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  • 11:03 PM IST
    Gulbadin Naib: How they played after 30 overs was special. Credit to Morgan for how he batted. One of the best innings I’ve ever seen. This wicket was totally different to the ones we’ve been playing on. Mujeeb did really well, did his job. Unfortunately, Rashid was expensive and didn’t deliver. Did a lot of good things in the field, but we dropped the catch of Morgan. And he capitalized. Worked hard in every department. We’re improving day by day. Have a lot of work to do in every department. Big target but the message to the boys is to play their normal game. Playing fifty overs is a good thing for our batters.
  • 11:03 PM IST

    Eoin Morgan (2/2): Afghanistan is a side with a lot of potential – a completely different challenge with their spin attack. I have changed in terms of my game – every one plays the shots I started my career with – the scoops and the sweeps, etc. However, right now, I’m stronger down the ground than I have ever been, and life seems to have come full circle that way, because cricket has evolved in a way that there are fields that the oppositions set for those funky shots now.

  • 11:03 PM IST

    Eoin Morgan (1/2): I think Clive Llyod (who gave Morgan the Man of the Match award) can still hit a few out of the park with my bat. Today was fantastic for us. The wicket was very good. I thought everything from the way we started – our openers started well. Bairstow and Root were excellent, and then we just took a gamble and it paid off. Didn’t really think it was going to be my day at any point to be honest. I’ve had a bad back, looks like I’m getting old (laughs). There are many guys in the dressing room and who can produce an innings like that – but to match up to the youngsters is amazing. I didn’t think I could produce an innings like that, honestly.

  • 10:44 PM IST

    THAT’S A WRAP! England have sealed a 150-run win over Afghanistan. Bairstow, Rashid and Root played their roles well but the star of the match was Eoin Morgan.

  • 10:30 PM IST

    OUT! Six down. Mark Wood removes Najibullah.

  • 10:22 PM IST

    WICKET! Shahidi’s innings comes to an end. Fine knock. Makes room for himself, going outside off, as the plan seemed to be go past the short fine-leg. Misses. Archer hits the stumps.

  • 10:07 PM IST

    OUT! Rashid gives it a lot of air and Nabi sends one high in the sky. But he can only go as far as the long on. Afghanistan five down.

  • 9:59 PM IST

    SIX and 200 UP! What a way to start your innings! Nabi has a clean swing and the ball lands into the stands.

  • 9:56 PM IST

    OUT! Edge and taken! Rashid spins one away from Afghan and Root takes an easy catch in the slips.

  • 9:50 PM IST

    England are going to win this game but Afghanistan are making sure they put up a fight and don’t throw in the towel. They are nearing 200.

  • 9:35 PM IST

    FIFTY! Hashmatullah Shahidi sweeps it past the boundary rope. He has done well to bring up his second half-century of the tournament.

  • 9:31 PM IST

    DROPPED! Archer goes short and Asghar Afghan top edges it. Bairstow runs in from the fine-leg and the ball slips out of his hands. Life for Asghar.

  • 9:16 PM IST

    Live score England vs Afghanistan, 31 overs gone AFG 126/3 (Shahidi 26, Asghar Afghan 14) need 272 from 19 overs.

  • 9:14 PM IST

    Shahid’s all good now

  • 9:10 PM IST

    OUCH! Shahidi just took his eyes off a Mark Wood bouncer and it’s hit him flush on the back of his visor. The physio is out looking at him, Afghanistan 124/3

  • 8:50 PM IST

    WICKET! The Rahmat resistance ends, Adil Rashid does the job, Rahmat departs for 46, Afghanistan 104/3 in 25 overs

  • 8:40 PM IST
    Rahmat Shah showing real resistance, Afghanistan 100/2 in 23 overs (Rahmat Shah 44, Hashmatullah Shahidi 16)
  • 8:30 PM IST

    Afghanistan putting on a good fight, 86/2 in 20 overs (Rahmat Shah 34, Hashmatullah Shahidi 12)

  • 8:20 PM IST

    Bowling change from England, now, Ben Stokes comes into the attack.

  • 8:18 PM IST

    And that will be drinks at Old Trafford, Afghanistan 75/2 in 17 overs (Rahmat Shah 26, Hashmatullah Shahidi 9) It’s been the most decent-looking batting effort from Afghanistan so far in this tournament.

  • 8:05 PM IST

    Live score England vs Afghanistan, Afghanistan 62/2 in 14 overs (Rahmat Shah 16, Hashmatullah Shahidi 6)

  • 7:56 PM IST
    GONE! That’s the wicket England were searching for and Mark Wood has delivered it, Gulbadin Naib departs for 37, Afghanistan 52/2
  • 7:48 PM IST

    End of the first Powerplay, Afghanistan 48/1 (Gulbadin Naib 36, Rahmat Shah 10) TARGET: 399

  • 7:42 PM IST

    FOUR! Another off-pace ball by Woakes and once again Naib spots it early and pulls it square of the man, Afghanistan 43/1 in 8.5 overs (TARGET: 399)

  • 7:32 PM IST

    Do they?

  • 7:31 PM IST

    Live score Afghanistan vs England, 15 runs from that Archer over, Afghanistan 28/1 (Gulbadin Naib 21, Rahmat Shah 6) TARGET: 399

  • 7:28 PM IST

    FOUR! Short from Archer and Gulbadin Naib smashes it for his first boundary, he doesn’t stop there and whacks a SIX and a FOUR in the next two deliveries, Afghanistan not going down without a fight!

  • 7:21 PM IST

    Live score England vs Afghanistan, 4 overs gone, Afghanistan 9/1 (Gulbadin Naib 6, Rahmat Shah 2) TARGET: 399

  • 7:10 PM IST
    GONE! England wasting no time to wrap this up, Jofra Archer has struck early, Nor Ali has been cleaned up for a duck, AFG 4/1
  • 7:04 PM IST

    Welcome back to the Afghanistan run-chase, can they show some fight with the bat? Chris Woakes with the new ball, Noor Ali on strike.

Match highlights, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, Match 24: Eoin Morgan’s 148 sets up England’s win over Afghanistan

Hello and welcome to our live blog of Match 24 of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 between England and Afghanistan at Old Trafford, Manchester on Tuesday.

Perhaps the only thing in common between England and Afghanistan is that they are two of the only three teams who haven’t been affected by rain. Otherwise, both are poles apart. Generally and even in the points table. The most that was expected from Afghanistan was to spring a couple of surprised at max.

So far it hasn’t happened, but just think for a moment what it will do Afghanistan if England are the first team to be handed an upset. It may not be equivalent to winning the World Cup, but still could very well be. Afghanistan are at the bottom of the barrel, pretty much of out the World Cup, facing a side that are co-favourites.

England have been dealt a major blow with the news of star opener Jason Roy being ruled out the next two-three games. Afghanistan captain Gulbadin Naib admitted they are lucky to face an England side without Roy – after a hamstring tear he sustained against West Indies was confirmed – calling the opener one of the best batsmen in the world at the moment.

Roy has been phenomenal for England, and his absent opens the door fir James Vince, who had an extended hit out in the nets on Monday. Eoin Morgan has undergone thorough medication and although his back feels a lot better, the management is yet to decide on his availability. England sit fourth on the points table, overcoming the little stutter against Pakistan, and seek those two crucial points which will elevate them to the top of the rankings.

And right down there is Afghanistan, who simply haven’t produced that standard yet which makes them one of the most entertaining teams to watch. Their rise in world cricket makes for a joyous read, but the same fire has gone missing for a tournament Afghanistan prepared so dedicatedly for. And while Afghanistan have struggled to get their campaign up and running, England have motored along nicely and look to erase any doubts of a possible shock defeat. That said, Morgan and England would not want complacency to creep in.