The 21-day nationwide lockdown has caused all sorts of inconvenience for people but none as unique as the one umpire Anil Chaudhary is facing. Part of the ICC international panel for umpires, Chaudhary is currently stranded in his ancestral village of Dangrol in Uttar Pradesh’s Shamli district, where receiving proper network is a daily ordeal, and in order to find a solution, the 55-year-old umpire is having to climb trees hoping to get signals on his phone.

“I’m here with my two sons since March 16. I was visiting the village after quite some time so I planned to stay for a week but then the lockdown was announced and now I’m following the directives, while my mother and wife are in Delhi,” Chaudhary told PTI.

“The biggest problem is the network here. I can’t talk to anyone or use the internet. To be able to do that I have to go outside the village, climb up a tree or go to the rooftop. Then also the network is not available all the time.”

Chaudhary, who has officiated in 20 ODIs and 27 T20Is is also struggling with proper internet connection, which he needs for attending ICC’s online programs for umpires. The network issue is nothing new for the village as Chaudhary says, it’s an issue Dangrol has been facing for almost a decade, but while he can still deal with the issue, lack of network is a problem for his sons, who have to attend their colleges online.

“One of my son studies in the Hindu College, his classes are going on but he is unable to attend them. This network problem has been there for the past one year but because of the lockdown it is affecting studies. This village is only 85km away from Delhi. We have sent a letter to the district chief 10 days ago but are yet to receive an answer,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Chaudhary has taken this time to inform the village and educate regarding the do’s and don’ts related to the prevention of COVID-19. “I have asked people here not to gather around, avoid playing cards together, continuously wash their hands with soap. I have also distributed some masks to them and all of them are maintaining social distancing,” he said.