Mohammad Aamer was to act in a move, but has put his acting career on hold © Getty Images
Mohammad Aamer was to act in a move, but has put his acting career on hold © Getty Images

Karachi: Nov 17, 2014

Pakistan‘s banned pace bowler Mohammad Aamer has put his acting career on hold after the country’s cricket governing body, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) said that it would be requesting the International Cricket Council (ICC) to allow the tainted player to play domestic cricket before his ban ends in August 2015.

“For me cricket has always been the top priority. And now due to the efforts of the PCB it appears I might finally get a chance to get back into cricket very soon,” Aamer told PTI on Monday. “For now I have postponed plans to act in the film offered to me, “Blind Love” and I just want to focus on preparing myself for the comeback to first class cricket,” he added.

Aamer banned from all cricket since September 2010 had accepted an offer to work in the film this year citing financial problems. “When the offer came I was doing nothing and the money offered to me by the filmmmakers was good so I gave my acceptance to working in the film. The producer, Faisal Bukhari is presently busy finalising his plans for the shooting of the film. But for now I will not be able to give time to it,” said Aamer.

Aamer, aged 22, said ever since the ICC announced revision in its anti-corruption code for banned players he was looking forward to being back on the field. “I can’t wait to start playing cricket again because this has always been my passion,” Aamer said.

Although the ban on Aamer officially ends in August but due to the revised ICC code, the PCB can now request the sport’s world governing body to allow Aamer to play club and domestic cricket. He can also be given permission to use PCB training facilities.

The left arm pacer said life for him had been very tough since he was suspended by the ICC after the fourth test against England at Lord’s when the infamous spot fixing scandal surfaced. “Life without cricket for someone like me has been very very tough and more than that the shame of being involved in such a scandal has been a chastening experience for me,” he said.

Aamer said he had kept on doing his training privately on daily basis but admitted preparing for a First-Class or an international match in the right environment and facilities was very different. Aamer who has appeared in 14 Test matches, was the youngest bowler to reach 50 Test wickets.