Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the 2015-16 season of the Vijay Hazare Trophy. We shall be updating you with the events of the matches as and when they happen. The contests in store today are Group A — Services vs Assam, Hyderabad vs Tamil Nadu, Group B — Jammu and Kashmir vs Gujarat, Group C — Baroda vs Tripura, Vidarbha vs Andhra and Group D — Uttar Pradesh vs Goa. Services face off against Assam at the RRC Stadium in Hyderabad, with Assam looking for their first win of the tournament after five straight defeats. Tamil Nadu, on the other hand, will look to inch one step closer towards a spot in the knock-outs with a win over the struggling Hyderabad at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad.  Vijay Hazare 2015-16: Full coverage here

Live Cricket Score: Services 262/4 (TARGET: 262) | Overs 45.2 | BATSMEN: Amit pachhara 75(88), SR Swain 18(14) | OUT! Yashpal Singh 8(9) b Jogeswar Bhumiz SERVICES WIN BY 6 WICKETS

Live Cricket Score: Tamil Nadu 233/7 (TARGET: 231) | Overs 47.5 | Baba Indrajith 4(8), Aswin Crist 4(3) | OUT! R Ashwin 36(68) run out B Sandeep, Baba Aparajith 55(58) c Sumanth Kolla b Ravi Kiran, R Sathish 0(3) b Ravi Kiran TAMIL NADU WIN BY 3 WICKETS

Live Cricket Score: UP 224/4 (TARGET: 219) | Overs 36.3 | BATSMEN: Umang Sharma 85(94), Rinku Singh 51(44) | OUT! Saurabh Dubey 35(39) c Amit Yadav (sub) b Shadab Jakati, Suresh Raina 29(22) c Amit Yadav (sub) b Shadab Jakati, Shubham Chaubey 7(16) c SS Bandekar b Darshan Misal, Eklavya Dwivedi 9(5) c Sagun Kamat b Shadab Jakati UTTAR PRADESH WIN BY 6 WICKETS

Live Cricket Score: Services 225/3 (TARGET: 262) | Overs 40 | BATSMEN: Amit pachhara 62(75), Yashpal Singh 4(5) | OUT! Rajat Paliwal 52(37) LBWJogeswar Bhumiz

Live Cricket Score: Tamil Nadu 222/4 (TARGET: 231) | Overs 45 | R Ashwin 34(66), Baba Aparajith 55(57) | OUT! Abhinav Mukund 26(23) c Vishal Sharma b Mohammad Siraj, Dinesh Karthik 27(32) c Sumanth Kolla b Mohammad Siraj, Murali Vijay 44(66) c B Sandeep b Vishal Sharma, Vijay Shankar 23(26) run out Hanuma Vihari

Live Cricket Score: J&K 151 (TARGET: 188) | Overs 47.2 | BATSMEN: Rohit Sharma 4(10) | OUT! Parvez  Rasool 65(91) b Hardik Patel,  Waseem Raza 7(19) c Parthiv Patel b Jasprit Bumrah, Zahoor Sofi 3(13) LBW Akshar Patel, Umar Nazir 6(24) c & B Rush Kalaria, Sandeep Singh 44(81) b Akshar Patel GUJARAT WIN BY 36 RUNS

Live Cricket Score: Vidarbha 91/0 | Overs 19.2 | BATSMEN: JM Sharma 47(54), Faiz Fazal 44(62) | VIDARBHA WIN BY 10 WICKETS

Live Cricket Score: Goa 218 | Overs 49.5 | BATSMEN: Lakshay Garg 9(10) | OUT! Reagan Pinto 66(81) c Umang Sharma b Suresh Raina, Prasanth Parmeswaran 3(5) c Akshdeep Nath b Praveen Kumar

Live Cricket Score: Assam 261/8 | Overs 50 | BATSMEN: Wasiqur Rahman 10(6), Bikash Chetry 0(0) | OUT! Abu Nechim Ahmed 4(4) c Nakul Verma b Diwesh Pathania, Jogeshwar Bhumiz c Rahul Kanojia b Diwesh Pathania

Live Cricket Score: Hyderabad 230 | Overs 49.2 | BATSMEN: Ravi Kiran 17(33) | OUT! Tanmay Agarwal 105(96) c R Ashwin b L Balaji, MD Siraj 0(1) b L Balaji

Live Cricket Score: J&K 20/4 (TARGET: 188) | Overs 10 | BATSMEN: Parvez  Rasool 1(9), Waseem Raza 0(3) | OUT! Shubham Khajuria 0(14) b Hardik Patel, Bandeep Singh 6(20) c Priyank Panchal b Hardik Patel, Ian Dev Singh Chauhan 4(5) c Rujul Bhatt b Rush Kalaria, Nadeem Ahmed Dar 8(7) LBW Hardik Patel

Live Cricket Score: Vidarbha 56/0 | Overs 15 | BATSMEN: JM Sharma 22(42), Faiz Fazal 34(48) |

Live Cricket Score: Goa 208/8 | Overs 48 | BATSMEN: Reagan Pinto 66(80), Lakshay Garg 2(5) | OUT! SS Bandekar 29(40) c Suresh Raina b Piyush Chawla, Keenan 7(10) run out, Shadab Jakati 4(8) c Shubham Chaubey b Suresh Raina

Live Cricket Score: Assam 238/6 | Overs 47 | BATSMEN: Abu Nechim Ahmed 4(3), Wasiqur Rahman 0(0) | OUT! Amit Verma 78(99) b Ritesh Negi, Arun Karthick retired hurt 29(34), Syed Mohammed 22(21) c & b Suraj Yadav, Amit Sinha 21(12) c Mumtaz Qadir (sub) b Diwesh Pathania

Live Cricket Score: Hyderabad 214/8 | Overs 46 | BATSMEN: Tanmay Agarwal 94(87), Ravi Kiran 13(23) | OUT! Vishal Sharma 1(8) c Murali Vijay b R Ashwin

Live Cricket Score: Gujarat 187 | Overs 49.2 | BATSMEN: Jasprit Bumrah 4(4) | OUT! Rujul Bhatt 66(103) c Mufti Mohsin (sub) b Waseem Raza, Rohit Dahiya 27(43) c Mufti Mohsin (sub) b Waseem Raza, HP Patel 3(4) c Omar Alam b Rohit Sharma

Live Cricket Score: Baroda 61/4 | Overs 6.1 | BATSMEN: Ambati Rayudu 31(15), Hardik Pandya 5(3) | OUT! Aditya Waghmode 3(3) c Arindam Das b CK Paul, Kedar Devdhar 9(6) LBW SC Das, Yusuf Pathan 1(3) LBW CK Paul, Deepar Hooda 11(7) b CK Paul beat Tripura 58. BARODA WIN BY 6 WICKETS

Live Cricket Score: Andhra 87 | Overs 25.3 | BATSMEN: Imandi Karthik Raman 0(1) | OUT! KS Bharat 9(14) c AK Karnewar b Umesh Yadav, Sreekanth Ramesh Koripalli 0(1) LBW Shrikant Wagh, DB Prasanth Kumar 38(61) LBW AK Karnewar, AG Pradeep 1(7) LBW Shrikant Wagh, Jyothisaikrishna 1(6) LBW Umesh Yadav, TK Ganesh Kumar 17(35) LBW RD Thakur, KV Saikanth 0(2) LBW AK Karnewar, Bodavarapu Sudhakar 5(6) LBW AK Karnewar, Ayyappa Banduru 0(1) LBW AK Karnewar, Siva Kumar 12(19) b Umesh Yadav

Live Cricket Score: Goa 148/5 | Overs 36 | BATSMEN: Reagan Pinto 29(45), SS Bandekar 21(26) | OUT! Swapnil Asnodkar 2(3) c Eklavya Dwivedi b Bhuvneshwar Kumar, SR Dongre 8(19) LBW Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Amogh Desai 22(39) c Bhuvneshwar Kumar b Piyush Chawla, Sagun Kamat 57(76) c Umang Sharma b Saurabh Dubey, Darshan Misal 4(9) b Saurabh Dubey

Live Cricket Score: Assam 170/3 | Overs 39 | BATSMEN: Amit Verma 74(93), Arun Karthick 19(26) | OUT! Pallav Kumar Das 1(17) LBW Diwesh Pathania, Sarupam Purkayastha 20(21) c & b Diwesh Pathania, Sibsankar Roy c & b Suraj Yadav

Live Cricket Score: Hyderabad 172/7 | Overs 37 | BATSMEN: Tanmay Agarwal 67(59), Vishal Sharma 1(4) | OUT! Akshath Reddy 10(9) c Dinesh Karthik b L Balaji, Danny Prince 31(41) c Dinesh Karthik b Vijay Shankar, Hanuma Vihari 13(31) c Dinesh Karthik b R Ashwin, B Sandeep 21(46) c Murali Vijay b Vijay Shankar, B Anirudh 3(14) run out R Ashwin, Sumanth Kolla 13(15) c & b R Sathish, Kaneshkk Naidu 4(2) c Dinesh Karthik b R Sathish

Live Cricket Score: Gujarat 146/6 | Overs 43 | BATSMEN: Rujul Bhatt 58(96), Rohit Dahiya 23(36) | OUT! Parthiv Patel 5(8) c Waseem raza b Umar Nazir, Priyank Panchal 5(13) c & b Omar Alam, Chirag Gandhi 14(35) c Sandeep Singh b Omar Alam, HR Barad 1(10) LBW Zahoor Sofi, Akshar Patel 27(49) c Sandeep Singh b Bandeep Singh, Jesal Karia 5(11) c Parvez Rasool b Waseem Raza

TOSS: Assam (Bat), TN (Field), J&K (Field), Tripura (Bat), Vidarbha (Field), UP (Field)

Jammu and Kashmir have lost all four games of theirs so far in the tournament, with a 43-run defeat to Railways being their last one. They now face Gujarat, who are sitting merrily on the second spot with three wins in four games. In Group C, as many as four teams are tied with 12 points, including Baroda who look to move a step ahead by trampling over the winless Tripura. Table-toppers Vidarbha will also have similar views, looking to confirm themselves for the quarters when they face Andhra in New Delhi. Uttar Pradesh, currently second in Group D behind Himachal Pradesh, will look to leave the memories of the one-sided defeat to Madhya Pradesh behind when they face the group whipping boys Goa, with a win pretty much helping them advance to the next stage.