from Sohail to deep mid-wicket and collects three runs in the process and jordan plays the last ball for a single and keeps strike for the next over. Joe Root 73 (76), Chris Jordan  3 (6)

England 197/6 | Overs 43: Joe Root uses the long handle against leggie Yasir Shah to dispatch him for a six over mid-wicket off the very first ball of the over. Yasir bowls a dot and then follows it up with a wide. Root is able to take a single off the fourth ball and Chris Jordan safely plays out the remaining deliveries to ensure that there were no more damages.  Joe Root 69 (73), Chris Jordan 0 (3)

England 187/6 | Overs 42: England have found it difficult to get runs as Wahab Riaz bowls yet another tight over. Joe Root plays the over cautiously as he seems set to play out the remaining overs. England got off to a good stat but have been pegged back by picking up quick wickets in the middle-overs. Great stuff from Pakistan. Joe Root 60 (68), Chris Jordan 0 (2)

England 184/6 | Overs 41: Joe Root edges Sohail Khan for a boundary off the first ball but he’s able to get his revenge as he dismisses Jos Buttler for 13 off 20 balls. Buttler’s wicket is extremely dangerous as he can make a significant contribution at the death. Chris Jordan is the next man in and he must provide Joe Rott with good support at the other end. Joe Root 57 (62), Chris Jordan 0 (2)

England 175/5 | Overs 40: Wahab Riaz is introduced back into the attack and starts off with a short ball and edges the next ball towards third an for a single. Joe Root has reached his half-century and this is a very important innings in the context of the game. He has scored just two boundaries but has played incredibly well. Joe Root 50 (59), Jos Buttler 13 (19)

England 173/5 | Overs 39: Excellent over from Yasir Shah again as he gives away just four runs. Some shaky fielding from Pakistan in that over did not cost them much. But skipper Misbah-ul-Haq was not happy with that. Yasir has two more overs up his sleeve. Joe Root 48 (56), Jos Buttler 11 (16)

England 169/5 | Overs 38: Great over from Afridi as just four runs have come from that over. Afridi and Yasir Shah have bowled extremely well in tandem and have four wickets between them. England finding it hard to consolidate after losing a series of quick wickets. Joe Root 47 (55), Jos Buttler 8 (11)

England 165/5 | Overs 37: Just two singles came off that over from Yasir Shah. He’s been extremely impressive so far and he has not given away anything in the match so far. Based on this performance he certainly deserves to be in the playing XI against India on February 15. Joe Root 46 (54), Jos Buttler 5 (6)

England 163/5 | Overs 36: Shahid Afridi gives away six runs from his over but Pakistan are still on top after Yasir Shah removed Ravi Bopara in his previous over. Afridi has picked up just one wicket in this innings so far but has been extremely handy so far. Joe Root 44 (48), Jos Buttler 4 (3)

England 157/5 | Overs 35: Yasir Shah continues and is bowling extremely well in tandem with Shahid Afridi. Ravi Bopara goes for an expansive drive off the last ball of the over but the ball spun back into Bopara, who missed it completely and hit the middle stump. Bopara is bowled by Yasir Shah for 11 off 25 balls. Newly appointed vice-captain Jos Buttler is the new man for England. Yasir has three wickets in his tally now. Joe Root 44 (48)

England 152/4 | Overs 34: Shahid Afridi is back into the attack and he bowls three dot balls in the first three deliveries and Joe Root plays the next ball to long off  for a single. Ravi Bopara then plays a sweep shot towards square leg but a misfield by Sohaib Maqsood gifts Bopara and England a boundary. That relieves some pressure for England. Joe Root 40 (45), Ravi Bopara 10 (22)

England 147/4 | Overs 33: Yasir Shah just concedes three runs off that over as Joe Root and Ravi Bopara are struggling to cope with the leg-spinner especially after losing two quick wickets. Yasir has put Pakistan well in command at the moment. Bopara must try to rotate the strike as much as possible. Joe Root 39 (41), Ravi Bopara 6 (20)

England 144/4 | Overs 32: Sohail Khan bowls a brilliant over as Ravi Bopara is not being able to score any runs off the fast bowler. After beating Bopara in the first delivery, he kept it tight and didn’t allow the batsman to get off strike that easily. Joe Root 38 (40), Ravi Bopara 4 (15)

England 144/4 | Overs 31: Yasir Shah just concedes three runs from the over after his two wickets in the previous over. England batsmen play him out cautiously and Yasir is looking more dangerous. England must not underestimate the rookie leg-spinner. Joe Root 38 (40), Ravi Bopara 4 (9)

England 141/4 | Overs 30: Sohail Khan steams in and bowls a good couple of deliveries and Joe Root clips it off his pads to get a couple of runs through mid-wicket and follows it up with a single, which brings Ravi Bopara on strike and he’s off the mark with a single. Six runs from that over,  Joe Root 37 (38), Ravi Bopara 1 (2)

England 135/4 | Overs 29: OUT! Gary Ballance is out for 57 off 81 balls after he sweeps the ball straight into the hands of Sohaib Maqsood at deep mid-wicket. Leg spinner Yasir Shah picks up his first wicket Big blow for England as captain Eoin Morgan walks out to the crease and is dismissed immediately for a duck as he edges a ball to Younis Khan at slips. England lose two quality batsmen in the same over. Brilliant over from Yasir as Ravi Bopara walks into the crease. Two wickets and and no runs conceded from that over. Joe Root 33 (35), Ravi Bopara 0 (1)

England 135/2 | Overs 28: Ehsan Adil is back in the attack and he starts off very nicely. He’s been the pick of the bowlers so far for Pakistan. England batsmen are content with a single as Gary Ballance lobs one over mid-on for a couple of runs and the last ball is smashed through covers for just a single. Gary Ballance 57 (80), Joe Root 33 (35)

England 130/2 | Overs 27: England ticking along quiet beautifully at the moment and some excellent fielding from Wahab Riaz saves a few runs for Pakistan. Joe Root however ends the over on a high as he hits Haris Sohail for a boundary. Good stuff from England. Gary Ballance 53 (76), Joe Root 32 (33)

England 121/2 | Overs 26: Gary Ballance and Joe Root bring up their 50-run stand and have taken England into a position from where they can think about going for some big shots. With spinners Haris Sohail and Yasir Shah bowling in tandem, the English batsmen are approaching them cautiously. Gary Ballance 51 (74), Joe Root 26 (29)

England 116/2 | Overs 25: 50 for Gary Ballance! Ballance brings up his half-century in 70 balls with the help of four boundaries. He came in at No.3 after Moeen Ali went early and after a cautious start he now has taken his side into a decent position. Pakistan will want to get him out as early as possible. Gary Ballance 50 (70), Joe Root 22 (27)

England 111/2 | Overs 24: Yasir Shah is introduced into the attack for the first time as he hopes to boost his chances of selection in the playing XI in the World Cup. Joe Root however sweeps the ball towards the mid-wicket boundary for a boundary. as seven runs come off his first over. Gary Ballance 48 (67), Joe Root 19 (24)

England 104/2 | Overs 23: Haris Sohail just concedes three runs from that over. England batsmen are determined to play out the spinners cautiously and go after the fast bowlers a bit. It’s a tactic that has worked reasonably well so far. Gary Ballance 47 (66), Joe Root 13 (19)

England 101/2 | Overs 22: 100 up for England! England have done well so far after they lost their openers Moeen Ali and Alex Hales. They’re going at a decent rate, but must start accelerating to get to a big score from here. Pakistan are in pursuit of more wickets at the moment. Gary Ballance 47 (64), Joe Root 10 (15)

England 95/2 | Overs 21: England manage to get singles of the first two deliveries and Joe Root punches the fourth ball into the deep for another single and Gary Ballance plays the final ball to long-off for another single. Ballance 40 (57), Joe Root 7 (10)

England 91/2 | Overs 20: Gary Ballance tries to be cheeky against Shahid Afridi as he tries to sweep him but luckily for him it takes his gloves and goes to short fine-leg for a single. If it wasn’t for those gloves he would have been out LBW now. He and Joe Root successfully negotiate that pver and get seven runs in the process. Ballance 42 (59), Joe Root 9 (14)

England 84/2 | Overs 19: Wahab Riaz continues and is bowling at good areas as brilliant fielding from Ehsan Adil in the deep prevents a boundary and restricts England to just three runs. Pakistan have been excellent in the field up till now. Joe Root plays the ball for a single off the last ball and will retain strike in the next over. Ballance 35 (53), Joe Root 5 (8)

England 78/2 | Overs 18: Shahid Afridi has bowled another excellent over as he concedes just three runs from that over. Pakistan will be reasonably happy with their effort and will want to pick up a few more wickets and quickly. England must again build a good partnership here. Ballance 30 (49), Joe Root 4 (6)

England 75/2 | Overs 17: Wahab Riaz bowls an excellent over as he manages to ask a few questions. He beats Gary Ballance and then the England batsman manages to get two runs off the final ball of the over. England need to rebuild yet again after losing Alex Hales for 31. Gary Ballance 29 (46), Joe Root 3 (3)

England 70/2 | Overs 16: OUT! Shahid Afridi gets rid of Alex Hales as he tries to chip the ball of the back foot but mistimes it straight into the hands of Shoaib Maqsood at mid-wicket. Hales built a good partnership with Gary Ballance to get England into a good position but will be disappointed after getting out after getting off to a start. Alex Hales 31 (47) c Maqsood b Afridi. Joe Root is the next batsman in for England and he’s off the mark immediately. Gary Ballance 26 (42), Joe Root 1 (1)

England 68/1 | Overs 15: Excellent stuff from Wahab Riaz as he is not giving anything away as he follows a wide ball with a single as Gary Ballance brings Alex Hales on strike, who pulls a short ball to the square leg boundary for a four. Riaz then overpitches the ball and Hales plays it for a couple of runs down to third man  Alex Hales 31 (44) Gary Ballance 25 (40)

England 60/1 | Overs 14: Shahid Afidi’s excellent over was ruined by a wide, which went through the keeper and excellent effort from Wahab Riaz in the deep saves two crucial runs for Pakistan. Afridi will be disappointed with that. Alex Hales 25 (42) Gary Ballance 24 (36)

England 52/1 | Overs 13: Wahab Riaz, who bowled n excellent first over continues for Pakistan. Gary Ballance struggles to read riaz as he is beaten off the third ball off the over after Alex Hales takes a single off the first delivery. He somehow manages to play the ball around the corner for a single to bring Hales back on strike and is beaten by a delivery outside off stump. Alex Hales 22 (36) Gary Ballance 21 (30)

England 50/1 | Overs 12: Huge cheer as Shahid Afridi comes on to ball. starts off extremely well as he balls a tight length and both batsmen find it difficult to put him away. He is confusing the batsmen with his flight and quick ones. Single off the last ball of the over brings up England’s 50. Alex Hales 23 (38) Gary Ballance 22 (34)

England 47/1 | Overs 11: Wahab Riaz the new bowler for Pakistan and concedes two runs  from the opening two balls of his spell. A dot is then followed by an easy single. Overall, just three runs from that over from Riaz. Pakistan will be delighted with that. Alex Hales 22 (36) Gary Ballance 21 (30)

England 44/1 | Overs 10: Gary Ballance after making a quiet start has finally found his feet as he scores his second boundary in as many overs to give England a much needed boost. Ehsan Adil then follows it up with a beauty. Ballance drives the ball beautifully through mid-off to collect yet another boundary and then plays the ball for a single but overthrows cost Pakistan another run. Alex Hales 21 (29) Gary Ballance 18 (25)

England 33/1 | Overs 9: Finally a boundary for Gary Ballance as he crashes a short ball outside off-stump into the point boundary. That will give him a major boost and follows it up with a single. Alex Hales plays a beautiful cover drive off the back foot and collects four runs in the process. Hales safely negotiates the next two deliveries safely. Nine runs from that over. Alex Hales 21 (29) Gary Ballance 7 (19)

England 24/1 | Overs 8: Gary Ballance plays a couple of good shots but is unable to pierce the fielders as Ehsan Adil keeps it tight. He misses the opportunity to put a full, wide ball away as it takes a bounce and goes to the point fielder. Ballance finally manages to get a single off the lsst nall and retain strike for the next over Alex Hales 17 (26) Gary Ballance 2 (16)

England 23/1 | Overs 7: Alex Hales plays out the first three deliveries of Sohali Khan cautiously and is still unable to get a single off the fourth ball as he plays it to short cover. The next ball takes the edge and goes towards third man for a single. Alex Hales 17 (26) Gary Ballance 1 (10)

England 21/1 | Overs 6: Ehsan Adil bowls a good first ball and Alex Hales defends it and plays the next ball towards covers, without a run. The next ball is played towards mid on for a quick single, which brings Gary Ballance back on strike, who fends it away to point for no run, does the same thing again as he itches to get off the mark. The final ball is played towards cover for no run. Alex Hales 16 (21) Gary Ballance 0 (9)

England 20/1  | Overs 5: Alex Hales gets lucky as he edges the ball and it runs away to the fine leg boundary. Sohail Khan has had a mixed beginning to the match so far but he ends the over well as seven runs come of that over. Alex Hales 15 (18) Gary Ballance 0 (6)

England 13/1  | Overs 4: England batsmen having a tough time negotiating the Pakistan bowling. But they manage but Alex Hales manages to get three runs from the final ball of the over. Great start by the Pakistan bowlers.  Alex Hales 8 (14) Gary Ballance 0 (4)

England 10/1 | Overs 3: Great over from Sohail Khan, but he concedes five runs from that over. He’s certainly been helped with the fact that there was a wicket in the previous over. England have to build a solid partnership at the top of the innings to put  up a good score.

England 5/1 | Overs 2: Ehsan Adil shares the ball with Mohammad Irfan and strikes off the second ball of the innings. Moeen Ali is out after the ball takes an outside edge and goes straight into the hands of Younis Khan at cover. That’s a big blow for England and now will have to construct a solid partnership now as Gary Ballance joins Alex Hales at the crease. wicket maiden for Adil. Alex Hales 0 (2) Gary Ballance 0 (4)

England 5/0 | Overs 1: England are up and running and start with a superb boundary from the bat of Moeen Ali. Alex Hales is his opening partner, he plays in today’s match in place of Ian Bell. Just five runs have come off that first over from Sohail Khan. Moeen Ali 4 (5) c Younis b Adil

England captain has named a playing XI once again. Alex Hales, James Anderson and Stuart Broad come in place of Ian Bell, Steven Finn and Chris Woakes. Pakistan will go in with their full 15-member squad.

Toss: England have won the toss and elected to bat first.

Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, 8th warm-up game between Pakistan and England from the iconic Sydney Cricket Ground at Sydney. I am Pramod Ananth and I will bring you the live updates of the match.

England take on Pakistan in the 11th warm-up match at Sydney. Both England and Pakistan registered a win in the previous warm-up match against West Indies and Bangladesh respectively. England beat West Indies quite comfortably but Pakistan’s match against Bangladesh went down tho the wire, but Pakistan emerged victorious eventually. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: SCHEDULE & MATCH DETAILS

Both teams will go into this match with very high confidence. Seamers Chris Woakes and Mohammad Irfan picked up a five-wicket haul in their previous matches and look in top shape heading into the ICC Cricket World Cup. Both teams would want to ensure that they play their entire squad so that they are rearing to go with just days lest for the mega event. England captain Eoin Morgan named his playing XI in the previous game, without having Stuart Broad and James Anderson in their team and it will be interesting to see if he names a playing XI ahead pf the match today. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: POINTS TABLE

Pakistan have not won a World Cup since Imaran Khan led his country to a memorable win in 1992. They start their campaign at the ICC Cricket World Cup against arch-rivals India at Adelaide on February 15, whereas England start their World Cup against a match against Australia at Melbourne on February 14. Both teams look hungry to win the World Cup this time around.


Pakistan: Misbah-ul-Haq (c), Sarfraz Ahmed (wk), Shahid Afridi, Ahmed Shehzad, Mohammad Hafeez, Younis Khan, Haris Sohail, Umar Akmal, Mohammad Irfan, Junaid Khan, Ehsan Adil, Sohaib Maqsood, Yasir Shah, Sohail Khan, Wahab Riaz.

England: Eoin Morgan (c), Moeen Ali, James Anderson, Gary Ballance, Ian Bell, Ravi Bopara, Stuart Broad, Jos Buttler (wk), Steven Finn, Alex Hales, Chris Jordan, Joe Root, James Taylor, James Tredwell, Chris Woakes.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: Complete Coverage