Good afternoon! Hello and welcome to CricketCountry’s live coverage of the Group B Round 1, Match 5 of the ICC World T20 2016 between Scotland and Zimbabwe at Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, Nagpur. I am Kaustubh S. Mayekar, and I will be bringing to you all the live updates from this action. Scotland, who were edge past by Afghanistan in their previous match, will be aiming for a win to stay alive in the tournament. However, if Zimbabwe defeats Scotland today, they will qualify for the next round. Scotland’s George Munsey and Kyle Coetzer stitched an 84-run opening stand against Afghanistan, but it was the middle order who failed to capitalise and take the team over the line. LIVE CRICKET SCORECARD: Zimbabwe vs Scotland, ICC T20 World Cup 2016, Group B Round 1, Match 5, Nagpur

Live Cricket Score | Scotland 136/8 in overs 19.4| Mark Watt 9 (5): Scotland need 19 off the last over. They need a couple of big hits. FOUR! Short and wide outside off stump. Watt edges it toward third man. Scotland need 15 off 5. 2 runs. Watt drives a full-length towards long-on. Good running between the wickets. Zimbabwe fielders seem to be under pressure. 1 run. Watt dances down the track but gets tramped by a short ball. Good presence of mind by Tripano! OUT! Back-of-the-hand slower delivery Tripano deceives Evans and gets knocked over. Zimbabwe edge past Scotlaby 11 runs! Scotland are knocked out of the tournament. Scotland innings summary: All-round Zimbabwe register 11-run win over Scotland in ICC World T20 2016 Round 1, Group B, Match 5 at Nagpur

OUT! Alasdair Evans b Tiripano 0

Scotland 129/9 in overs 19 | Mark Watt 2 (2), Alasdair Evan 0 (0): Tripano into the attack. Anyone can win the game. It’s another nail-biting game of ICC World T201 2016. OUT! Berrington departs! It’s a soft dismissal. It’s just what the doctor ordered. It’s a roller coaster of a game. Tripano does the job and brings Zimbabwe back in the game. Scotland need 24 off 12.

OUT! Josh Davey c Sikandar Raza b Panyangara 24

Live Cricket Score | Scotland 124/8 in overs 18 | Josh Davey 21 (9), Mark Watt 0 (0): Chatara to bowl the 17th over. SIX! Davey crisply pull it over midwicket. That has to be the shot of the match! FOUR! Davey’s powerful drive beats long-on. SIX! Williams, at long-off, couldn’t grab it cleanly. Davey is playing a gem of an innings. Chatara concedes 18 runs. Scotland now need 30 off the last 3 overs. Can they make it?

Live Cricket Score | Scotland 95/7 in overs 15 | Josh Davey 0 (0), Richie Berrignton 31 (30)

Live Cricket Score | Scotland 95/7 in overs 15 | Josh Davey 0 (0), Richie Berrignton 31 (30): Masakadza to Mommsen. OUT! Mommsen swings his arms but Masakadza deceives him with a slower one. Masakadza provides a crucial breakthrough. Scotland captain departs. Must say, he played a captain’s knock. Sharif is the new man at the crease. Will he help Berrington chase down the target? OUT! He doesn’t. Steps out, ball spin away and he gets stumped. Masakadza has turned the tide in a matter of one over.

Preston Mommsen c sub (Chibhabha) b Masakadza 31

Safyaan Sharif st Mutumbami b WP Masakadza 1

Live Cricket Score | Scotland 91/5 in overs 14 | Preston Mommsen 29 (25), Richie Berrignton 30 (29): Scotland need 57 off 36. Panyangara into the attack. Zimbabwe need to take wickets to stop this partnership from flourishing till the end. Panyangara concedes only 6 runs. They need 57 off 36 balls.

Live Cricket Score | Scotland 85/5 in overs 13 | Preston Mommsen 25 (22), Richie Berrignton 28 (26): Wellington Masakadza back into the attack. Zimbabwe desperately looking for wickets. FOUR! Mommsen sweeps the 3rd ball past fine leg. Scotland have finally found a momentum. Zimbabwe fans look concerned. Mommsen is taking away the game from Zimbabwe. 8 runs off it. The required run-rate has climbed upto 9. It is evenly poised at this stage.

Live Cricket Score | Scotland 77/5 in overs 12 | Preston Mommsen 18 (17), Richie Berrignton 27 (25): Zimbabwe need wickets and Scotland need boundaries. If Mommsen-Barrington pair bats till 15th over, Scotland have a bright chance of winning this contest Game on! Panyangara has been brought back into the attack. Panyangara took pace off the ball and did not let Mommsen take the charge. Concedes only 4 runs. It’s a brilliant over at this stage. Is the game still hanging in balance?

Live Cricket Score | Scotland 73/5 in overs 11 | Preston Mommsen 15 (11), Richie Berrignton 27 (25): We are into the 10th over already and half of the Scotland team is in the dug out. If they don’t take the Zimbabwe bowlers to the cleaners, it will be too for them to get over the line. Raza to Berrington. 1 run. Berrington reverse-sweeps past cover. FOUR! Welcome boundary for the Scottish. 1 run! Paddled to short fine leg. FOUR! Another boundary in this over. Scotland are trying to bog down the Zimbawe bowlers. 12 runs off Raza’s over. Costly!

Live Cricket Score | Scotland 50/5 in overs 9 | Preston Mommsen 6 (6), Richie Berrignton 13 (18): Another bowling change! Sikander Raza to Mommsen. Raz concedes only 7 runs. Zimbabwe won’t mind the Scottish dealing in 1s and 2s. One of the Scottish batsmen need to use the long handle and scale up the run-rate.

Live Cricket Score | Scotland 43/5 in overs 8 | Preston Mommsen 1 (1), Richie Berrignton 12 (17): Captain introduces Sean Williams into the attack. Evidently, he is looking for wickets and wants to wind up Scotland’s innings. Williams STRIKES in his very first over. His slow left-arm orthodox seemed to done it for his team. Leask, who was looking in a decent touch, tries to clear the boundary line but misses it completely and gets stumped. Change in bowling has done the trick!

Michale Leask st Mutumbami b Williams 9

Live Cricket Score | Scotland 37/4 in overs 7 | Batting: Mark Watt 2 (2), Alasdair Evans 0 (0): Tripano to continue. 1 run. Berrington clips it to fine leg. DOT ball. Shimmy down the track by the batsman but it’s turns out to be a swing and a miss. 1 run. Umpires calls it a leg bye. 1 run. Driven towards long on. 2 runs. Chipped over mid-wicket. FOUR! God timing! Leask pulls it behind square leg.  For Scotland to be in the hunt, their batters have to score at least one boundary per over.

Live Cricket Score | Scotland 28/4 in overs 6 | Batting: Michael Leask 2 (7), Richie Berrignton 6 (12): Captain Masakadza hands the ball to Panyangara. Scotland are struggling to find gaps. They at least need one boundary per over. Panyagara bowled a tight over. Cramped the batsmen and did not let the batsmen free their arms. Conceded only 5 runs. Zimbabwe won’t mind the Scottish dealing in 1s and 2s. Zimbabwe are on top at this stage!

Live Cricket Score | Scotland 23/4 in overs 5 | Batting: Michael Leask 1 (6), Richie Berrignton 2 (7): Tripano into the attack. His job has been made easy by Chatara and and Wellington Masakadza. All he has to do is contain runs and the wickets will fall. ONLY 1 off the over. Tripano keeps it simple, as his captain wanted it to be. Scotland need someone to play innings of substance to qualify for ICC World T20I 2016.

Live Cricket Score | Scotland 22/4 in overs 4 | Batting: Michael Leask 1 (2), Richie Berrignton 1 (5): Chatara to bowl his second over. OUT! Scotland are in deep trouble. Coetzer checks his drive and Sikander Raza takes a one-handed blinder. Take a bow! Scotland needs someone like Sean Williams to hold the innings together. They have totally lost the control over the chase. Losing wickets in the Powerplay will not help Scotland win this match. Zimbabwe bowlers are on a roll!

Kyle Coetzer c Sikandar Raza b Chatara 3

Live Cricket Score | Scotland 20/3 in overs 3 | Batting: Kyle Coetzer 3 (3), Richie Berrignton 0 (0): Masakadza continues! Scotland under fire. FOUR! Machan hits it between backward square leg and short fine leg. FOUR! Two consecutive boundaries for Scotland. OUT! Another one bites the dust. This time Machan drags it mid-on. Shimmy down the track did not work. Easy going for Zimbabwe so far.

Mathew Machan c sub (CJ Chibhabha) b WP Masakadza 9

Live Cricket Score | Scotland 12/2 in overs 2 | Batting: Kyle Coetzer 3 (3), Mathew Machan 1 (2): Chatara to Coetzer. Scotland will look to build a partnership. Wickets in hand is all that matters in the batting Powerplay. 2 runs. Batsman tucks it past mid-wicket. 1 run. Coetzer edges it towards third man. OUT! Chatara strikes! Cross goes without disturbing the scoreboard. Machan is the new man at the crease. Only 4 runs off this over.

OUT! Mathew Cross c †Mutumbami b Chatara 0

Live Cricket Score | Scotland 147/7 in overs 1 | Batting: Kyle Coetzer 0 (0), Mathew Cross 0 (0): Zimbabwe starts off with a spinner as well. Wellington Masakadza to Munsey. NO RUN! Munsey glances it to short fine leg. DOT ball. Munsey reverse-sweeps it but finds a fielder. DOT ball. One more reverse sweep, but misses it this time. Zimbabwe’s strategy seeems to be working. FOUR! First boundary off the innings. Bowled on legs but Munsey sweeps it over short third man. FOUR! Two back to back boundaries puts Wellington under pressure. OUT! Munsey bowls slower through the air outside off stump and beats Munsey in flight, and he’s stumped! What an eventful first over!

George Munsey st Mutumbami b WP Masakadza 8

*Zimbabwe’s innings starts here*

Live Cricket Score | Zimbabwe 147/7 in overs 20 | Batting: Wellington Masakadza 4 (6): Last over of the innings. Sharif to Chigumbura. 2 runs. Yorker sliced towards backward point. DOT BALL! Wide yorker outside off. Scotland aren’t giving away easy runs. 2 runs. This time batsman manages to slice it over covers. DOT BALL. Chigumbura is finding it difficult to tackle yorkers. FOUR. Low full toss outside off. Chigumbura spanks it through backward square leg. OUT! Chigumbura couldn’t connect a lower full toss. Mommsen takes it safely. Zimbabwe managed to score 147 in 20 overs. Scotland bowled well in the death overs and did not give away easy runs. Zimbabwe innings report: Zimababwe post 147-7 against Scotland in ICC World T20 2016 Round 1 T20I match 5 at Nagpur

OUT! Elton Chigumbura c Mommsen b Sharif  

Live Cricket Score | Zimbabwe 139/6 in overs 19 | Batting: Elton Chigumbura 12 (11) Wellington Masakadza 4 (6): Davey to Masakadza. Davey has given only 17 runs in 3 overs. DOT ball. Nails perfect yorker. 1 run. Wide yorker smashed away to covers. DOT. Full and wide. Smart bowling by Davey. 1 run. Slow ball pulled away for 1. Loose full toss outside off; batsman takes 1. Full and wide again. Scotland have bowled well in the death overs. Only 4 coming off it.

Live Cricket Score | Zimbabwe 135/6 in overs 18 | Batting: Elton Chigumbura 10 (8) Wellington Masakadza 2 (3): Sharif to Williams. OUT! Williams shuffles across and finds backward short leg. Good innings comes to an end. Scotland finally managed to get a breakthrough. Wellington Masakadza is the new batsman at the crease. Zimbabwe are chipping away their wickets. It’s a good comeback by Sharif. Hasn’t conceded any boundaries in this over. Only 7 runs coming off it.

SC Williams c Evans b Sharif 53

Live Cricket Score | Zimbabwe 128/5 in overs 17 | Batting: Sean Williams 53 (35) Elton Chigumbura 8 (6): Evans to bowl his last over. He has conceded only 20 runs so far. FOUR LEG BYES! Keepers misses it. Can’t afford to leak runs at this stage. SIX! Chigumbura spanks it over long over. Scotland are leaking rus now. Zimbabwe are in complete control. 14 runs off it.

Live Cricket Score | Zimbabwe 114/5 in overs 16 | Batting: Sean Williams 51 (32) Elton Chigumbura 1 (3): Davey continues! Williams is on a song! Scotland have to be cautious with their line and length. FOUR. Davey drags it on Williams’ pads. That brings up Williams’ 50! He didn’t take unnecessary risk. Played the ball according to its merit. Davey ends the over with a dot ball.

Live Cricket Score | Zimbabwe 107/5 in overs 15 | Batting: Sean Williams 33 (22) Elton Chigumbura 1 (1): Zimbabwe have been going great guns in the last 4 overs. Watt to Waller. FOUR! Waller joins the party now! He lofts it over covers. Great timing! OUT! Waller throws away his wicket. Waller lofts it again, but this finds long on. 5 overs to go. Zimbabwe need to be cautious. Can’t throw away wickets! Watt has bowled well so for. Bowling slower through the air, forcing the batsmen to make mistake.

OUT! Malcolm Waller c Leask b Watt 13 (13)

Live Cricket Score | Zimbabwe 99/4 in overs 14 | Batting: Malcolm Waller 6 (8), Sean Williams 33 (22): Leask to ball his last over. Williams plays reverse sweep for four. It was a perfectly execute shot. 6 runs off the first 4 balls. Williams puts it away in the gap and is looking for 2. And he gets 2! Good running between the wickets! FOUR! Williams sweeps it away in the gap. Fielder tried to stop it but it’s too late to dive. Productive over Zimbabwe.

Live Cricket Score | Zimbabwe 87/4 in overs 13 | Batting: Malcolm Waller 7 (10), Sean Williams 44 (26): Sharif comes into the attack to bowl his second over. Zimbabwe are dealing in singles. Sharif has managed to contain the onslaught so far. 5 overs runs off the first 4 balls. Sharif bowls a slower full toss and deceives Williams. And ends the overs with another slower bouncer. Good over! Zimbabwe under pressure. 

Live Cricket Score | Zimbabwe 81/4 in overs 12 | Batting: Malcolm Waller 4 (5), Sean Williams 29 (19): Watt to bowl his third over. FOUR. Williamson sweeps the very first ball of ther over. Williams pushes ito to the long on. Takes a single! Watt bowls slower through the air. Two dot deliveries! Waller under pressure! Waller tucks it away and takes a single! Last ball of the over. Walliams comes down the track and hits it towards mid-wicket! 1 run.

Live Cricket Score | Zimbabwe 73/4 in overs 11 | Batting: Malcolm Waller 3 (2), Sean Williams 22 (16):  Alasdair Evans comes on for his third over. The first ball is short and drifting down leg, Williams pulls it for a FOUR! An inside edge onto the pads on the second ball, Zimbabwe manage a single. And BOWLED HIM! Raza cleaned up for 9! The ball was slow and pitched in the line of the off stump, which the batsman failing to read it well. Malcolm Waller is the new man in, he starts off with a sharp single. Wide again! Evans strays down the leg now. Two wides on the trot now. Single taken on the fifth ball, down the ground by Williams.

OUT! Sikandar Raza b Alasdair Evans 9 (9)

Live Cricket Score | Zimbabwe 54/3 in overs 9 | Batting: Sikandar Raza 2 (3) Sean Williams 15 (12): Zimbabwe sink further! A splendid catch by Michael Leask at long off has ended Richmond Mutumbami’s innings at 19! Zimbabwe are in a spot of bother with their top-order blown away. Sean Williams and Sikandar  Raza are the two batsmen at the crease, and Zimbabwe will be hoping they put together a strong partnership here.

OUT! Richmond Mutumbami c Michael Leask b Mark Watt 19 (17)

Live Cricket Score | Zimbabwe 50/2 in overs 8 | Batting: Richmond Mutumbami 19 (16) Sean Williams 13 (10): Leask to bowl his second over. SIX! First six of the match. Mutumbami sends the ball soaring over the boundary line. Zimbabwe batsmen are taking on the bowlers. 11 runs off the over.

Live Cricket Score | Zimbabwe 39/2 in overs 7 | Batting:  Richmond Mutumbami 11 (13) Sean Williams 10 (7): Davey bowls his second over. It’s the end of the Powerplay. Zimbabwe will try to make full use of the field restriction from now onwards. FOUR. Loose delivery on the leg stump. Williams helps it away for four. Davey is finding it difficult to hit the right length. Davey concedes 9 runs. Zimbabwe are under way after the batting Powerplay.

Live Cricket Score | Zimbabwe 30/2 in overs 6 | Batting:  Richmond Mutumbami 11 (11) Sean Williams 2 (3): Sharif into the attack. FOUR. Back of a length delivery. Mutumbami steps out and clear mid-on. Clearly, Zimbabwe bowlers are trying to up the ante. It’s the last over of the power. FOUR. Low full toss! Mutumbami plunders over the bowlers head. Productive over for Zimbabwe. 12 runs off it.

Live Cricket Score | Zimbabwe 19/2 in overs 5 | Batting:  Richmond Mutumbami 2 (4) Sean Williams 0 (0): Evans mixing it up well. Couple of slower bouncers already. OUT! Sibanda tries to clear the slower bouncer but finds the man in the deep on the leg side. Zimbabwe are under fire! Scotland bowlers have been smart so far. They are making the batsmen guess. Evans gives away only a run!

OUT!  Vusimuzi Sibanda c Machan b Evans 4 (12)

Live Cricket Score | Zimbabwe 18/1 in overs 4 | Batting:  Vusimuzi Sibanda 4 (10) Richmond Mutumbami 2 (4): Oh, Masakadza is run-out again! Twice in this tournament. Both batsmen were not mindful while running and run into each other. Sibanda is down in pain! Masakadza’s bat hits Sibanda’s chin. He’s bleeding! Stretcher is being brought on the field. Sibanda gets bandaged but decides to continue. Watt concedes only 1 run.

OUT! Hamilton Masakada run out 12 (10)

Live Cricket Score | Zimbabwe 17/0 in overs 3 | Batting: Hamilton Masakadza 12 (10), Vusimuzi Sibanda 4 (8): Masakadza sweeps Evans for four. There was a mix-up between Masakadza and Vusimuzi yet again. Third Umpire says Not Out! A slower bouncer by Evans deceives Masakadza. FOUR. Masakadza ends the over with a boundary. Zimbabwe batsmen seemed to have found the feet.

Live Cricket Score | Zimbabwe 8/0 in overs 2 | Batting: Hamilton Masakadza 4 (5), Vusimuzi Sibanda 4 (7)

Zimbabwe batsmen are trying to take on the bowlers. Few shimmy down the track but couldn’t find gaps. Good over by Davey. He’s trying to mix up his lengths, making the batsmen guess.

Live Cricket Score | Zimbabwe 5/0 in overs 1 | Batting: Hamilton Masakadza 4 (4), Vusimuzi Sibanda 1 (2): Scotland starts off with off-spin. Masakadza scores a boundary. Zimbabwe off to a decent start.

Playing XI:

Scotland: Kyle Coetzer, George Munsey, Mathew Cross (wk), Matt Machan, Richie Berrington, Preston Mommsen (c), Michale Leask, Josh Davey, Safyaan Sharif, Mark Watt, Alasdair Evans

Zimbabwe: Hamilton Masakadza (c), Vusimuzi Sibanda, Richmon Mutumbami (wk), Sean Williams, Malcolm Waller, Sikandar Raza, Elton Chigumbura, Donald Tiripano, Tinashe Panyangara, Wellington Masakadza, Tendai Chatara

Toss: Zimbabwe won the toss and elected to bat first.


Scotland: Preston Mommsen (c), Kyle Coetzer, Richie Berrington, Mathew Cross (wk), Josh Davey, Con de Lange, Alasdair Evans, Michale Leask, Matt Machan, Calum MacLeod, Gavin Main, George Munsey, Safyaan Sharif, Robert Taylor, Mark Watt.

Zimbabwe: Hamilton Masakadza (c), Tendai Chatara, Chamu Chibhabha, Elton Chigumbura, Tendai Chisoro, Wellington Masakadza, Peter Moor, Tawanda Mupariwa, Richmon Mutumbami (wk), Tinashe Panyangara, Vusimuzi Sibanda, Sikandar Raza, Donald Tiripano, Malcolm Waller, Sean Williams.

Scotland’s defeat against Afghanistan was their 6th consecutive loss in T20Is. For Scotland to qualify for the next round, they have to play as a cohesive unit and get the act together. Zimbabwe’s Vusimuzi Sibanda, Man of the Match against Hong Kong, scored his maiden T20I half-century and will try to continue his stellar performance today. Zimbabwe bowlers contained the runs flow at the death and will be the key in today’s contest as well. Zimbabwe’s win against Hong Kong was their third consecutive win in T20I and are brimming with confidence. This is the first time these two teams will battle with each other in a T20I. Let’s hope for a cracking contest!

LIVE CRICKET SCORECARD & BALL-BY-BALL COMMENTARY: Zimbabwe vs Scotland, ICC T20 World Cup 2016, Group B Round 1, Match 5, Nagpur