MS Dhoni not surprised at spot-fixing trial verdict

MS Dhoni said activity such as spot-fixing is the worst thing to do while representing your country Getty Images

New Delhi, Nov 1, 2011

India skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni did not seem surprised at the verdict handed out to Pakistani cricketers Salman Butt and Mohammed Asif, saying worse is bound to happen when you do worse.

Butt and Asif were today found guilty of spot-fixing charges in a London court.

The two cricketers are out on bail till the quantum of their punishment is announced

“It’s worst thing, you can do while representing your country. If you you do worse then be ready for worse to happen to you,” Dhoni said at an Army function, where he was bestowed with the honorary rank of Lt Colonel.

Meanwhile, former India cricketer Arun Lal said the verdict is an opportunity to cleanse the game.

“This is the time to cleanse the game. It’s fantastic that this was a criminal case. People have to be made accountable. It is an opportunity for the ICC, Pakistan Cricket Board, Indian Cricket Board and to all others to put an end to this menace. It’s the game which suffers in the end,” Arun said. (PTI)