MS Dhoni refuses to comment on Yuvraj Singh's performance after Sri Lanka beat India in ICC World T20 2014 final
Yuvraj Singh scored 11 off 21 balls during ICC World T20 2014 final between India and Sri Lanka © Getty Images


April 6, 2014


MS Dhoni, the Indian captain declined to comment on Yuvraj Singh‘s performance in the final of the ICC World T20 2014. When Indiawere setting up a target, Yuvraj scored 11 off 21 balls and that cost India as they only put up 130 on the board. Sri Lanka sailed home by six wickets.


When asked about Yuvraj not hitting it in the middle, Dhoni said, “The thing is he was trying. That is the most you can do.”


Later, Dhoni was asked about the anger of the fans as a result of Yuvraj’s performance, Dhoni said, “You talk about anger in the fans, it is always the individual who is more disappointed than the fans. As a player you go through more because you have your own expectations. That’s not the statement we should talk about. Yes, fans get angry but we should also think about the individual. Nobody, really wants to play bad cricket. In front of 40,000 odd people, you don’t want to misfield or drop a catch, but it happens. That is part and parcel of the game. We have seen that happen to international athletes, not just cricketers. Yuvi tried his best, it was his off day.”


Dhoni was also asked about Yuvraj’s future in the team and the selections, he said “Today is a big day. You can say the last day of our Indian cricket season. We now move into domestic, the IPL. Let us not talk about selections. Let us see later.”


When asked again about Yuvraj’s performance and whether India lost because of it, Dhoni said, “It is a team thing. Let us not talk about individuals.”