Matthew Hayden
Matthew Hayden

Australia batting great Matthew Hayden has been hospitalised after suffering head and spinal injuries while surfing with his son in Queensland.

The 46-year-old admitted to have ‘dodged a bullet’ as he posted a photo on his Instagram with him in neck brace, writing he suffered a verterbrate fracture and torn ligaments while surfing with his son Josh on Friday at Stradbroke Island.

The former Australia Test opener posted a pair of photos on Instagram revealing the injuries.

Matthew Hayden Injury

“Ok. Last attention seeking post I promise. Just wanted to say a big thank you to all our mates on Straddie who have been so supportive,” Hayden wrote on Saturday.

Hayden, who played 103 Tests, 161 ODIs and 9 T20Is during his 15-year international career, revealed he had undergone MRI and CT scans and that he’s recovering well thanking everyone for their support.

“Especially Ben & Sue Kelley for the fast diagnosis with MRI, CT scan. Fractured C6, torn C5,C4 ligaments safe to say I truly have dodged a bullet. Thank you everyone On the road to recovery,” he wrote.

Matthew Hayden injury

This isn’t the first time that Hayden has had a near-fatal accident. In 1999, along with Australia teammate Andrew Symonds, the duo had to swim for their lives during a fishing sojourn when their boat capsized in Moreton Bay.

“It was an hour into the session and we had had half dozen waves together and I got this one right-handed wave which I sort of ducked under and that is pretty much all I can remember,” Hayden told Courier Mail. “I wasn’t knocked out. I was speared into the top of the sandbank onto the top of my head. Then it twisted my head with my own weight and the weight of the wave. I heard this god almighty click in my neck. I did not get knocked out but I sort of came to and rolled up on my back.”