Phillip Hughes died in November 2014 after a blow to his head © Getty Images
Phillip Hughes died in November 2014 after a blow to his head © Getty Images

An inquest is to be conducted related to the death of Australian cricketer, Late Philip Hughes. The inquest will feature how media covered this incident and how they were supposed to do it. Repetitive invasion of privacy of the family of the deceased was done which was considered inappropriate by many. The inquest is due on October 10 in Sydney by State Coroner Michael Barnes. The news of Hughes getting hit by the ball at Sheffield Shield Match was covered extensively by the media. He was hit at the back of the neck by a rising bouncer from fast bowler, Sean Abbott. He was rushed to the hospital soon after he fell on the ground. He died two days later in the hospital. ALSO READ: Phil Hughes passes away

According to the hearing in the court on Friday, a list of factors to be examined was set on the day Hughes was hit by the ball. It will lay emphasis on the surroundings, time taken by the ambulance to arrive and take Hughes to the hospital. It will also focus on the nature of protective gear used by Hughes on the field or whether measures could have been taken to minimize the impact of the injury. ALSO READ: Phillip Hughes tragedy: Remembering the day the cricketing world was shaken

The family of Hughes, Cricket Australia, NSW Ambulance, The Sydney Cricket Ground Trust and NSW Police will be engaging in a legal representation. The NSW Ambulance are yet to revert to the initiative to improve procedures after Hughes’ death. The last date for providing the services is July 1. ALSO READ: Phillip Hughes: A brief look at the career of one of Australia’s most promising talents

The inquest will also examine “the appropriateness of the media coverage of Phillip Hughes’ fatal injury having regard to the interests of Phillip Hughes and his family” according to “The Sydney Morning Herald”.

Fairxfax Media will be invited to give their point of view on how to handle these type of news in future keeping in mind the deceased’s family. The inquest will also focus on where media should draw a line between news and someone’s emotions in these matters.

This conquest is conducted in response of the repetitive footage shown by media of Hughes getting hit by the ball and collapsing on the ground. It traumatized the family seeing the footage again and again.

According to Mr. Aitken a brief of the report  (evidence) will be circulated to the parties  before July 8. A witness list in August.