Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage South Africa vs Afghanistan, ICC World T20 2016, Match No. 20 at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai. South Africa and Afghanistan are at the same pace with loss in their respective first match of the tournament. The Proteas gave a tough competition when they started off against England but lost the grip as the match proceeded with England returning stronger in the second innings. Afghanistan and Sri Lanka were head to head in their innings and indeed it was a tough call to decide who can win the game until the end of the innings. But with slip ups and mis-fielding, Afghanistan lost Sri Lanka. LIVE SCORECARD: South Africa vs Afghanistan, T20 World Cup 2016, Match 20 at Mumbai

MAN OF THE MATCH: Chriss Morris for spell of 4 for 27.

Finally South Africa receive their first victory and they manage to save their fate winning by 37 runs. South Africa stood out for their innings and plus Chris Morris innings stood out for his 4 for 27 runs. Afghanistan gave the perfect start and it looked their game for a second but then the wicket started tumbling leading to their second defeat. This is MATCH REPORT by Sakshi Gupta.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, Afghanistan 172, Overs 20 (3), Target 210, Hamza Hotak 3 (6): Rabada playing his last over and last over for AFG. ONE. No run from that. TWO. Just a single to third man. THREE. Another single to deep square leg. South Africa not too far from first victory. FOUR. No run. FIVE. Single run, square of the wicket. Now the last ball, no scope. They need 38 from 1 ball. No chance at all. SIX. Last ball and no run, with Rabada getting his second wicket, Shapoor Zadran who came in and went for 1 (2).

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, Afghanistan 169/9, Overs 19 (10), Target 210, Hamza Hotak 1 (2): Morris plays his last over. ONE. Dawlat Khan goes for boundary in deep backward point. TWO. Rashid Khan goes for yet another boundary. THREE. Morris bowls him out and he is on a roll, Rashid Khan goes for 11 (7). Now enters Hamza Hotak. FOUR. Gave away a wide. FOUR. Good change of length, dot ball. FIVE. Flicks it once again and a single from that. Last ball left. SIX. Good full length second wicket in the over and fourth one in innings, Dawlat Zadran 0 (0).

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, Afghanistan 159/7, Overs 18 (3), Target 210, Rashid Khan 3 (4), Dawlat Zadran 0 (1): Abbott comes for last over. ONE. He got his third, Samiullah goes for 25 (13) c Wiese. Now comes Dawlat Zadran. TWO. Smashed it and gets two from it. THIRD. Dot delivery. FOUR. Dot delivery yet again. FIVE. They went for boundary and gets just one. SIX. He tried for different shot and just single.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, Afghanistan 156/6, Overs 17 (10), Target 210, Samiullah Shenwari 25 (13): Rabada coming for his 4th one. ONE. Now a big one from Najibullah. TWO. Yet another boundary. 10 runs already. THREE. Good pace and no run, going to keeper. FOUR. Single from it. FIVE. Once again going to keeper. Now what? Wicket or Six? Last ball, Rabada finally gets his first. Najibullah goes for 12 (8) c by de Kock.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, Afghanistan 146/5, Overs 16 (4), Target 210, Samiullah Shenwari 25 (13), Najibullah 2 (2): ONE. Tahir gets his second wicket. Nabi goes for 11 (14). TWO. Najibullah comes in, this time just two from it. THREE. Single run. FOUR. Yet another single. SA are already loving it. FIVE. Quick single again and SA are in command of this game. SIX. Good day at the office. Single.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, Afghanistan 140/4, Overs 15 (8), Target 210, Mohammad Nabi 11 (13), Samiullah Shenwari 21 (10): Wiese playing his last. ONE. Goes for boundary. Slip up from Tahir. TWO. No run. THREE. Change of pace just a single. FOUR. Oh No! Wide! Extras coming from Wiese. FOUR. Sami thinking whether to take a run and yes he did, this could have been run out. FIVE. Nabi is slogging no runs again going to keeper. SIX. Going for another direction and single.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, Afghanistan 132/4, Overs 14 (8), Target 210, Mohammad Nabi 5 (7), Samiullah Shenwari 20 (9): Morris comes back for his 3rd over. ONE. Samiullah on strike. And smashed it comfortably getting two from that. 84 required from 41, can Afghan reach there. TWO. He just flicked it to other side and goes for surprise boundary. THREE. Almost passing through his face and just a single. FOUR. And no run from that. Good over by SA. FIVE. Just a single from that. SIX. Nice flick and yet another single.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, Afghanistan 108/4, Overs 12 (4), Target 210, Mohammad Nabi 1 (2), Samiullah Shenwari 1 (1): Tahir is back for his 3rd over. ONE. Just a single from it. TWO. Now no run from the second delivery. THREE. A single to mid wicket. FOUR. Just a single. FIVE. Yet another wicket, this time gets his first one. Noor Ali goes for 25 (24). Who could come now? FIVE. Just a single. SIX. Once again a single.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, Afghanistan 106/3, Overs 11 (3), Target 210, Noor Ali Zadran 24 (21), Mohammad Nabi 1 (2): Abbott is playing his third over. ONE. A single to the cover. TWO. Yet another single. This is what SA needs here. THREE. He has got yet another big one, Second for Abbott. Gulbadin goes for 26 (18) caught by de Kock. Now walks in the captain, Mohammad Nabi. FOUR. Perfect length, no runs. Good variations by Abbott. FIVE. Slower delivery, just a single. SIX. Just passing by the stump.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, Afghanistan 103/2, Overs 10 (10) , Target 210, Noor Ali Zadran 23 (19), Gulbadin Naib 25 (16): Wiese again in his second. ONE. One run to long off. TWO. Another single now this time. THREE. Perfect length bowling, no run from that. FOUR. Now that goes all the way for a SIX. 100 up for Afghan. FIVE. Just a single. SIX. Flicked it off to single again.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, Afghanistan 93/2, Overs 9 (10), Target 210, Noor Ali Zadran 15 (15), Gulbadin Naib 23 (14): Tahir comes for his second over. ONE. Going for outside-off and a no run. TWO. No run yet again. THREE. Superb over going here. yet again dot ball. FOUR. Amla slips it, run out appeal made, but Noor Ali is safe. They get two runs from it. FIVE. Yet another single from it. SIX. That is a top shot, six runs to end it.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, Afghanistan 83/2, Overs 8 (15), Target 210, Noor Ali Zadran 12 (12), Gulbadin Naib 16 (11): David Wiese comes as Dale Steyn is not here. ONE. Gulbadin goes off the mark with a six, Wiese needs to get hold of the Afghan. TWO. Now he goes for a boundary. THREE. After 10 runs, now a single from this. This is the over for Afghan. FOUR. Flicked it and single from it. FIVE. He picked up the spot and once again going for single. 12 from it already. SIX. That is a beauty, boundary.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, Afghanistan 68 /2, Overs 7 (4), Target 210, Noor Ali Zadran 7 (10), Gulbadin Naib 6 (7): Now the power play ends, Imran Tahir comes to attack. ONE. Just a single from that. TWO. Another single and fielder in the deep. THREE. Tahir going the right way, yet another single. FOUR. SA getting hold of the match, another single. FIVE. Now Gulbadin gives it away to Tahir. DOT. SIX. Now just one.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, Afghanistan 64/2, Overs 6 (4), Target 210, Noor Ali Zadran 5 (7), Gulbadin Naib 4 (4): This time it is Morris again. ONE. No run. TWO. Wow a wicket again, it is Morris day. He gets big one of Asghar Stanikzai 7 (6). Now comes Gulbadin Naib. THREE. Just another fuller length. Superb over going for SA. FOUR. That had an extra bounce. They are in charge of the game now. FIVE. Gulbadin Naib gives a good start to the inning, goes for boundary. SIX. Superb length. No run.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, Afghanistan 60/1, Overs 5 (8), Target 210, Noor Ali Zadran 5 (7), Asghar Stanikzai 7 (4): Once again this is Abbott. ONE. Oh beauty shot, but goes to the fielder. TWO. Simple flick and single. Now who do you have on the field, Asghar Stanikzai. What innings is he going to play now. THREE. That’s a big one from Asghar now. Didn’t that look similar to Sachin Tendulkar shot? FOUR. There you go, good length. That is what SA needs to focus. FIVE. Trying to smash it for a boundary, but finds a fielder. SIX. Flicked, bowled and bat well.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, Afghanistan 52/1, Overs 4 (5), Target 210, Noor Ali Zadran 4 (5): Chris Morris for his 4th over. ONE. Perfect length and no run. This what SA needs to continue with. TWO. Noor Ali is struggling and goes for wide. TWO. Bowl man! SA need more of this. THREE. Wow, yet another perfect length by Morris, Just the over SA needs. FOUR. Wow, two people fall no stopping, but they manage to get three with fielder in the deep. FIVE. Goes for a wide, this not good. FIVE. Could be another wide, but no. Saved. SIX. Superb flick, and Shahzad goes for 44 (19), superb wicket bowling by Morris.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, Afghanistan 47/0, Overs 3 (14), Target 210, Shahzad Mohammadi 44 (18), Noor Ali 1 (1): Abbott starts it again for 3rd over. ONE. Just a single from that. TWO. Oh no! This time an extra from SA. THREE. Perfect length goes to keeper. FOUR. He just flicked it from no where and goes for boundary. FIVE. He just gave a mere flick and that goes for a six. Wow! Afghan are on roll. Look at the way Shahzad going all over the ground. SIX. Shahzad gets a couple.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, Afghanistan 33/0, Overs 2 (22), Target 210, Shahzad Mohammadi 32 (13), Noor Ali 0 (0): Kyle Abbott opens attack for second over. ONE. Shahzad goes for a big one. TWO. No run. THREE. Goes for a big one once again FOUR. This time to keeper.. This is over for Afghan. FIVE. Once again no run. SIX. Smashed it off to four.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, Afghanistan 11/0, Overs 1 (11) , Target 210, Shahzad Mohammadi 11 (6), Noor Ali 0 (0): Kasigo Rabada will open attack for SA while Shahzad Mohammadi will open the innings for Afghans. ONE. Went straight and Shahzad leaves it for the keeper. TWO. And this time he is smashes it for SIX. THREE. Duminy could not control the next boundary coming. FOUR. Very good delivery and Shahzad giving placement to himself. FIVE. Shahzad left the ball. Duminy goes off the field. SIX. Quick single to end it.

South Africa’s innings was just perfect and they get the total that was projected with 10 runs per over. Thanks to AB de Villers setting the bars high for Proteas this time. Now here goes the INNINGS REPORT by Sakshi Gupta

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, South Africa 209/5, Overs 20 (20), JP Duminy 30 (20), David Wiese 0 (0): Dawlat Zadran for last over. ONE. Wide from the first ball. ONE. Goes out in the deep and pretty well fielded, just a single from it. What are the bowler and captain discussing so much? TWO. Shot from Duminy, he is disappointed and single from it since fielder stopped the boundary. THREE. Takes it mid on and perfect placement, goes for big one Miller. FOUR. No luck went for good length yet goes for boundary. Not what Afghans wanted. That is 200 up for SA. 2nd 200 total in tournament. FIVE. Dawlat now gets his first and Miller goes for caught by Gulbadin Naib 19 (8). SIX. Duminy gives perfect finish with a big six.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, South Africa 189/4, Overs 19 (10), JP Duminy 21 (17), David Miller 9 (5): Shahpur Zadran bowling his third over. ONE. Quick single by Miller. Two more overs remaining. TWO. Smashed it but no luck, single from it. THREE. Ah no luck and just a single. Three more to go. FOUR. Duminy on strike. What can happen now? Another good delivery and they take single soon. FIVE. Duminy is trying hard but just one run and tries to stump in second run but they get it. SIX. Miller on strike, Comfortably goes for boundary as no fielder there.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, South Africa 179/4, Overs 18 (12), JP Duminy  19 (15), David Miller 1 (1): Nabi comes to attack. ONE. Goes for a big one again. TWO. He went for single. THREE. This time he though he could go for a big one and caught by Najibullah  and ABD goes for 64 (29). Who comes next now? David Miller maybe and yes it is. FOUR. And this time Duminy does his part goes for boundary. FIVE. Simple flick by Duminy. Run Rate almost 10. SIX. No run and Nabi comes out good.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, South Africa 167/3, Overs 17 (29),AB de Villiers 58 (26), JP Duminy 14 (13): Rashid comes back and 200 looks achievable. ONE. de Villiers going for a big one . TWO. De Villiers on a roll could have caught the ball and goes for boundary. THREE. This is one big on and fifty partnership. 93 mts that went. FOUR. Fifty up for ABD. This is over for South Africa. FIVE. He is taking Rashid Khan down, another big one from ABD. No wonder the crowd is cheering all the way for him. SIX. Good one by ABD and single.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, South Africa 138/3, Overs 16 (7),AB de Villiers 29 (20), JP Duminy 14 (13): The captain comes to attack once again. Afghanistan trying to juggle amongst spinners. ONE. Nope no run from it. TWO. Flicked and Duminy going for super quick run, stumped but no luck. One again cheering for ABD. At present 170 getable. THREE. There you go a wide and couple more to add to the extras. THREE. Tried to get the placement right bu no luck, goes to the fielder. FOUR. Just a simple flick and now ABD comes to strike. FIVE. Once again a single no luck with boundary this over. SIX. Ah! Bad luck no run.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, South Africa 131/3, Overs ,AB de Villiers 27 (18), JP Duminy 12 (9): Samiullah is back. ONE. No run, oh a quick run out but safe. TWO. Flicked it and a single. THREE. Comfortably running for two, though would go for boundary. Crowd cheering for AB. FOUR. Nice shot and superb boundary from AB. FIVE. Could have caught it but missed it, single from it. Yet again mis-field. SIX. Duminy on strike, flicked it and single.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, South Africa 122/3, Overs 14 (12),AB de Villiers 20 (15), JP Duminy 10 (6): Spinners working for Afghanistan Rashid comes back. ONE. Just a single to square leg. TWO. Just one from it. THREE. Once again a single, This is working for Afghanis. FOUR. Finally found right placement and going for boundary. FIVE. Single and Duminy goes for a quickie. SIX. Last ball what will happen now? An de Villiers finds the gap again on a full toss.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, South Africa 110/3, Overs 13 (11),AB de Villiers 12 (11), JP Duminy 4 (3): Samiullah back on the crease. ONE. Four from that and 100 up for SA. TWO. Single and that goes around off. THREE. A single to mid wicket. FOUR. SA batsmen rotating strikes and working well for them. FIVE. Just a single. SIX. Excellent work in the deep.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, South Africa 99/3, Overs 12 (5),AB de Villiers 6 (8), JP Duminy 1 (1): Hotak comes back. ONE. No run and goes off side out. TWO. Calls for run out but safely landed, two runs to mid wicket. THREE. Sweeped off to cover. FOUR. There you Hotak goes for and Quinton de Kock 46 (31). Now who could be the new man coming in? Duminy or Miller? JP Duminy comes into middle. FIVE. Just a single flick from it. SIX. Flicked it once and single.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, South Africa 94/2, Overs 11 (2),Quinton de Kock 45 (30), AB de Villiers 2 (44): Samiullah Shenwari comes to bowl the 11th over. Halfway through. ONE. Single but lbw appeal made and umpire says now. TWO. But no single. THREE. No run. FOUR. One run to deep mid wicket. FIVE. One again no run. SIX. Superb over, no run again.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, South Africa 92/2, Overs 10 (8),Quinton de Kock 44 (27), AB de Villiers 1 (1): Hotak comes back maybe he can do something better. ONE. One run to the cover. TWO. Just a single. THREE. That is off to boundary and du Plessis now t0 41. FOUR. One again going for boundary but this could be a run out, third umpire appeal, well well this is out. Du Plessis goes for 41 (27). The captain does it. Now comes the top batsmen. FIVE. Crowd going mad and screaming ABD ABD. He starts with a single. SIX. De Kock on 43 and good sensible flick with a single.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, South Africa 84/1, Overs 9 (8),Quinton de Kock 42 (26), Faf du Plessis 36 (24): Rashid comes again for 9th over. ONE. Single to square leg. TWO. Off to boundary, good work du Plessis. THREE. Single to mid wicket. FOUR. Rotating strikes now, de Plessis comes to strike. FIVE. No run. SIX. one to finish the over.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, South Africa 76/1, Overs 8 (8),Quinton de Kock 40 (23), Faf du Plessis 30 (21): Nabi again on attack. ONE. Just a single to long on. TWO. Single yet again. THREE. This time opened up the off side and goes for big one. Fifty runs partnership in 2nd wicket. FOUR. Well adjusted by Nabi. FIVE. Tries to get away and no run. SIX. Opened it well and no run.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, South Africa 68/1, Overs 7 (4),Quinton de Kock 39 (22), Faf du Plessis 23 (16): Yet another spinner in attack, Rashid Khan. ONE. Good length and no run. TWO. No run once again. THREE. Appeals for lbw but no du Plessis says no. FOUR. Another wrong one. FIVE. No run from it. SIX. Perfect over, no run.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, South Africa 66/1, Overs 6 (17),Quinton de Kock 38 (18), Faf du Plessis 22 (13): Dawlat Zadran back into attack. ONE. Controlled shot and first six of the innings by de Kock. Projected score 217. TWO. Could be another six and yes it is. Back to back SIx. Fifty up for SA already. Woo. THREE. Good work from the skipper and stopped the boundary and just single. FOUR. Beautifully placement yet again, it is du Plessis this time. Played it light. FIVE. De kock screams for no run and just in time before run out. SIX. Expensive over already 17 and no run.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, South Africa 49/1, Overs 5 (11),Quinton de Kock 25 (15), Faf du Plessis 18 (10): Shahpur for the fifth over. ONE. Close call and no lbw. TWO. Just a single from it. THIRD. Anything he hits and goes for boundary. FOUR. de Kock says no for run, looking at the fielder. FIVE. Placement good again unfortunately goes to third man so no boundary and single from it. The fielder misses it. SIX. Pulls it off for an excellent boundary to end it.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, South Africa 38/1, Overs 4 (8), Quinton de Kock 20 (11), Faf du Plessis 20 (11): Mohammad Nabi the captain come to bowl the fourth over. ONE. Just flick, good length. TWO. du Plessis taking time to struggle, flicked again. THREE. Used the feet and opened up the off side for a boundary. FOUR. Fielder coming to rescue, no run. FIVE. No run. SIX. Use of feet and ends with a boundary.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, South Africa 30/1 , Overs 3 (9), Quinton de Kock 5 (2), Faf du Plessis 20 (11): Shahpur back in action bowling the third over. ONE. Amla flicks it no run. TWO. Once again a flick. THIRD. Hammered it off to boundary to square off. FOUR. Shahpur has done it. Gets the wicket of Amla 5(5). Who will come in now Faf du Plessis or AB de Villiers? It is Faf on field. FIVE. And starts with a boundary. SIX. Just flicks it.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, South Africa 21/0 , Overs 2, Quinton de Kock 20 (11), Hashim Amla 1 (1): Dawlat Zadran starts second over. ONE. Just a flick by Amla to third person. TWO. Flicked and off to fourth boundary this innings, beautiful timing. THIRD. Straight full length and off it goes to the keeper. FOUR. Flicked it again and passed it to the fielder. FIVE. Good length could have been caught but safe, keeper gets it. FIVE. No run from it. SIX. Boundary and perfect end to the over.

LIVE CRICKET SCORES, South Africa 12/0  , Overs 1 (12) , Quinton de Kock 12 (6), Hashim Amla 0 (0 ): The opening batsmen Quinton de Kock and Hashim Amla walk down the ground. Spinner opening the attack for Afghanistan, Hamza Hotak to bowl first. ONE. Just a flick from de Kock. TWO. Off the mark with a boundaryand bowler bowling fast? Really? 96 kmph! THREE. Placement by de Kock. Boundary once again. FOUR. Good length from Hotak. No run. FIVE. Just a slight push and third boundary in this over. SIX. Just a flick and no run.

South won the toss and elect to bat first.

South Africa XI: Quinton de Kock(wk), Hashim Amla, Faf du Plessis(c), AB de Villiers, JP Duminy, David Miller, Chris Morris, Kyle Abbott, David Wiese, Kagiso Rabada, Imran Tahir

Afghanistan XI: Mohammad Shahzad(wk), Noor Ali Zadran, Asghar Stanikzai(c), Gulbadin Naib, Mohammad Nabi, Samiullah Shenwari, Najibullah Zadran, Rashid Khan, Amir Hamza, Dawlat Zadran, Shapoor Zadran

South Africa’s top order gave the perfect start to the innings with 78 runs within 5 overs and Quinton de Kock achieving 52 from mere 24 balls. Carrying forward the legacy was Hashim Amla with 58 from 31 balls. They secured 100 runs partnership comfortably until the top order started crumbling and the skipper AB de Villiers hardly contributing any runs on the scoreboard. But JP Duminy stood strong and secured his half-century pushing the score to 229 runs. Afghanistan faced similar situation as they went on to score 153 with help of Asghar Stanikzai’s 62 from 47 balls and Samiullah Shenwari’s useful 30 runs to give that edge to Afghanistan’s innings.

From the bowling perspective South Africa’s Kyle Abbott picked 3 for 41 while the rest gave away expensive overs. Afghanistan’s Mohammad Nabi and Rashid Khan were the only bowlers to chip wickets. This game becomes important for both the teams from winning perspective. READ: T20 World Cup 2016: South Africa aim for first victory vs Afghanistan at Mumbai


South Africa: Quinton de Kock(wk), Hashim Amla, Faf du Plessis(c), AB de Villiers, Jean-Paul Duminy, David Miller, David Wiese, Chris Morris, Kyle Abbott, Kagiso Rabada, Imran Tahir

Afghanistan: Mohammad Shahzad(wk), Noor Ali Zadran, Asghar Stanikzai(c), Gulbadin Naib, Mohammad Nabi, Samiullah Shenwari, Najibullah Zadran, Rashid Khan, Amir Hamza, Dawlat Zadran, Shapoor Zadran