Mumbai: It was a dead rubber on Sunday between Hyderabad and Punjab – but Mayank Agarwal and Umran Malik lit it up at the Wankhede. First, it was Mayank who welcomed Umran to the crease by asking him if he was wearing his protective gear as he had stepped on to the field a little late. Following the five-wicket loss against Punjab, Mayank revealed the banter he had with the pacer.

“I asked him (Malik) whether he was wearing a protective gear and he shouldn’t get hurt,” Mayank disclosed what he told the SRH pacer at the post-match presentation.

What followed was truly unfortunate as Mayank was hit on his rib-cage of the very first ball he faced and it was a fiery bouncer from Umran. Once hit, Mayank scrambled across in pain to the other side and collapsed. The medical team was there quickly to attend him. The game was stopped as Mayank looked in immense pain.