Kusal Perera © AFP (File Photo)
Kusal Perera © AFP (File Photo)

Sep 16, 2014


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All over for Express. Lions win by 55 but will have to hope for a Mumbai indians loss to qualify. They are behind Mumbai on net run-rate.
OUT! Lakshan 1(6)


Now Hafeez among the wickets. Picks his first as Jayaratne holes out in the deep. Only formalities left in the match.
OUT! Jayaratne c Jamshed b Hafeez 16(11)


Jayaratne is ensuring the Express complete the full quota. Lions looking desperate but the equation seems to be out of their hand now. They will just have to hope Mumbai lose. No net run-rate issues involved now.


Express are biding their time now. Imran Ali too has a wicket to his name. A yorker is too good for Perera. The ball brushes past the stumps, and the leg-stump bail falls after a few seconds.
OUT! D Perera b I Ali 3(8)


Rasool in his final over creates lot of trouble for the tail-enders. But Jayaratne manages to get hold of one and clears long-on for six. Express need 70 in 36 balls.


A well-set Angelo Perera throws his wicket away. Couldn’t clear the length ball over mid-off and easy catch for Siddiq. Seekkuge Prasanna then follows with another poor shot, hit straight in to hands of the deep midwicket fielder. Lahore are counting the runs here. Higher the margin, better the net run-rate.
OUT! A Perera c Siddiq b Riaz 16(18) & S Prasanna c Nasim b Riaz 3(4)


Mubarak had hit Rasool for a huge six on the first ball and followed it up with a couple. A good innings comes to an end as he doesn’t time the third ball. It heads straight in to the hands of long-off fielder. Farveez Maharoof joins Perera. With Express in to the 80s, Lahore, even if they win, won’t equal Mumbai Indians’ net run-rate. Meanwhile, Rasool gets an easy wicket. Maharoof goes for a wild slog, and is bowled for a golden duck. Seekkuge Prasanna starts off with a heave over midwicket, the fielder flings himself and the ball runs away for four. Should have been caught at this level.
OUT! J Mubarak c Siddq b Rasool 35(26),  F Maharoof 0(1)


Misfield on the first ball allows Mubarak to come back for the second run. Mubarak adds one more after the dot ball. Perera then struggles to get one away and finally manages to take advantage a short delivery, pulls it away for four. The last ball is hit with force towards wide long-on, another misfield and another couple added.


While the Express innings seems to be meandering, the more the score, it equally hurts Lions’ chances in terms of net run-rate. Couple of singles followed by a chip shot over covers which fetches two for Perera. The right-hander on the last ball goes for a big one and ends up mistiming to Hafeez at short midwicket, the skipper spills the chance. 102 needed in 60 balls.


Imran Ali misses his length and Mubarak hammers the second ball of the over for four. Two singles and a wide ball gives Express seven from the over. 108 needed in 66 balls.




Hafeez has deployed a defensive field to stem the flow of runs as the required rate is inching towards 10. off-spinner Adnan Rasool comes in to bowl. The batsmen look for the big hits but are forced to settle for singles. Five from the over. Express need 115 in 72 balls.



Imran Ali comes in to bowl. Four singles from the over. Express need 120 runs in 78 balls.


Cheema makes up for the sloppy fielding Bowls this one wide of the crrease and Sampath tries to flick it without any footwork, the ball angled in and hit his pads. Looked like going down the leg-side but umpire Vineet Kulkarni raises his finger. A four on the last ball for Mubarak.
OUT! T Sampath lbw Cheema 18(18)


Wahab Riaz comes in to bowl. Sampath plays out two dot balls before picking a single. The fourth delivery is a bit wide and mebarak just punches it towards cover, the fielder dives and allows the ball to go through. Easy boundary for Mubarak. Cheema at short fine-leg takes the misfielding to next level as the pull shot from Mubarak sprints between his legs for four. Express need 129 in 90 balls.


It seems both brothers are adept with playing scoops. Sampath tried it earlier but this time succeeds. Cheema bowls a length delivery and he casually scoops it over fine-leg for four. Adds a single on the next one. Perera, who has faced a lot lesser deliveries is beaten by Cheema on the third ball. He comes down the track to hit the fourth ball over covers and nicks it to the keeper. Big wicket for Lahore. Cheema follows it up with a back of length delivery. Gunathilaka goes for the pull and the bottom edge clips the bails. For the third time in the tournament, Cheema is on a hat-trick.
OUT! K Perera c Akmal b Cheema 8(8), D Gunathilka b Cheema 0(1)


Hafeez continues and this time bowls to Perera. After two dot balls, he shuffles the field on either side. But that doesn’t matter to perera, he comes down the track and hoicks it over the bowler’s head for six. Picks a single on the next ball. Sampath then reaches out for the delivery, converts it in to a full-toss and guides it behind the wicket for four.


Excellent umpiring from Vineet Kulkarni. the second ball of the over by Cheema struck Perera on the pads. That was striking the middle-stump but Kulkarni spotted accurately that the ball had pitched fractionally outside leg. Like his brother Dilshan, Sampath too is trying to scoop a bit but hasn’t succeeded so far.





First ball from Hafeez and Tillakaratne Sampath tries to sweep and is hit on the pads. Loud appeal but survives. Cant get the ball away on the next two deliveries. The fourth one is slightly outside off and Sampath cuts it away for four.





Akmal picks a single on the first ball. Hafeez follows it up with terrific cover drive for four. The next one is mistimed by Hafeez, and is caught in the deep. A fine innings comes to an end. Wahab Riaz is the new man in. Nine runs from the last over.
OUT! M Hafeez c A Perera b Jayaratne 67(40, W Riaz run out 3(2)


Hafeez is in no mood to relent after the slow start. Short ball from Jayampathi and he dispatches it to square-leg for four. The next one is in the slot and smashed for a six. 14 from the over.


Express’s most successful bowler Maharoof comes back to bowl. The second one is short and brushes past the batsman’s gloves and flies over the keeper for four. Hafeez on the fourth ball smashes another boundary. He completes his fifty by placing a slower ball in the gap for a couple.


Hafeez gets another boundary. This is a per-meditated shot. Goes down on his knees and sweeps it past fine-leg for four. Nasim joins the party with a boundary on the fifth bowl. It was wide but he fetched it and hits over the bowler for four. But next ball he tries to go for another big shot but is caught at long-on. So Umar Akmal finally gets to bat.
OUT! S Nasim c Jayaratne b Jayampathi 31(25)


Hafeez finally comes in to his true colours. Big over for the Lahore and the run-rate has galloped past seven. Prasanna bowls a touch short and he goes down on one knee and slogs it towards deep midwicket for four. he comes down the track to the full-toss and sends it over the bowler’s head for a six. He doesn’t get hold of the next one but still manages to clear the ropes for one more six. And a hat-trick of sixes as he manages to hit one more down the ground. A couple on the last ball makes it 25 in the over.



Eighth boundary of the innings comes after a long wait. Nasim gets one on the leg-side and gets it away for four. But that’s the only big shot of the over. Six from the over.




Frustrating moments for Lahore. Hafeez is using up deliveries but yet to score a boundary. And an aggressive striker like Umar Akmal is sitting in the dugout for a while now. 24 runs scored in last five overs.





Jayaratne comes back into the attack and concedes six in an over. Lahore are going at exactly six an over.


Seekkuge Prasanna comes in to bowl. Keeps things tight and concedes only three from the first four balls. A sloppy fielding effort from Tillakaratne Sampath allows two more. Five from that over. The pressure is building up on Lahore.


Excellent bowling from Lakshan. Keeps Hafeez guessing and almost traps him leg-before once. Hafeez continues to use the sweep shot and finally manages to get one away. Nasim had earlier in he over picked a couple and a single. Another tidy over, only four from it.


Halfway through the innings, this has been Express’ match so far. The bowlers haven’t done anything magical yet Lahore have blessed them with wickets. Meanwhile Maharoof bowls his third over, a today one, just four runs from it.





Three singles and a boundary from that over from Lakshan. Lahore are busy rebuilding at a time where most teams look to accelerate.


Once again Lahore plotting their own downfall, Maharoof has three wickets. Shehzad works hard to throw his wicket away and succeeds. He had hit a boundary the previous delivery off Maharoof. This time around tries to be cheeky. Went for a scoop to an outside off delivery and guides it in to the hands of the fine-leg fielder. 40 for no loss to 52 for three, that’s Lahore’s inconsistency. Hafeez is the new man in. Gets a single and Jamshed on the last ball goes for a glide towards thirdman and hits the ball straight in to the hands of the widish slip fielder. Ordinary shot. Gifts his wicket away.
OUT! A Shehzad c Lakshan b Maharoof 29(21) & N Jamshed c Mubarak b Maharoof 1(5)


Left-arm spinner Lakshan comes in to bowl. Has been erratic. Was looking to experiment a bit and ends up bowling two wides. He is trying to bowl across to Shehzad and the hint of width allowed Shehzad to guide it late past the slips for three runs. Jamshed misreads a googly on the fifth ball.


Maharoof strikes. He was getting some bounce off the pitch. Siddiq dtried to fiddle with a back of length delivery and edges it to the keeper. Breakthrough for Express.
OUT! U Siddiq c K Perera b Maharoof 18(19)


Ishan Jayaratne replaces Jayampathi. Had bowled good line and didn’t allow the openers to free their arms. Four runs in five balls seemed good but ended up giving a loose slower one outside off and Shehzad smashed it through the covers for four.


Perera continues. No run on the first two balls. The third one is a touch short and he tries to cut it. Gets a thick outside edge and runs down towards the boundary for four. Gets a single on the next ball.Shehzad adds one more on the last ball. Seven from the over.



Productive over for Lahore. Siddiq picks a single on the first ball. Shehzad follows with a couple. The third ball is sweetly timed through covers for four. The fifth ball is pitched up and Shehzad lofts it over mid-on. Comfortably placed. Lahore are slowly getting in to a dominating position now.


Dilruwan Perera starts from the other end. Siddiq picks a single on the second ball. Shehzad follows with one more. That’s it in the over. Remember Lahore have to score big and defeat Express by a big margin.



Lahore have elevated Umar Siddiq up the order and he opens the batting in place of Nasir Jamshed. Jayampathi opens the bowling and first ball is down the leg-side and Siddiq flicks it away for a couple. No slip cordon for the left-handed Siddiq and he gets a thick outside edge and four runs for him. Just a single on the remaining four bowls.



Toss: Southern Express have won the toss and elected to bowl. TN Sampath, Lakshan Rangika come in for Southern Express. Lahore are unchanged.


Lahore Lions: Mohammad Hafeez, Ahmed Shehzad, Umar Siddique Khan, Mohammad Umar Akmal, Nasir Jamshed, Mohammad Salman Ali, Asif Raza, Mohammad Mustafa Iqbal, Wahab Riaz, Aizaz Cheema, Imran Ali, Saad Naseem, Adnan Rasool, Mohammad Saeed, Ali Manzoor.

Southern Express: Kushal Janith Perera(wk), Danushka Gunathilaka, Seekkuge Prasanna, Ishan Jayaratne, Tillakaratne Sampath, Lakshan Rangika, Dilruwan Perera, Jehan Mubarak(c), Angelo Perera, Farveez Maharoof, Charith Jayampathi.


All important day for four teams. Here’s the equations for all four teams to qualify



Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the Champions League T20 (CLT20) 2014 qualifying match between Southern Express and Lahore Lions. The match would be played at Ranchi and this is a crucial encounter for both sides. Lahore need to win to give themselves a chance of going through. And if they do, then they have to wait for the result of the evening game between Mumbai Indians and Northern Knights. The net run-rate equations would come into play if Mumbai win.

You can read more about this upcoming game here in our preview. And, what do you think would be the key clashes in this game? Here is the article on the key clashes to watch out for. I am Abhijit Banare and would take you through this game today.


Lahore Lions: Mohammad Hafeez, Ahmed Shehzad, Umar Siddique Khan, Mohammad Umar Akmal, Nasir Jamshed, Mohammad Salman Ali, Asif Raza, Mohammad Mustafa Iqbal, Wahab Riaz, Aizaz Cheema, Imran Ali, Saad Naseem, Adnan Rasool, Mohammad Saeed, Ali Manzoor.

Southern Express: Kusal Janith Perera, Danushka Gunatilake, Angelo Perera, Jehan Mubarak (c), Niroshan Dickwella, Dilruwan Perara, Prasanna Seekuge, Ishan Jayaratne, Farvees Maharoof, Kasun Madushanka, Yasoda Lanka, Charith Jayampathi, Sachith Pathirana, Sandaken Lakshen, Tillakaratne Sampath.

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